XLS Medical Fat Binder

XLS Medical Fat Binder Review (New 2020) – Will It Stop Your Body From Storing Fat?


XLS Medical Fat Binder

Obesity and being overweight can be a serious threat to your health. Most people have reached their current weight by indulging in unhealthy foods, with fatty meals being one of the worst addictions. Not all fat is bad though. The right healthy fats can actually help your digestion and overall health.

However, the wrong fat has the potential to not only induce weight gain but also wreak havoc on your health and body. Luckily this review will focus on a relatively new product called XLS Medical Fat Binder, which may be the right solution for this problem.

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What is XLS Medical Fat Binder?

The XLS Medical Fat Binder is a revolutionary formula that is said to prevent the body from storing the fat we consume on a regular basis. This will supposedly lead to three times more weight loss than just using diet and exercise alone. The XLS Medical Fat Binder is also clinically tested and proven to bind up to 28% of dietary fat, removing it from the body and making weight loss successful. Besides this, XLS Medical Fat Binder also packs a wide range of vitamins and minerals that will promote digestion.

How Does XLS Medical Fat Binder Work?

With a powerful plant-based formula, this product is said to work in conjunction with the body to aid with weight loss. After eating a fatty meal, the fats are broken down into small particles which get absorbed by our intestines. Once the fat is in the intestines, it is converted into energy, or stored as body fat. Unless we consume very little fat, or we take in this macronutrient after strenuous exercise, much of it will simply be stored as fat in our bodies.

However, taking XLS Medical Fat Binder before a high-fat meal is said to bind with the dietary fat we consume, creating something called the fat plus fiber complexes. These complexes are too large to be fully digested by our system, and therefore our body simply eliminates them through normal bowel activity. The end results should be improved weight loss success and health.

XLS Medical Fat Binder Ingredients

Ingredients are the essential part of every dietary supplement. Fortunately, XLS Medical Fat Binder comes with a full list of ingredients and dosages. With this valuable information, this product minimizes the chance of underdosing and inefficiency.

Here are the ingredients found in XLS Medical Fat Binder:

  1. Litramine – This is the key and main ingredient in the XLS formula. Various studies show that litramine is actually a natural fiber complex that is sourced from dried Opunita ficus-idnica leaves [El-Mostafa K et al, Nopal cactus as a source of bioactive compounds], which are enriched with Acacia fibers [Tesoriere L et al, Supplementation with cactus pear]. The end product is a substance that is very rich in soluble fiber. It is believed that Litramine may be able to reduce fat absolution by binding to dietary fats in the stomach, therefore reducing the body’s overall fat intake. However, a few studies have found some positive outcomes, although more research has to be done [Pee-Win Chong et al, A Review of the Efficacy and Safety of Litramine]. On the plus side, this compound is fairly safe [Menaka C et al, Natural Products for the Treatment of Obesity].
  2. Vitamin A – Represents a vital fat-soluble vitamin that helps with several functions in our bodies. For instance, Vitamin A is said to maintain proper cell health, heart rate, vision, skin health, and much more [Gilbert, What is vitamin A and why do we need it?]. Vitamin A is also necessary for proper immune function, muscle growth, and even weight loss. Vitamin A deficiencies are actually quite common, so having an extra dose can help tremendously [Clagett-Dame et al, Vitamin A in Reproduction and Development].
  3. Vitamin D – Another crucial vitamin that is important for strong and healthy bones, and health in general. Vitamin D is also essential for muscle function, heart health, lungs, and cognition [Nair et al, Vitamin D: The “sunshine” vitamin]. Our body produces Vitamin D naturally from the sunlight we absorb, however, most people don’t get enough of this vitamin. Supplementing with Vitamin D could be a great option [Haines ST et al, Vitamin D supplementation].
  4. Vitamin E – Yet another vitamin that provides great benefits to our bodies. Vitamin E is able to boost energy levels, as well as physical performance and muscle strength [Saliha Rizvi et al, The Role of Vitamin E in Human Health]. This vitamin also prevents skin problems and helps maintain proper skin moisture and health [Farrell et al, Occurrence and Effects of Human Vitamin E Deficiency] [Qing Jiang, Natural forms of vitamin E].

Ingredients Summary

We are pleasantly surprised to see that XLS actually provided a proper ingredients label that contains all the necessary information needed about this formula. This isn’t a common sight since most supplement companies hide their components inside a shady proprietary blend. Now as far as ingredients go, the main ingredient does have some scientific proof behind its properties, however, the weight loss benefits it provides are far from amazing. The rest of the formula is just regular vitamins that will aid with overall health.

XLS Medical Fat Binder Side Effects

Before we discuss the possible adverse effects which may arise from the use of this dietary supplement, we first need to go over some important safety warnings.

Individuals who are under the legal age of 18 years should not use this product. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also avoid XLS Medical Fat Binder.

Some users have reported minor side effects which were induced by the XLS Medical Fat Binder. These include:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Frequent bowel movements
  • Bloating
  • Headaches
  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

XLS Medical Fat Binder Pricing

You can purchase this supplement from the official XLS website, or through various online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and others. The price for a package of 180 tablets (One month supply) will set you back approximately $80, not including shipping and handling. Each customer also receives a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

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Overall, XLS Medical Fat Binder definitely has a lot of positive things going for it. It seems that this product has a possibly effective ingredients formulation and a solid amount of good user experiences and outcomes. However, XLS failed to cite any solid and reliable scientific evidence that would prove the effectiveness and safety of the whole formula, and each ingredient separately. In our opinion, this is crucial for determining if this supplement is a good deal or not. So, in the end, we cannot conclude if XLS Medical Fat Binder will do everything it states it will.

This product comes with a money back guarantee, so you could give it a shot – you may even receive good results. On the other hand, the supplement options available today are immense, so you could choose an alternative product.


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