Vemma Bode Burn

Vemma Bode Burn Review (New 2020) – Perfect Addition to Your Weight Loss Plan?


Fact-checked & edited by Dr. Helen Okoye, MD, MBA, MS-Epi

Vemma Bode Burn

Everyone has a weak spot in their diet. For most of us, it is almost impossible to resist our favorite foods and sweets but, there are numerous ways to break these cravings and urges. When someone decides to lose weight, their biggest issue is usually hunger. Luckily, the use of a nutritional product like Vemma Bode Burn may help.

Vemma Bode Burn represents a lightly carbonated weight loss drink that not only suppresses appetite but also boosts metabolism, energy, and alertness. Besides this, Bode Burn packs a powerful nutritional formula that provides 20 grams of protein, 7 grams of fiber, and a myriad of essential vitamins and minerals that promote weight management and health in general.

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So can Vemma Bode Burn really help with weight loss and fat burning? Is it worth your time and money? Continue reading and find out in this unbiased review!

How Does Vemma Bode Burn Work?

Dieting can be very hard and exhausting and having a convenient and nutrient filled product such as Bode Burn could help significantly. First of all, our fast lifestyles don’t always allow us to have proper meals but having Bode Burn in reach can make this problem disappear instantly. Besides this, Bode Burn spikes the resting metabolic rate, rejuvenates energy, and most importantly, suppresses appetite. With a higher metabolic rate, our bodies will be able to burn more calories faster, which ultimately means more weight loss. Energy is a crucial factor when dieting since a calorie deficit drains our willpower and induces fatigue, which is why an extra stream of energy can come in handy. And lastly, with fewer cravings and pangs, we will consume fewer calories too.

Vemma Bode Burn Ingredients

Unfortunately, Vemma Bode Burn doesn’t come with a properly designed ingredients label. A part of the Bode Burn formula does have the needed dosing information, however, the other half is a proprietary blend. These blends are never a good sign since supplement companies use them to cut their production costs by hiding the real quantities for each of their components.

Be that as it may, below we will list the main ingredients found in Bode Burn:

  1. Proprietary Protein Blend (Hydrolyzed Collagen, Pea protein, Rice protein) – Certainly an uncommon mix of protein sources that are meant to support protein intake, muscle preservation, and recovery. Hydrolyzed collagen is produced from bovine bone and cartilage and it may aid with muscle maintenance and weight loss [Daneault A et al, Biological effect of hydrolyzed collagen]. Pea and rice protein are some of the best sources of vegan protein and contain all the necessary amino acids and nutrients [Babault et al, Pea proteins oral supplementation]. There are no available studies that have tested the mix of all these protein sources together.
  2. Vitamin C – One of the most important vitamins that contain a myriad of benefits. Vitamin C improves immune function, heart health, eye health, prevents many health problems, and much more. Recent research even shows that Vitamin C could aid with weight loss as well [Yang L et al, Rice protein improves adiposity].
  3. Vitamin E – Another amazing vitamin that is best recognized for its ability to improve skin health. Vitamin E also enhances cholesterol levels, fights free radicals including inflammation and free radical damage, and it even slows down the aging in our cells [Rizvi et al, The Role of Vitamin E in Human Health].
  4. Thiamine – Better known as Vitamin B1, a crucial vitamin found in foods such as nuts, seeds, fish, whole wheat bread, and pork. Vitamin B1 is highly important as it transforms carbohydrates into usable energy [Lonsdale, Clinical Benefits of Thiamin(e)]. Vitamin B1 is necessary for cell function and growth, and energy as well [Osiezagha et al, Thiamine Deficiency and Delirium].
  5. Niacin – Another B vitamin that is important for managing cholesterol in the body and preventing hardening of the arteries. Niacin also produces an extra stream of energy that everyone needs while dieting [Bassler et al, Niacin benefits].
  6. Aloe Vera – Generally used for skin health and maintenance. Aloe Vera might also aid with digestion as it resolves problems such as constipation and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). There are no known weight loss properties [Villines TC et al, Niacin].
  7. Green Tea – A highly popular ingredient that is found in many drinks, supplements, and foods [Chacko et al, Beneficial effects of green tea]. Green Tea has terrific antioxidant properties that improve cognition, liver function, energy, and even boost metabolism [SUZUKI et al, Health-promoting effects of green tea].
  8. Mangosteen Extract – Derived from the tropical fruit Mangosteen, this extract is believed to resolve many health conditions including diarrhea, thrush, tuberculosis, and even cancer. This extract most likely doesn’t have any weight loss benefits [Ovalle-Magallanes et al, Medicinal properties of mangosteen].
  9. Caffeine – Another well-known stimulant that increases energy, cognition, and alertness. However, combining multiple stimulants with Caffeine could lead to adverse effects. These include restlessness, nausea, insomnia, irritability, and others [Nawrot et al, Effects of caffeine on human health].
  10. EGCG – Represents the key component of Green Tea which is said to have great weight loss benefits. EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate is believed to increase metabolism, energy expenditure, and alertness. Although, some mild side effects have been reported from its use [Wolfram S et al, Effects of green tea and EGCG].
  11. Sucralose – Is an artificial sweetener that contains no calories. Unlike other sweeteners, Sucralose is actually not broken down in the body, instead it only just passes through the system. From all the research available, only one side effect has been linked to Sucralose use. This side effect affects our gut bacteria which promote proper gut health and digestion. Over time, Sucralose kills our good gut bacteria and therefore it might not be suitable for long-term use [Schiffman SS et al, Sucralose].

Ingredients Summary

Sadly, most of the ingredients found in Vemma Bode Burn have no real correlation with weight loss. Some of them might improve metabolism and energy, but the majority of them only aid with general health. However, one of the biggest issues with this formula is the missing dosing information.

Without the valuable dosing information, it is virtually impossible to review any scientific evidence since available research might use different quantities than the ones found in Bode Burn. This weight loss drink has also shown to have a fairly high risk of negative effects since it combines multiple stimulants, not to mention the artificial sweeteners.

Vemma Bode Burn Pricing

You can purchase Bode Burn from the official Vemma website or through various online retailers. As far as pricing goes, it will greatly depend on the quantity you choose to buy. One pack that contains 24 8.3-oz. cans is $78.95, a two pack contains 48 cans and is $157.90, and a ten pack contains 240 cans and is $708.00. There is no money back guarantee offered.

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In the end, Vemma Bode Burn did not live up to our expectations. The product label is not properly designed and lacks important dosing information that is vital for all consumers.

Secondly, most of the ingredients found in Bode Burn don’t really affect weight loss that much, they only provide the necessary nutrients and vitamins, which any multivitamin supplement could do. Not to mention the possible side effects, fairly high price, and no money back guarantee.

There are simply more reliable and credible options available on the market than Vemma Bode Burn.


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