Slimming Belly Patch Review

Slimming Belly Patch Review (New 2020) – Easy Way to Lose Weight?

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Slimming Belly Patch Review 

Slimming patches are relatively new in the weight loss industry. They gained huge popularity recently because it is much easier to use slimming patches than diet pills.

You no longer need to remember to take a pill 3 times a day, before or after a meal, you simply stick a patch on in the morning and forget about it. The ingredients should go through your skin and into your bloodstream, bypassing your stomach which can break down and destroy up to 80% of weight loss ingredients. That’s why people who've tried diet pills found the product ineffective.

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Slimming Belly Patch is one of the many trending brands right now. This diet patch claims to help with weight reduction very quickly and efficiently. As with most weight loss products, the manufacturers make attention-grabbing claims. But let’s have a closer look at this product in order for us to determine if you should spend your money on it or not.

How Does Slimming Belly Patch Work?

Just like other supplements, these patches often include ingredients that help with appetite suppression, fat burning, and metabolism improvement.

Slimming Belly Patch works transdermally. In other words, the ingredients will enter your bloodstream through the skin and initially bypass the liver. This allows them to work immediately. The ingredients are released slowly, so the patch only needs to be applied once every 12 to 24 hours.

Slimming Belly Patch Ingredients

Before we look at the ingredients, we need to state that the best results will only occur with a well-balanced diet and exercise program. You also shouldn’t consume food with high caloric values, coffee, alcohol, and nuts. Slimming

Belly Patch also recommends that you not eat anything three hours before going to bed. Eating spicy foods is also not encouraged while using this weight loss patch.

The ingredients found in Slimming Belly Patch:

  1. Semen Cassiae Torae – Represents a well-known Chinese herb that is good for soothing the eyes and helping with weight loss. According to a legend, there once was an old Taoist priest who consumed the herb and still had clear and sharp eyes even though he was more than 100 years old. For this reason, many people were attracted to this magical ingredient. Now, the real benefits of this herb have been clinically proven and include improved eyesight, sleep quality, better digestion, and a slight improvement in weight loss due to its ability to absorb fats and carbohydrates (1).
  2. Maythorn – The extract from this plant is known to improve heart function and anxiety as well as cardiovascular symptoms such as palpitations, extrasystoles, and low blood pressure. Apparently, Maythorn can even increase fat oxidation, although there is no scientific evidence for this claim (2).
  3. Poria Cocos – Belongs to the mushroom family and is widely used as a traditional Chinese remedy. In traditional medicine, Poria Cocos has been used to treat memory loss (amnesia), anxiety, restlessness, fatigue, tension, and insomnia. There is absolutely no link between Poria Cocos and weight loss though (3).
  4. Scutellaria Baicalensis – Is another traditional Chinese medicine used for treating cardiovascular and cognitive problems. Scutellaria Baicalensis appears to be a great source of flavonoid compounds, which can activate a protein called PPARα that promotes extensive fat burning. However, this process is still being investigated and is yet to be proven (4).
  5. Immature Bitter Orange – Is a natural stimulant that claims to possess fat burning properties. Bitter Orange contains synephrine, a compound that is linked to weight reduction and energy expenditure. Here is the issue with Bitter Orange though, studies done on this extract showed no significant effect on weight reduction. This is only the beginning, Bitter Orange is also reported to lead to many serious side effects. Many countries have actually banned this ingredient due to its possible negative effects (5).
  6. Angelica Sinensis – Also known as Chinese Angelica, Angelica Sinensis is primarily used for treating female-related problems such as lack of sexual drive, menopause, cramps, and PMS. Angelica Sinensis might have a small impact on appetite suppression but there is still no concrete evidence that would support such abilities (6).
  7. Alisma Orientalis – Is known as the water plantain and the root and underground stem of this plant are used to make medicinal remedies. Despite some safety concerns, this ingredient is used to treat bladder and urinary diseases. Alisma Orientalis has no weight loss benefits (7) (8).

Ingredients Summary

Although some of the ingredients found in Slimming Belly Patch have mild weight loss properties, there is simply not enough evidence to prove the actual efficiency of the formula.

Some ingredients might even cause serious side effects (Immature Bitter Orange). A few of the potential negative effects include nausea, rapid heartbeat, drowsiness, anxiety, high blood pressure, etc.
One thing's for sure, this is definitely not a perfect combination of ingredients, with lots of room for improvement.

Is Slimming Belly Patch Safe?

Generally speaking, Slimming Belly Patch is safe. The manufacturers claim that the patch is completely free of allergies and side effects. This is not entirely true though as some of the ingredients are clinically proven to cause potential health problems. As mentioned, Immature Bitter Orange is known to increase heart rate and blood pressure due to its compounds such as synephrine and octopamine.

However, there have not been any major side effects reported as a result of using Slimming Belly Patch.

What Are Users Saying

User reviews for these type of products are crucial. We get the actual truth about the effectiveness and usability of the product.

“Tried this product and have applied it twice now. You can feel it working, it heats up and has a tingle. Left it on overnight while I slept. Showered in the morning and let the water run over the wrap to help it easily release from skin. I can see results and will continue using to see what else happens!!” -Michelle Lanum

“Maybe I got a bad batch, who knows, but I'm very disappointed. I have used two and neither has worked. They don't even smell or feel like they have anything on them. Regret spending so much because I was hopeful with all the reviews that I read through. I think the other people tricked their brains into thinking it works.” -George Garlicky

“Very painful when taking off. It took half my skin with it, then I broke out in a rash. I wouldn't recommend this product. Doesn't work.” -Jen Thomsen

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Is Slimming Belly Patch worth trying? The short answer would be no. The manufacturers of Slimming Belly Patch simply ask for too many limitations (healthy diet and exercise program). These restrictions place a serious doubt on the efficiency of the product. Even if you lose weight while using Slimming Belly Patch, you still cannot know whether the major weight loss contributor was the Slimming Patch, exercise program or diet.

Taking everything into consideration, the potential side effects, restrictions, and no money back guarantee, we can only suggest a different weight loss product. You are far better off simply eating healthy and exercising regularly.


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