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Zrii Review (New 2020) – Super Drink Supplement Or Not?

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Zrii Review  Feeling great in the morning ready to take on your day is something not many naturally experience. Maybe the morning caffeine in your coffee just doesn’t do it for you anymore. So, what’s out there that can give me that clean healthy boost in the morning to help roll out of bed feeling great?

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This question leads us on a desperate hunt for something to cure sluggishness. Wanting to feel young again, boosting a healthy mind and body is the goal. The search brings us to some of the latest products claiming to bring back the young you.

One of the most talked about products amongst today’s natural health seekers is a product called Zrii. You may have seen it on the Dr. Oz show or heard of it from a friend. Nonetheless, everyone is talking about the incredible results coming from this super drink. The striking claims to enhance the body’s immune system while promoting energy and revitalizing cellular rejuvenation within the organs, favors towards this being a life changing supplement. Prior to being endorsed by the well-known Deepak Chopra’s Chopra Center, we had to dive in and take a look at this supplement and see if Zrii truly lives up to the hype.

What is Zrii?

Zrii is a company founded by Bill Farley in 2007 with headquarters located in Draper, Utah. Farley is commonly known for his previous company, Fruit of the Loom. Today the company Zrii offers a variety of different products directed towards natural nutrition supplementation, weight loss, anti-aging skin care, and the enhancement of overall wellbeing. Since its establishment in 2007, the mlm (Multi-Level Marketing) company has seen a slowly steady increase in sales peaking in 2015. Currently, Zrii is distributed worldwide and growing in the natural / holistic communities. From Yoga centers to meditation spa’s you’re sure to hear about this company.

Bill Farley always had a passion for health and fitness. He was well-known in the business world for opening gyms / health facilities in many of his company’s plants and factories. Farley had long dreamed of creating a company focused solely on developing natural longevity products. This led him to contact the world renowned alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra. He asked him one crucial question, “What is the one thing you would take every day for the rest of your life for optimum health?” He confidently replied, “Amalaki.” From this response Farley knew the main ingredient for his first product.

The scientific team at Zrii went to work carefully combining a series of all-natural superfood ingredients to produce the perfect health supplement. Selecting ingredients packed with high antioxidants and vitamin C aiming to fulfill the consumer’s daily nutritional needs. In today’s market you may have seen quite a few beverages claiming antioxidant properties. Most of the antioxidant drinks may have added grapeseed extract or pomegranate, but few can compare with the powerhouse list Zrii has devolved. Taking nearly three years to develop, Zrii was finally ready for market and the super drink was launched.

So what is Amalaki?

Amalaki is a small green fruit predominantly grown in western Asia. Also known as Indian Gooseberry, holistic medicine recognizes Amalaki as “The Great Rejuvenator,” praising its beneficial properties. The list is seemingly endless. From strengthening the digestive tract, restoring organs, lowering high cholesterol, fighting diabetes, and even combating obesity are just some of the reasons to consume Amalaki. Antiaging can be added to the list due to the way this berry helps reduce free radical damage usually guilty for aging skin. Research has shown anti-mutagenic, anti-proliferative and immunomodulatory properties that are beneficial in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Looking at this list of benefits, Amalaki is a welcomed superfood that most admit to needing. Maybe that’s why it has survived and is still used after 5,000 years.

In addition to Amalaki, adding Tulsi leaf was next. Best known for the abundance of properties to ward off viral infections and bacteria, the body gains a strengthened immune system. In small amounts this leaf has even treated hair and skin disorders.

Next, we have Turmeric. This may be a common seasoning in your cooking cabinet easily recognized for its deep yellow coloring, but this ingredient brings an abundance of benefits to the body. Widely used today as an herbal remedy supporting good digestion, it’s included in many dietary supplements. We find turmeric to be a natural superstar in the herbal world. This plant is known to fight inflammation, arthritis, breathing problems, serious pain, and even fatigue. Recent cancer studies have shown promise in the prevention of growth in cancerous cells along with the ability to kill cancer cells predominantly in breast cancer and stomach cancer. Turmeric has also shown to help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. It is skeptically used in today’s fitness industry as a natural supplement used in reducing the dreadful symptoms of gynecomastia possibly related to hormonal imbalances.

Ginger is a great addition to this super drink. Being a natural spice used to combat the common cold and flu, this ingredient also aids in the way the body digests and absorbs nutrients. It’s closely related to turmeric, which is also on our list of ingredients.

So how does this product make me lose weight?

Being an all-natural supplement, Zrii contains no stimulants or miracle ingredients to really trigger fat burn. However, with the ingredients called Jujube and Haritaki, we can see how weight loss could be a welcomed result of this product. Jujube is a rich antioxidant that can help with blood circulation and the reduction of anxiety. Being naturally low in calories while high in fiber and protein, consumption of Jujube will make you feel fuller throughout the day. As you feel fuller you will then have less hunger cravings to fight. Haritaki is an herb containing Tannin which is known to detoxify and cleanse the digestive tract. The weight loss claims from this herb lies in the cleansing of the intestinal tract therefore increasing the absorption of minerals. This could hence speed up the metabolism bringing upon possible fat loss.

In a nutshell, weight loss might be more of a slight “bonus feature” of this product, but don’t expect anything drastic. If losing weight is your goal, skip this product and move on to the list of endless weight loss supplements flooding today’s market. From the hot selling Coffee Bean Extract to Raspberry Ketones, you’re sure to find a natural supplement that fits your needs.

Schizandra, commonly referred to as Five-Flavor Fruit, is a berry used to aid in normalizing blood sugar and blood pressure. This herb has also been used to increase energy and endurance. Schizandra is even used today in naturally treating liver disease.

Are there any side effects in consuming Zrii?

There haven’t been any reported side effects of this product aside from having a slightly strong taste. Most consumers have reported an overall increase in mental focus and feeling of wellbeing. Seeing this list of fantastic all natural ingredients, it’s safe to say this is a great product.

Why give it 3.5 out of 5 stars?

The reason for an above average rating is that this product does give incredible health benefits to the body. I would absolutely recommend most health conscious people to take a daily dose of Zrii. The reason I don’t give this product a 5 star rating is due to the price. The average user is advised to consume 2 fluid ounces, daily to support rejuvenating wellness. Given the high price of $37 per 25oz bottle, this product is somewhat difficult to afford for the everyday consumer. You would need to buy three bottles of Zrii to fulfill one month of supplementation bringing your monthly total to $111. If you can afford this high-end list of superfoods, I highly recommend it. If not, then one could always skip the morning Starbucks latte run for a powerhouse shot of Zrii. Your body will thank you.

As for a cheaper option to Zrii, we find using a quick search on amazon.com entering Amla Juice or Indian Gooseberry to be available at half the price of Zrii. For under $20 you can buy the Alma Juice which is another name for Amalaki juice. If you’re new to these super drinks I would advise buying something like this over Zrii just to make sure it’s your cup of tea.

Another turnoff for me is due to Zrii being an MLM company (Multi-Level Marketing). For some reason I always shy away from companies that sell their products this way. Call me old fashioned. This does not mean I don’t like the product because with the incredible list of quality ingredients this product hits a homerun. I just prefer other non mlm companies.

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