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Test Worx Review (New 2020) – Is This a Worthwhile Testosterone Booster?


Test-worx-review  Testosterone is known to be the most anabolic hormone in the male body. It promotes muscle building, increases the formation of blood cells, and speeds up the recovery rate after workouts. It can also stimulate your metabolic rate which determines how fast you burn fat (1).

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If we look at any male age group, every single one wants to produce more testosterone naturally in order to acquire more muscle mass, strength, and endurance. After 40 years, testosterone levels start to decrease every single year. These effects involve muscle mass, sexual desire, and mental capabilities. Boosting testosterone production naturally can help with these issues (2).

You see the advertisements everywhere, from Instagram to Facebook. They promise huge increases in testosterone by simply taking an over-the-counter supplement.

Any product that is not chemically related to testosterone is available for anyone to use. This means there are still a number of natural testosterone boosters which could help with the male hormone.

Test Worx is one of these male enhancement pills, produced to improve men’s testosterone function. This testosterone booster is meant to increase both the production of testosterone and fat burning. However, other benefits include more mental capabilities and energy properties. Their official website is well designed with all the necessary information about the supplement and ingredients, with several customer reviews stating all the positive experiences.

Test Worx is only sold online at the price of $59.95 per bottle which last 6 weeks. It also comes with a 100% money back guarantee on all purchases from SuperiorLabs, which is the manufacturer.

All of this sounds great, but is everything true? We will take an in-depth look at this testosterone booster and summarize the results just for you. Read on!

Test Worx Review – Taking a Look at the Ingredients

The ingredients found in Test Worx are very efficient, you only need two capsules each morning to get results. It is also recommended to take 5 days on and 2 days off split, for at least six weeks.

The ingredients list:

Zinc (20mg)

Zina is an essential mineral. You need Zinc every day in order to maintain a healthy body and mind. Zinc benefits the body in so many ways: helps with hormonal balance, improves the immune system and facilitates digestion. Zinc also includes the ability to act as an anti-oxidant, which may have a significant effect on many chronic diseases like cancer or heart disease (3).

Zinc benefits our hormonal health and plays a crucial role in hormone production, including natural testosterone boosting. Zinc is also needed for estrogen production in female individuals, which supports reproductive health.

Test Worx provides 20mg of Zinc, which is more than enough for any individual, considering that a healthy person should consume anywhere from 7 to 10 mg of Zinc per day. High doses like this one (20mg) won’t cause any side effects (4).

Pyridoxine-3-Carboxamide (Niacinamide) (40mg)

The name might confuse you, but this is Vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 is an important B vitamin found in meats and grains. Vitamin B3 has a wide range of health benefits such as maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and metabolic rate, managing blood levels, cholesterols levels, and much more (5). This vitamin is included in Test Worx since it can help break down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, generating more energy.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) (5mg)

Every B vitamin, including Vitamin B6, has many crucial roles in the human body. Vitamin B6 has the ability to maintain a healthy metabolic rate, liver function, nerve function, as well as providing extra energy during the day. Studies show that Vitamin B6 deficiencies result in lower testosterone levels, which makes this vitamin vital for healthy testosterone production. Pyridoxine hydrochloride is also the best form of Vitamin B6 for testosterone (6).

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) (500mcg)

There is no research linking Vitamin B12 with testosterone in any way or form. Vitamin B12 has different benefits ranging from memory improvement, digestion, mood, energy, and many others. Vitamin B12 deficiencies are very common, so including this ingredient in Test Worx is a good choice (7).

Test Worx Proprietary Blend (950mg):

  1. Tribulus Terrestris – Is nearly found in every natural testosterone booster. With no studies backing up this herb, you can’t expect any testosterone boosting effects. Other common uses for this ingredient would be as a libido enhancer (8).
  2. Maca Root – Just like Tribulus, Maca has positive effects on fertility in both men and women. Maca is also used to balance hormone levels and the immune system. Maca has no direct connection with testosterone levels (9).
  3. Nettle Root – Has been used mainly as a cure for urinary problems, like benign prostate hyperplasia. There is some evidence suggesting that Nettle root promotes testosterone production by inhibiting testosterone from converting to estrogen and DHT (dihydrotestosterone). More research has to be done on this topic (10).
  4. Eurycoma Longifolia – Is an anti-estrogenic compound which boosts libido and testosterone. Studies also show that consuming Eurycoma Longifolia can decrease cortisol levels by 16%. The Eurycoma Longifolia form found in Test Worx is one the best forms available (11).
  5. L-Arginine – Is a very popular amino acid, shown to increase growth hormone and weight loss. L-Arginine has no evidence that would suggest any impact on testosterone (12). However, studies show a significant increase in lean mass for most individuals that supplemented with L-Arginine.

Test Worx Ingredients Summary

Test Worx really provides suiting ingredients for all men who work out on daily basis and really need to improve testosterone levels. All of the ingredients found in Test Worx are from reliable sources, manufactured in an FDA registered facility. Most of the ingredients have studies proving their claims, but not all of them. So some ingredients can be associated with a number of negative effects and allergic reactions. These can include mild agitation, acne, dehydration, and nausea.

Conclusion to Test Worx Review

Test Worx is a not the best testosterone booster in the industry, however, it is far from the worst one. Their ingredients combination is efficient but still seems a bit off, considering that any multivitamin on the market has virtually the same features and properties, just like Test Worx. The proprietary blend has no exact amount of each ingredient, which is a clue that SuperiorLabs underdoses the proprietary blend.

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There is also a lack of supporting user experiences that would suggest that this product indeed increases testosterone levels. Amazon reviews on this product are amazing, but there is a lot of speculation that these ratings are fake and paid.

Considering that Test Worx comes with a 100% money back guarantee, giving it a try is certainly not a terrible decision.


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