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Ultimate TermoFit Review (New 2020) – Is this THE Miracle Fat Burning Supplement?


ultimate-thermofit  Obesity is a serious problem in today’s society. With the constant flow of new unhealthy but attractive products, weight loss has been a true nightmare. People have gone to a number of lengths, but still, nothing turned out to be working. With such struggles, everyone was trying to find a solution. Various supplements, diet pills, drinks, etc. turned up, offering the results everyone dreamed off, with little to no effort.

Fat Burners have been especially surrounded by more hype and marketing than any other supplement group. By searching for fat burners you will easily drown in a sea of false advertising and nonsense. The need to lose fat is probably the single most popular goal for men and women all over the world.

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The challenge is finding the right product, which is safe and effective, not one slapped together into a questionable formula.

This is where Ultimate TermoFit comes in to play. TermoFit is a weight loss supplement made with only natural thermogenic ingredients, which suppress appetite and increases the metabolic rate. This supplement should promote weight loss by reducing the calorie absorption during the day. Even if you’re lazy, slacking on your diet and exercise regime, you will still get results. The thermogenic idea can work in theory (1), but it all depends on the ingredients found in TermoFit.

TermoFit puts a serious note on their all natural ingredients, with no preservatives or synthetics. This natural fat burning mix also includes antioxidants which are there to prevent stress. By now most of us know that a healthy diet and exercise program are the main sources of weight loss. The thermogenic idea throws away these statements and claims excellent results even without any effort. This is already a potential red flag, but we still have to look at all the data to create a conclusion. Let’s look at what TermoFit truly offers.

Ultimate TermoFit Review – What are the Ingredients?

TermoFit consists out of two types of ingredients. The first group are the Active ingredients, they have exact measurements which is a great thing. This shows that TermoFit has nothing to hide, with exact measurements we can evaluate if the ingredients have any effect. The second group is the Proprietary blend, no clear measurements are stated for these ingredients.

Group 1 – Active Ingredients

1.   Vitamin B12 as Cyanocobalamin (100mcg)

TermoFit has already stated a lie. This is a synthetic type of vitamin B12, it is man-made. Even though they lied, Cyanocobalamin is effective in treating low blood levels in vitamin B12. Just to get it clear, the majority of people get enough vitamin B12 from their diet (2). This vitamin is crucial for maintaining a healthy metabolism, blood cells, and nerves. Vitamin B12 deficiencies are rare but can occur in certain health conditions (poor nutrition, HIV infection, cancer, pregnancy, old age). This may result in anemia, stomach problems, and nerve damage. Like mentioned this is rare, and you most likely don’t need extra Vitamin B12.

2.   Chromium (200mcg)

Is an essential mineral, necessary for human health. Before we list the benefits of Chromium we need to say that very small amounts of Chromium are needed for healthy individuals.

Chromium is used for blood sugar improvement with prediabetes, and with diabetes type 1 and type 2. Also, it is known to control high blood sugar, mostly supplemented by steroid users (3). Weight loss effects of Chromium have no sturdy proof, Chromium is supposed to work as an appetite suppressant, but like mentioned research has not backed up these claims. Chromium has some significant side effects. Chromium is suspected to cause serious damage to the liver, kidneys, and blood cells with oxidative reactions when taken in large quantities. Some types of Chromium can even cause cancer. The recommended dose of Chromium daily is 30mcg. TermoFit has 200mcg in one dose, which is ridiculous. High doses of Chromium can potentially cause fatal consequences (4).

3.   Capsicum Fruit Extract (33mg)

Is an herb, also known as the red or chili pepper. This extract was used for years as a medicine. Capsicum Fruit Extract has a wide pallet of benefits. It can solve digestion problems, upset stomach, stomach pain, diarrhea, etc. Capsicum has also positive effects on the heart and blood vessels, preventing heart disease (5). Capsicum has potential fat burning properties, more research has to be done on that topic. As far as side effect go, Capsicum Fruit Extract is completely safe, with only a few rare negative effects. Side effects include stomach irritation, sweating, and a runny nose.

4.   Raspberry Ketones (33mg)

Are a powerful weight loss compound when taken in high doses. Raspberry Ketones provide fat burning effects in different areas of the fat cell. Studies concluded on Raspberry Ketones also prove these weight loss statements (6). Raspberry Ketones became very popular after the promotion done on the Dr. Oz show. During the study, Raspberry Ketones had been pronounced as a miracle fat-burner. The problem with TermoFit is the underdosed amount of Raspberry Ketones found in the supplement. Only high doses of this ingredient can provide visible results (7).

5.   Acai Fruit Extract (100mg)

Is a completely natural ingredient extracted from palm trees, which are mainly located in Central and South America. Acai Fruit Extract has a wide range of health benefits. The valuable ones include the property to reduce any risk of cardiovascular diseases by improving certain conditions and removing risk factors. Risk factors include high cholesterol levels, obesity, stress reduction and sleep improvement. This amazing extract has no serious side effects (8).

Group 2 – The Proprietary Blend

1.   Green Tea Extract

It is believed that Green Tea Extract has many weight loss benefits. Green Tea Extract contains antioxidants which improve skin quality, brain health and liver function. This extract also contains caffeine, providing the user with a boost of energy (9).

2.   Guarana

Guarana has the property to improve weight loss through the mix of its active ingredients. It is believed to increase metabolism and cognitive function. Guarana is also a stimulant like Green Tea Extract and contains caffeine (10).

3.   Dandelion Root Extract

Often used for treating certain health problems. There is very little research done on this extract. The only information available describes the Dandelion Root Extract as a strong diuretic, with the function of water removal. Dehydrating the body is extremely dangerous and carries serious side effects, with the possibility of death (11).

4.   Bitter Melon Fruit Extract

Contains some properties useful in treating stomach and gastrointestinal problems. It also helps lower blood sugar through an insulin reaction.

5.   Gymnema Leaf Extract

The Gymnema Leaf is a very interesting herb found in India and Africa. It is believed to suppress the sweet taste when you consume sugar. More research has to be concluded on this extract, it is still just a concept (12).

Ingredients Summary

With the exception of only a few ingredients, Ultimate TermoFit contains terrible ingredients. These extracts are unnecessary in the first place and under-researched in the second. Not to mention the terrifying side effects some of these ingredients could cause.

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Ultimate TermoFit Review Conclusion

The negative reviews following the TermoFit reputation were true. This fat burner really works poorly. Not to mention the high price this supplement goes for, $65 for a bottle which equals out to 20 days of supply. More problems come with the low level of milligrams included for the few good ingredients. Looking at the research, negative experiences and price, the only conclusion would be it is definitely not worth it.


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