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tummy tuck belt review

Tummy Tuck Belt Review (New 2020) – How Useful and Efficient is This Product?


tummy tuck belt review 

The Tummy Tuck Belt is an anti-obesity garment which aims to eliminate the excess fat accumulated around the belly. The belt must be wrapped around the waist making you burn the stored fat around your mid-section and waistline while performing normal daily activities. You can wear it while doing absolutely any activity: walking, driving, sitting, jogging, watching TV, reading, and others.

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This slimming tool also claims to be a 10-minute solution to trimming your excess weight by activating “the afterburn effect” (1). The afterburn effect would occur after the 10-minute session of wearing the Tummy Tuck Belt when you would actually get 3 more hours of fat burning without even wearing the belt.

The manufacturer of this product is Savvier, LP from Van Nuys, California. However, this manufacturer doesn’t hold a good reputation on the market, having a large number of complaints and negative reviews in the past couple of years. The negative reviews are even more pronounced, expressing the difficulties obtaining a refund, product problems, etc. We will have a closer look at them later on.

The Tummy Tuck Belt made some strong promises. We will test them by taking a closer look at the product itself, scientific research and user reviews.

How does the Tummy Tuck Belt Work? How Must I Use it?

The Tummy Tuck Belt is made from a flexible and soft, so-called “space age material”. By wearing it, you would compress your midsection, which would supposedly create an instant slim look. As mentioned before, unlike the competition, the Tummy Tuck Belt provides an “afterburn effect” which then continues to reduce belly fat even hours after the slimming belt session.

The Tummy Tuck Belt supposedly works in three different ways:

  1. You simply wear the Tummy Tuck Belt during the day. You can wear it over clothing or under, it doesn’t matter all that much. This would create the instant slim look by providing a “slim figure” (2). Savvier also offers diet and exercises programs, which would be the best combination to use with the Tummy Tuck Belt. This is an extra option, and you also have to purchase these programs separately.
  2. The user guide recommends 2 sessions of 10 minutes each, every day. They claim you would burn away belly fat, even without healthy habits. Savvier also commonly sells their Thermal Accelerator Cream with the Tummy Tuck Belt as a combo. You would take the Thermal Accelerator Cream and apply it to your midsection and trouble areas before wearing the slimming belt, after which you would do 2 and more minutes of abdominal exercises. After 10 minutes, you should remove the belt. Savvier claims that the Thermal Accelerator Cream will continue to burn belly and waist-line fat even after 3 hours.
  3. For extremely fast results besides the two recommended sessions, you could add exercises and workout programs during the week. Savvier states that wearing the Tummy Tuck Belt mixed with exercising and a healthy diet, would create superior results at fat and weight reduction.

What Does Research Say?

There are two important studies that look into the Tummy Tuck Belt. For some reason, the universities responsible for this research haven’t been named.

The first interesting research is more about the company that produces Tummy Tuck Belt, rather than research on the product. Savvier, the registered trademark for weight-loss products and exercise programs, was sued by the Federal Government for dishonest advertising of a different product they also produce (Body Flex), and was charged with 2.6 million dollars in refunds and compensations (3).

This should be a clear indicator that Savvier isn’t honest with their customers.

The second study looks at the effectiveness of slimming belts on today’s market.

They state that Belly belts don’t help in weight loss or body recomposition. Of course, you will look slimmer when you wear a waist slimming belt, but only while you wear it. There is no evidence that would suggest the change of the user’s body shape or weight after wearing Belly belts. If your looking for how to reduce belly fat it won’t help. Real weight loss is achieved with a decrease in calory intake, combined with exercising (4).

Tummy Tuck Belt Reviews – User Experiences

User experiences for these type of products are extremely important. We get the actual truth about the efficiency and usability of the product.

The following user reviews represent the most accurate picture from all experiences related to the Tummy Tuck Belt:

Wore it rigidly for 3 months, did not see a bit of difference. They claim you can wear it under clothes to slim…ummm NOT! It rolls and ends up in a tight band under your breast and you can’t breathe! Save your money! The only thing you will lose is the energy wasted to put the dang thing on and keep it from rolling, yanking around on it every 30 seconds is a work out on itself. -Tonya Matthews

My expectations for this product were not high to begin with, but given that I have stubborn belly fat I was willing to try anything. As it turn out the product was ineffective – the Tummy Tuck Belt would not stay in place- the cream that was supplied did not have any effect. In a word, I did not lose any fat. I would not recommend this product. Understand that the effectiveness varies so maybe someone else with different metabolism may find it to be useful- I did not. -Carry White

Not too bad as a shaper for me, but not sure if the cream really burns anything. I felt nothing so far after applying it to my tummy are (sic) twice a day. But I haven’t tried any of the exercises from its DVD yet, just got it for less than a week. I definitely wore the belt much longer that just 10 minutes. -Jing Callahan

I’m a big guy weight 295lbs, waist 53.5. I saw the commercial and decided to give it a try. I chose option number 2- no change to the lifestyle. I already eat pretty healthy (sic) but extra weight (sic) just wouldn’t come off. First warning bell sounded in my head when I was reading a booklet that comes with it: in the commercial they say that in option 3 (exercise) you lose 4 times as much weight as with exercise alone, and the booklet said only double. That didn’t stop me from giving it a try. For almost 3 weeks twice a day I kept following all directions. I found it easier to do the exercise with the video – it helps you time it just right. Measured after a week – no results. After 2 weeks – not even half an inch. By the end of the third week I found myself so frustrated that I decided to just give up on it. I tightened the diet a little more and dropped 5 pounds in the following week. It seems like every little something helps me to start losing weight with the exception of this miracle slimming system. -Alex Douglas

Tummy Tuck Belt Reviews – Conclusion

Is Tummy Tuck Belt worth trying? The short answer would be no. Calories cannot be burned from only one specific area without burning calories from other parts of the body. There is simply no way you could lose the excess weight from just one body part (5).

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However, Tummy Tuck Belt claims to do this surprisingly impossible thing by targeting only your mid-section. We saw a lot of evidence suggesting this is nonsense and in fact proven once again that spot reduction doesn’t exist. Tummy Tuck Belt might, in fact, make you look slimmer while wearing it, but as soon as it comes of the “slim effect” will be gone.

If you are looking for a short-term slimming solution, this might help you disguise your trouble areas and fit into a tight dress. But for long-term weight loss success, this is a terrible option.


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