Vysera CLS Review

Vysera CLS Review (New 2020) – A Magic Weight Loss Solution?


Vysera CLS Review 

Most of us have a bit of extra weight here and there. As we go through our lives we may eat a little unhealthy from time to time. And over a certain period, we simply gain unwanted weight that is so hard to lose.

At some point, we all get fed up with the way we look. We try to find different methods that could help us lose weight and feel better about ourselves, however mostly unsuccessful. Fortunately, we have Vysera CLS, the ultra-popular diet pill that is said to be different from other similar products on the market.

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Vysera CLS claims to have a special mix of ingredients that can help any user lose a significant amount of weight in just 30 days! It is also said to reduce hip, thigh, buttocks, and waist size, reshaping the whole body in the process. With Vysera CLS, users will immediately experience a boost in mood and energy, without the risk of dieting fatigue or any other side effects.

Wow, Vysera CLS truly sounds like a miracle pill. But can it really deliver the promised results in just 30 days? Keep reading and you will find out in this unbiased review!

How Does Vysera CLS Work?

According to the manufacturers, this diet pill works by inhibiting calorie absorption without the need for a proper diet or exercise plan. Users should take the Vysera CLS pill before each meal which will help reduce the blood sugars levels in the body, providing low insulin levels. This should lead to less hunger and cravings, and therefore weight loss. Dieters can consume up to 2,200 calories per day and still lose weight without exercise.

The official website also claims that Vysera CLS formula is scientifically proven to work, however, no studies were cited that would prove these statements.

Vysera CLS Ingredients

Besides Vitamin B3, Calcium, and Chromium which are the only ingredients with proper dosing information, the rest of Vysera CLS is basically just one big proprietary mix.

Proprietary blends are always a bad sign since supplement companies use them to cover up actual dosing for each component, leaving the consumer without this essential information. This way Vysera CLS raises the risk of side effects and inefficiency.

Be that as it may, here are the ingredients added to the formula:

  1. Vitamin B3 – Crucial vitamin, found in many foods such as meat, fish, and vegetables. Vitamin B3 supplementation is generally used to lower cholesterol levels, as well as blood pressure (1).
  2. Calcium – Extremely important for bone and teeth health, however, there is no evidence that would link Calcium with weight loss (2).
  3. Chromium – This mineral is said to help move glucose out of the bloodstream and into our cells that will use it for energy. However, high doses of Chromium could lead to irregular heartbeat and damaged kidneys, liver, stomach, and nerves (3).

Proprietary Weight Control Component:

  1. Phaseolus Compressus Extract – Better known as white bean extract, this extract is said to decrease the rate of carbohydrate absorption in the body. Without the dosing information it is impossible to determine how effective will it be (4).
  2. Cacao Extract – This popular extract can lower blood pressure, but it may also increase blood sugar levels as well. It also has antioxidant properties (5).
  3. Milk Thistle Extract – This flowering plant contains a white substance that many call “milk”. This substance might have some nutrient value, particularly for helping in the prevention of diabetes and insulin resistance. However, there is no scientific evidence that would prove these statements.
  4. Chlorella Algae Extract – Derived from this well-known freshwater algae, this extract is popularly believed to prevent and treat cancer. Again, no clear evidence was cited.
  5. Shali Seed – Commonly known as Asian rice, this seed is extremely rich in fiber which can suppress appetite in most individuals (6).
  6. Schizonepeta Extract – Generally used for treating maladies such as fever, sore throat, and colds. There is no link between this ingredient and weight loss (7).
  7. Klamath Blue-Green Algae – This form of Algae is almost identical to Spirulina, the widely known super food. Klamath Blue-Green Algae are rich in various vitamins and minerals and have positive effects on the healthy gut bacteria (8).

Proprietary Energy/Focus/Mood Component:

  1. Trimethylxanthine – Is just a fancy name for caffeine, a widely used stimulant. Caffeine has its positive aspects, however, if mixed with other stimulants it could lead to adverse effects like insomnia, nervousness and restlessness, nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate, and stomach irritation (9).
  2. Cayenne Powder – Derived from the spicy Chili pepper, when used for weight loss can suppress appetite and even boost energy levels.
  3. Cutch Tree Powder – A powerful natural ingredient that is said to boost metabolism and energy, however, its properties are yet to be confirmed by science.
  4. Velvet Bean Extract – Represents a form of dopamine taken from the South American plant named Velvet Bean. This extract may improve the brain’s ability to experience pleasure (10).
  5. Magnolia Bark – This extract is believed to contain a number of beneficial chemicals that can make its extract useful for weight loss, anxiety and inflammation.
  6. Panax Ginseng – An amazing herb with heaps of benefits. Ginseng can increase circulation, boost erectile function, and improve overall energy levels.
  7. Passionflower Powder – Has no links with weight loss, but it can help with anxiety. However, this plant is also known to induce side effects such as altered consciousness, abnormal heart rhythm, nausea, and drowsiness.
  8. Lemon Balm – Relaxes the body and reduces inflammation and muscle soreness (11).
  9. Jujube Powder – Is best known for its ability to treat a wide range of skin ailments. It can also reduce stress levels, which could benefit the weight loss process.
  10. Chinese Skullcap – Could have some weight loss benefits, however, it is also known to induce liver damage as well as hepatoxicity.
  11. Poria Cocos – Used to treat inflammation, cancer, and diabetes, although studies on the effectiveness of this ingredients are yet to be seen.

Ingredients Summary

Unfortunately, most of the ingredients found in Vysera CLS have no real correlation with weight loss, some of them can improve metabolism and energy, but the majority of them have other purposes. However, the biggest problem with this formulation is the ingredient dosages. Without the valuable dosing information analyzing any scientific evidence is virtually impossible, as available research might use different dosages than the ones found in Vysera CLS.

This supplement has also shown a pretty high risk of adverse effects, as some of the added components might induce a range of unwanted outcomes.

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In the end, we saw that Vysera CLS has a rather weak ingredients formula covered by a deceptive marketing plan. The manufacturers did not provide a sufficient amount of important information about its safety and effectiveness. They also did not indicate or warn users about the possible negative effects of their ingredients, but still promote the use of them. There are simply more reliable and credible dietary supplements available on the market that are capable of better and safer results, so your best bet is to go with them.


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