Thermo Heat Review (New 2020) – How Safe and Effective is This Product?


thermo-heat_review  Thermo Heat refers to a product which is intended to promote your weight loss, as well as your energy levels when you perform strenuous physical activity.

It is known to provide value for any weight loss routine, speeding up your metabolism for burning off the excess fat present in the body. It also has the ability to improve your muscular appearance, providing a more toned look.

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Thermo Heat claims to reduce your appetite, therefore leading you to more weight reduction. It ensures better maintenance of your body weight too.

Thermo Heat is made by Advanced Molecular Labs (AML). This supplement company was founded back in 1974, so they’ve been around for quite some time. They brag about being the first company to produce creatine supplements, along with other bodybuilding supplements like whey protein. Unfortunately, none of these statements were proven.

Thermo Heat has some crazy marketing claims, promoted as “the most advanced thermogenic ever built.” Thermogenic is a substance that produces heat, in other words, it increases the body’s temperature, boosting the metabolism and weight loss (1).

Let’s move all these claims aside, can Thermo Heat really help you lose weight? Will it provide solid results for the high price of $79.95 for 60 servings? Read on and see the complete review!

Thermo Heat Review – What is the Ingredients?

The first problem with Thermo Heat is the ingredients list, which is basically just one big proprietary blend.

Why are proprietary blends a bad sign?

These blends are mixtures of various ingredients, each ingredient doesn’t provide any information about the quantity. This increases the risk of underdosing and side effects, as you don’t know the exact dose of each ingredient (2).

However, we’ll look at the main ingredients found in the Thermo Heat proprietary blend.

Bitter Orange Extract

Bitter Orange Extract is a natural stimulant that should promote fat loss. Bitter Orange Extract contains synephrine, a nutrient that has been linked to weight reduction and energy improvement.

Here is the bad news, studies done on human participants show no significant effects in weight reduction.

Bitter Orange Extract really doesn’t help with fat loss and energy levels. Not only that, this extract has been reported to contain many side effects. It has been banned in many countries after the side effects drama (3).

A terrible start for Thermo Heat.


This is an anti-stressor amino acid. L-Tyrosine is shown to promote and improve cognitive function (memory and focus).

L-Tyrosine doesn’t impact weight loss directly. It can help lower the stress hormone cortisol, therefore making your weight loss journey easier.

Thermo Heat also contains Caffeine, which virtually has the same properties. There was no need for Advanced Molecular Labs to add this ingredient too (4).


Caffeine is one the most researched ingredients in the supplement field. Caffeine has been reported to be a metabolism booster as well as aid, focus, energy, and much more. Thermo Heat comes with a sensible dosage of 250mg (one cup of coffee), so you won’t experience any side effects like jitters and anxiety. The problem occurs when we mix Caffeine and Synephrine (Bitter Orange Extract), both consumed together can cause serious problems (5).

Respectable fat burners should only contain one type of stimulant.

Cayenne Pepper

Also known as the red hot chili pepper, noted to cause great thermogenic effects on the body. Basically, Cayenne Pepper raises your bodies’ temperature, speeding up your metabolism and burning more fat. Multiple studies had proven that Cayenne Pepper increases your overall core temperature.

By regulating your body’s temperature, you burn more calories than you would normally (6).

Some studies even suggest that it suppresses appetite.

Holy Basil

This extract is believed to enhance testosterone levels and libido. But Thermo Heat is a fat burner, not a testosterone booster?

That’s not the bad part yet, research concludes that Holy Basil has no proof of effectiveness (7).

Coleus Forskohlii

This is a natural extract, derived from the Coleus Forskohlii plant. It claims to have the ability to increase natural testosterone levels with the addition of fat loss. The issue with this extract is the lack of scientific proof. All the studies done on Coleus Forskohlii concluded no links with any of the previous claims. Some studies suggest that Coleus Forskohlii might work, but only in high doses. Thermo Heat’s proprietary blend most likely has an insufficient dose, so this ingredient won’t work (8).


Is a natural herb that is used as a spice and as a medicinal remedy. Ginger is rich in essential oils that help you soothe your digestion. This herb also contains numerous health benefits that will improve your overall well-being. However, Ginger isn’t a nutrient that helps with fat burning (9).


Bioperine is derived from black pepper extract, with some potential health benefits. Bioperine claims to increase the absorption of nutrients found in nutritional supplements. The available research dose concludes some positive effects of Bioperine, also stating no negative ones. A direct link of Bioperine and fat burning doesn’t exist (10).

Yohimbe Bark Extract

Has been proven to stimulate the nervous system, by promoting the release of fat from our cells. Yohimbe Extract also manages to suppress hunger. But the main property of this extract is the burning of stubborn fat. Our fat cells have different receptors, alpha-2, and beta-2 receptors. Yohimbe directly impacts the alpha 2 receptors, blocking them, and making the fat loss of stubborn areas much easier.

However, many users have reported various negative effects after supplementing with Yohimbe Extract. Some countries even banned this extract (UK and Canada). Even though it’s effective, you have to make the decision if it’s worth the risk (11).

Ingredients Summary

After looking at all the ingredients, we can only say that Thermo Heat provides mediocre value as a fat burner.

The big problem with the ingredients is the proprietary blend. The consumer doesn’t know the exact dosage for each ingredient used, so it’s impossible to determine the effectiveness of the supplement.

Thermo Heat also provides only two efficient fat burning ingredients (Caffeine and Cayenne Pepper). The rest is highly under-researched, with no connection to fat burning or weight loss.

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Some ingredients might even cause serious side effects (Yohimbe Extract and Bitter Orange Extract). A few of the potential negative effects include nausea, drowsiness, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, high blood pressure, etc.

There is definitely a lot of room for improvement, just looking at the ingredients found in Thermo Heat.

Thermo Heat Review Conclusion

Overall, Thermo Heat is not the best fat burner available. With a substantial list of side effects, combined with the Proprietary Blend, this product provides a poor value for the high price ($79.95). The only good thing about this supplement would be the 100% money back guarantee, offered to every customer. However, you can find much better fat burners on the market, for a cheaper price, without any side effects.


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