Zerona Review (New 2020) – Is It Worth Your Time?

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Zerona Review 

We all have occasionally thought about the dream body we want to acquire. If only there was a quick fix, a sort of slimming treatment that would remove the fat from the trouble areas. The newspapers and ads are full of stories of celebrities looking amazing after having some type of treatment or using a miracle product.

Does this weight loss miracle really exist, can we melt fat or massage cellulite away? The truth is you don’t really need one, having healthy eating habits and exercising regularly will give you a healthy and functional body. However, there are researches and new technologies that are available which claim to reduce the appearance of fat or cellulite, improve skin tone, possibly slim down your waist, etc.

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Zerona is one of these treatments which claim astonishing results. The majority of us wouldn’t gladly choose a painful weight loss option. But when it comes to our trouble areas (hips, lower back, and lower abdomen) we are desperate. These trouble areas are usually the places where fat accumulates easily, and is the last part to go when we try to lose weight. Zerona might be the solution for this problem, as it offers a non-invasive, pain free, and effective weight loss treatment. Their official website claims that this laser procedure is completely scientifically backed up, and they provide several published studies on the use of low-level-laser- assisted liposuction as a confirmation their method is safe. It’s really hard making a decision to willing go for a laser treatment, since it isn’t a common weight loss solution (1).

Zerona is not only an unconventional weight loss method, it’s an expensive one too. This treatment goes for 1500$ up to 3000$. Is this treatment really pain free, effective and non-invasive? For this price it really has to be, we will find out.

What is Zerona?

Zerona is a laser treatment (low-level) which functions by opening a microscopic pore in fat cells. Triglycerides and fatty acids in the cells are converted in to the fluid-filled areas surrounding the cells (the interstitial space) where our normal metabolic rate works in order to remove the fat from the body. This procedure is similar to “CoolSculpting” and apparently helps eliminate the excess body fat, with zero side effects associated with the procedure (2). This cold laser technology is used on different body parts, such as the hips, thighs and waist. One procedure takes anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes.

Zerona procedure uses the Erchonia Laser Scanner, which has been approved by the FDA, with the possibility of results similar to liposuction. The Zerona treatment actually liquefies fat cells located in your body, allowing them to pass out of the body through normal digestion (3). Zerona has been used since 2008. It blew up in popularity not so long ago, it was promoted on the Dr. Oz show. People gain interest, and wanted to try. Zerona is only available in certified locations.

What does the research say?

As stated Zerona has been reviewed and certified as safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). There have been several studies showing positive results in Zerona’s favor, including contraction in the circumference of the operated area.

So we established that Zerona indeed works, but how efficient is it really? This treatment simply can’t confirm immediate weight loss after 7 days or months into the future. Again the cost of this treatment is high, nobody likes throwing money away, so it’s important to understand that the procedure in fact works, but doesn’t promise the longevity of the effects gained during the procedure (4).

Exercise, Diet and Nutrition with Zerona

Exercising is very important and recommended with Zerona. Before the treatment it is stated that Zerona won’t have any effect on your physical capabilities. The main procedure is completely painless and will allow you to continue working out only a few days after the procedure. Even though exercising is suggested, there isn’t a specific program that they recommend. Being physically active is one of the key points that drive weight loss, with or without Zerona. So yes you should count on exercising after the Zerona treatment.

Unluckily, there is no information available that associates Zerona with any sort of diet program. But it is suggested to implement Zerona in your journey if you’re already following a diet plan and want some help. Another recommended use for the Zerona procedure would be if you’re planning to start a diet regiment and want to jump start it with this treatment.

How does the treatment look in person?

In the beginning of the treatment you will be measured in the areas the procedure will take place, the neck, upper chest, ribs, waist, upper abdomen, hips, upper arms and thighs. You will be asked for areas you wish to treat more than others (trouble areas, it depends on the individual). Afterwards you will prompted to lie on your back on the treatment table. A few different lasers are going to be positioned on the areas measured beforehand.

These lasers have pre-programmed protocols, so the nurse only has to press a button to start the procedure. You will feel the laser on the skin, but you won’t feel any pain, that’s at least what most users explained after the treatment. Usually after 20 minutes the position has to change. You will turn over onto the stomach. The lasers will be repositioned towards different areas measured in the beginning. After another 20 minutes the procedure will be completed.

There will be several treatments you should attend, if you want to see visible results. A good thing to known is that Zerona lasers are completely safe, in every way. No need for any type of protective eyewear, or any other type of protection.

What do users say?

The user reviews show very mixed feelings. Here are some of the experience’s users had with Zerona:

“Zerona is an amazing treatment and I was first shocked by how effective it really was on people. I would probably say we have about 90% success rate with it which means 90% of the people are happy and lost 5+ inches. For my experience, even though some people might see results after 6 sessions, 9-12 sessions are needed to see good results.” -Edward

“I’d had Zerona two years ago, and it worked really well, but then I got lazy, quit exercising and started pigging out over the holidays. Needless to say, eventually the fat came back. So, I tried it again. After six treatments I’ve lost a total of 8 1/8 inches, with a loss of 2 7/8 inches around my middle, which was my main focus.” -Jeanal

“When I signed up, they said I was the “perfect candidate”. Not overweight, mid-sized belly, exercise regularly, ate right. All I had to do was drink more water and wear compression garments. It supposedly isn’t meant for overweight people. I am 49 years old, 5’5, and 129 pounds. After 8 sessions and NO LOSS, they told me my “pooch” probably isn’t fat, but skin. What a joke. Don’t waste your money. Also, with all the water I had to drink, it was a MUST to use the bathroom. 90% of the time, the bathroom was inaccessible because of the “drug testing” taking place from a shared office area near the rest room.” -Maria


Zerona is trending right now, since it is a non-invasive procedure and has proven to be efficient. The problem with this treatment and other similar treatments is that they are marketed as a quick fix for weight loss. Without any clear instructions for keeping the weight off after the procedure, these types of treatments can only be seen as a temporary weight loss solution rather than a long-term weight loss solution.

Zerona might be expensive, but when we compare Zerona with other procedures like liposuction it’s a more superior option. If you had healthy eating and exercise habits before and got demotivated because you didn’t see results fast enough, Zerona might be the option for those quicker results. Zerona can definitely be a tremendous tool for losing some inches, but using it as the only solution for your weight loss problem, won’t have a positive outcome.

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