Simply Fit Board Review

Simply Fit Board Review (New 2020) – Everything You Need to Know


Simply Fit Board Review 

What is Simply Fit Board?

There is no shortage of the amount of workout equipment that is presented to us nowadays. With countless adverts and online shopping networks, we are faced with an abundance of options.

As a consequence of the vast amount of choices that we have today, there are equally as many scams and products that make misleading claims as legitimate exercise brands.

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One such product that was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank is the Simply Fit Board, a new and highly popular workout device that claims to enhance weight loss and strengthen your core. But what exactly is Simply Fit Board? It is simply a hard plastic board that has a very similar shape to a skateboard but without the wheels. It is also lightweight and portable. By just twisting around in different positions, users can experience a slimmer waistline, stronger core, and toned legs. Apparently, all of this is achieved through a low-impact workout routine, but we’re going to cover the process in the next paragraph.

How Does the Simply Fit Board Work?

Using the Simply Fit Board is easy, you just stand on it with your feet on each side. Twist and rock your body from side to side and front to back. Each workout should last between 5-10 minutes only. Manufacturers advise beginners to hold on to something while they’re trying the board for the first time. Once people get the hang of it, there are many different types of exercises they could perform.

For instance, there is an exercise called The Walk. With this exercise, you have to stand with your feet firmly on the board and all you do is rock forwards and backward. The Surf exercise is another great one. Standing with your feet hip-width apart, you squat slowly with your arms parallel to the ground.

Another amazing exercise is the Twist. Once again, keep your feet in line with your shoulders while twisting back and forth. The manufacturers also claim this exercise will generate the fastest results for most users.

Simply Fit Board and Weight Loss

Just to make things clear, Simply Fit Board is not the magical ‘how to reduce belly fat‘ solution you’ve been searching for. This exercise board will not create any weight loss results if you don’t implement a healthy eating plan backed up by a caloric deficit with some form of exercise (1). This hypothesis has been proven time and time again, weight loss is strictly dictated by a caloric deficit and energy expenditure (2) (3).

Be that as it may, Simply Fit Board does have some scientifically proven benefits behind it.

  1. Proprioception – Performing exercises on the Simply Fit Board develops proprioception, an ability that subconsciously senses the body position and joint movement (4). Proprioception involves various receptor nerves located in the muscle tissue, ligaments, tendons, and joints, which will all sense the change in the muscle faster (5). The brain will also respond a lot quicker to the signals it senses, sending the appropriate changes to the body.
  2. Faster Recovery – The previously mentioned proprioception system can be damaging and less effective with age, specifically after an injury. For instance, a leg that was previously broken may not be able to correct its position as effectively, which could cause balance issues and more unwanted injuries (6). For this reason, Simply Fit Board and other similar brands are commonly incorporated into one’s rehab program by physical therapists. Additionally, those working with elderly individuals also assign balance boards to help clients maintain and improve their proprioception senses (7).
  3. Core and Abdominal Muscles – Using the Simply Fit Board can increase strength and stability in your core muscles, which would then improve your posture since you will be better at maintaining a proper spine position (8). Many users test their abilities with the Simply Fit Board by challenging their balance and coordination skills. With a strong core, users can experience more visible abdominal muscles and a better activation in that area while working out (9).

Simply Fit Board Safety Concern

Like most fitness equipment, the Simply Fit Board also has a few risks. There is certainly a fairly high chance of you falling off the board in case you do not balance correctly. For this reason, manufacturers advise every new user to hold on to something each time they use the board.

Now there is also a chance that the board breaks if you’re really heavy. It is also potentially harmful to your flooring. You can use exercise mats, rugs, and other surfaces for the Simply Fit Board.

Simply Fit Board Pricing

The Simply Fit Board is available in many different retail stores throughout the US, it can be also purchased on Amazon, or directly through the manufacturer’s website. The price is around $39.99, including shipping and handling fees. If purchased through the manufacturer’s website, customers also receive an exercise mat and a series of instructional workout DVD’s that are meant to be used in conjunction with the Simply Fit Board.
Each customer also receives a 60-day money back guarantee.

User Reviews

“I tried this board out briefly and then fell off and broke my neck! I was very good at balance sports such as skiing in my younger days, so thought I would be able to do it. Wrong! I would not recommend this, especially not for seniors. They make it look easy on TV, but it is quite difficult!” -Brennan C

“I got this to help with my balance more than to lose weight, and it is actually helping a lot. It takes some getting used to, but over time I’m certain it will help me quite a bit. After all, if you can learn to balance on this and twist at the same time, you GOT IT conquered.” -Peggy Moore

“Love the concept but just not coordinated enough yet to be balanced on it. Great work out and look forward to using it and not holding onto something so as not to fall off. Truly is a good workout.”  -Deborah Green

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Whether you’re new or experienced exerciser, Simply Fit Board is definitely an innovative and unique way to switch up your workout routine. This quality balance board can improve your core strength, overall muscle tone, balance, agility, and posture. However, don’t expect any significant weight loss results if your diet is not in check.
Bottom line, if you’re truly prepared for a healthy lifestyle and want an easier workout approach, Simply Fit Board is a fairly cheap and effective option.


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