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Tea Rexx Review (New 2020): Is This Fat Burner Popular for All The Right Reasons?


Tea Rexx 

Diet pills are said to easily burn excess fat as well as develop new muscle tissue. When consumed on a regular basis, most people should be able to experience results in as little as three to four weeks, especially when they are combined with a proper diet and exercise regime.

Even though they are not miracle pills, they can be effective when used in the right circumstances and with the right understanding that there are no shortcuts to instant results.

A highly sought-after fat burner, Tea Rexx by Bro Labs, is a well-recognized supplement that has gained huge popularity in the past couple of years.

Tea Rexx is an extreme fat burning formula that is said to contain powerful thermogenic and stimulant ingredients that will blast away those excess inches in no time. The components in this formula are not only effective but are also said to be 100% natural, derived from quality sources and manufactured in GMP tested facilities. Besides its potent fat burning abilities, Tea Rexx also claims to enhance energy levels and focus, giving all dieters the needed boost to push through a rough day in a caloric deficit.

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So, can Tea Rexx really provide the stated weight loss benefits? Just read on and find out everything you need to know about this supplement in our unbiased review!

How Does Tea Rexx Work?

The Tea Rexx formula mostly works on the principle of thermogenesis. The thermogenic ingredients inside Tea Rexx induce this important fat burning process that raises the core body temperature, forcing us to use more calories in order to cool off. Thermogenesis also boosts the resting metabolic rate which burns even more calories. Other stimulant ingredients in this formula elevate energy levels, mood, and focus. These three things are crucial for someone who is dieting since a caloric deficit will cause fatigue and an overall decrease in willpower.

Tea Rexx Ingredients

What goes into a product is the most important factor for determining its true potential and efficiency. Fortunately, Tea Rexx comes with a properly designed ingredients label that showcases all the necessary information on each ingredient and the quantities that they come in. With this valuable information Tea Rexx minimizes the chance of underdosing and inefficiency.

Here are the ingredients found in the Tea Rexx formula:

  1. Green Tea Extract 50% (145 mg) – A well-known ingredient that is found in various drinks, supplements, and foods. Green Tea is proven to be effective at raising the resting metabolic rate, energy, and even mood (1). Scientific research even found that Green Tea helps with weight loss and it may even increase fat burning. The slight issue with Green Tea would be its caffeine content, which could lead to side effects if combined with other stimulants (2).
  2. Green Coffee Bean Extract (105 mg) – Represents a natural stimulant that is very high in caffeine. With high caffeine levels, Green Coffee Bean is able to increase metabolism and promote energy. Again, combining multiple stimulants that contain caffeine may lead to adverse effects (3).
  3. Raspberry Ketones (40 mg) – A very popular weight loss compound that is believed to alter the way our bodies store fat inside the cells and also burn the fat that is already stored (4). The only problem with Raspberry Ketones are the quantities they come in. Studies clearly show that only higher doses of this ingredient will create appropriate results and unfortunately, lower doses such as the 40 mg in this product, won’t (5).
  4. Quercetin (10 mg) – Is a natural flavonoid found in plants, red wine, onions, apples, berries, etc. Quercetin is best known for its potent antioxidant properties that are used to treat certain heart-related conditions. It may also induce minor weight loss benefits (6).
  5. Synephrine HCL – Is a controversial compound that is believed to aid with weight loss and energy expenditure. However, recent studies don’t show promising results when it comes to Synephrine and weight loss. Another big problem with Synephrine are the numerous side effects it may induce. This ingredient is even banned in multiple counties (7).
  6. Yohimbe Extract 8% (25 mg) – Represents a very strong natural stimulant that is believed to have great weight loss properties. Studies do prove that Yohimbe Extract directly targets alpha-2 receptors which are the main reason we store fat in problem areas such as the lower abdomen, love handles, and lower back (8). The only problem with this stimulant is its potential adverse effects. These include escalated heart rate, high anxiety, increased risk of heart disease, and much more (9).
  7. L-Carnitine (30 mg) – A naturally occurring amino acid that is mostly used for energy. L-Carnitine has numerous important functions inside the body, including brain and heart health, muscle maintains, energy production, and more. As far as L-Carnitine supplementation goes, it is believed to boost metabolism and calorie expenditure to some degree. However, studies are still inconclusive (10).
  8. Yerba Mate (75 mg) – Another strong stimulant ingredient that is said to increase metabolism and weight loss. Yerba Mate has thermogenic and diuretic properties that can in fact aid in fat burning. The only problem is the high caffeine concentration which is found in Yerba Mate (11).
  9. Ginseng (50 mg) – This natural herb is found to better the immune system, increase muscle support during any physical activity, and to even help with weight loss. Ginseng can also reduce the recovery time and boost performance (12).
  10. Rhodiola Rosea (10 mg) – Derived from the Rhodiola plant, this extract is used to treat various health problems. Besides this, Rhodiola is said to improve athletic performance, sexual function, reduce stress, depression, and might even lower the risk for cancer.
  11. Caffeine (150 mg) – Does have great energy and metabolism-boosting properties, however, the Tea Rexx formula contains multiple strong stimulants that don’t mix well. Adding even more caffeine to the mix won’t have a positive outcome (13).
  12. Moringa Oleifera (270 mg) – A herb native to India, commonly used in traditional medicine. Moringa is said to treat diabetes, epilepsy, headaches, and high blood pressure. Moringa Oleifera has almost no weight loss properties (14).

Ingredients Summary

We like the fact that Tea Rexx comes with a properly designed ingredients label, natural components, and a few effective ingredients. However, we highly dislike the fact that Tea Rexx contains multiple stimulant ingredients that may induce a myriad of side effects when combined. Components such as the Yohimbe Extract and Synephrine are found to be extremely dangerous and may potentially lead to serious adverse effects. Another issue with this formula is the high caffeine content that may further enhance the side effects. Overall, a possibly effective but very dangerous concoction of ingredients.

Tea Rexx Pricing

You can purchase Tea Rexx on the official Bro Labs website or through various online dealers such as Amazon and Walmart. As far as pricing goes, one bottle of Tea Rexx will set you back $39.96 not including shipping and handling. A no questions asked money back guarantee is also offered to every customer.

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In the end, Tea Rexx combines a number of possibly effective but very dangerous components. You may achieve solid weight loss results with Tea Rexx, but the side effects related to this formula are simply too much. No one should risk their health for some mediocre weight loss results and for this reason, we cannot promote Tea Rexx as a good solution for losing weight.

The market is filled with more reliable, and most importantly, safer options than this one, so your best bet is to go with them instead.


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