The Venus Factor Weight Loss Program Review_Nutrition Inspector

Venus Factor Review (New 2020) – A Good Weight Loss Diet?

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The Venus Factor Weight Loss Program Review_Nutrition Inspector 

Americans spend close to 60 billion dollars each year on various weight loss products. A fact that may not surprise you considering almost 70 percent of adults living in the United States are overweight or on the edge of being obese. Many of these people have turned to weight loss programs, supplements and diets to help them lose the unnecessary weight (1).

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Whether they want to lose fat to be healthier or just to look better, weight loss programs help all types of people lose weight by providing services like full meal plans, personal coaching, prepackaged foods, and online consulting. With all the different programs available, consumers have a hard time choosing the right one.

Created specifically for women, Venus Factor presents an easier approach to losing weight through both diet and exercise. You just have to slightly adjust your lifestyle in order to create amazing results.

Let’s be realistic, the weight loss market is packed with various diets, program, supplements, and gadgets, which very often can't prove their claims. We will investigate Venus Factor to see if we truly have a different option for a healthier life.

What exactly is Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor is a weight loss program designed for women. This program provides calorie reduction tips and exercise regimes, which is a clear indicator that it’s not a scam (2). Weight loss for women is more difficult, as John Barban the creator of this program says, so they created this plan to target leptin levels, which control hunger. Leptin is a hormone that plays a vital role in losing weight (3).

Here are the five rules of the Leptin Diet found in Venus Factor:

  1. Connect with your body and make it easy for yourself.
  2. Promote biochemical reactions to improve weight loss.
  3. Control your hormones in accordance with your weight.
  4. Make this program a part of your lifestyle in order to create long-term effects.
  5. Listen to your body and understand what works best for you.

Diet and exercise is the most important part of this program. You receive a 180-page book with detailed instructions for each exercise as well as video guidance and calorie tracking. Access to Venus Factor forums, blogs and nutritionist are also included. Venus Factor is meant to last at least 12 weeks.

How Does Venus Factor Work?

The secret of the Venus Factor program for females is the Metabolic Outweigh. The Metabolic Outweigh contains specific diet and workout methods designed to boost the metabolic rate in female users, providing easier and healthier weight loss, while keeping the individual's lifestyle choices. Venus Factor creates their diet and workout programs personally for each individual based on their measurements, food choices, and workout capabilities. With custom strategies for each user, Venus Factor accomplishes great results.

Are Venus Factor results maintainable?

Venus Factor highly recommends each user proceed with the healthy choices implemented over the 12-week program as they provide you with diet and workout information intended to ensure long-term weight loss. Whether you keep your new look is all up to you and your willingness to put in the effort to work out and eat healthily. Every person is different, weight loss will differ based on genetic potential, exercise routine and other personal preferences.

The Science behind Venus Factor

Research has found that weight loss is driven by one specific hormone referred to as Leptin. Leptin basically controls your ability to burn fat.

With high levels of Leptin in your body, the metabolic rate increases and sends the fat burning signals to your whole body. Low Leptin levels prevent any weight loss, signaling the body to store fat (4) (5).

So how does Leptin act in the female body specifically?

Studies have found that women possess 2 times more Leptin than men. You might think this is great but wait a second. A woman’s body is 3 times less responsive to the Leptin’s fat burning mechanism than a man. In a nutshell, this means that women will have a harder time losing weight (6) (7).

Following the efficient nutrition and workout methods provided by Venus Factor, women will have an easier time creating the fat burning mechanism in the body. A healthy diet eliminates foods which can reduce leptin sensitivity, therefore creating a better weight loss path. The Venus Factor should help women maintain their high leptin levels and burn more fat from all areas, as long as they use the program (8).

User Experiences?

User reviews generally show positive feedback. Everyone that pulled through the program achieved good results. The problem with some users was the length of the program and the certain changes promoted by the program. Some people simply don’t have enough willpower and motivation. It is hard to tell what kind of experience you will have as your result will depend on your regularity, individual genetics as well as your biological and social influences. The most important factor is going to be the determination to achieve your weight loss goals.

Venus Factor Pricing

The standard Venus Factor package is priced at 37$ plus shipping and includes four additional bonuses.

  1. Venus Factor Workout Programs – A 12-week workout regime that provides physical activity with small intense exercises that are easy to follow.
  2. Video Training Lessons – Over 140 programmes that assist you, just like a personal trainer would.
  3. Virtual Nutritionist – Evaluates your appearance and calculates how much weight you've lost and what areas are most stubborn.
  4. Venus Immersion – Represents the Venus community where users can communicate, share experiences, and give each other advice for better results. There is also Venus support, which answers all your questions and problems.

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Just like any workout or nutrition plan, losing weight takes the same amount of commitment. The official Venus Factor website says: “User outcomes are not classic. They are a result of firm work and devotion to this exclusive plan which is essential to losing fat.”

Venus Factor could have done a better job at explaining precisely how their program works, what you will be doing to lose weight and how much your Leptin levels will change. While it seems to provide a decent video collection of fitness workouts and scientifically based meal plans, the main weight loss tool is hidden by the creators. In everyone’s opinion, hiding the main weight loss source is pretty shady, leaving the customer deceived.

While the program itself works, it still might not be worth trying if you have problems with calorie restriction. On the other hand, if you are truly determined and have no limits, this program is for you. You have nothing to lose since Venus Factor comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.


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