ReFirm Now Review

ReFirm Now Review (New 2020) – An Effective Weight Loss Aid?

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ReFirm Now Review 

The ReFirm Now range is made up of three different diet pills that facilitate the loss of excess body weight. These formulas collectively promote weight loss by suppressing appetite and cravings for sugary foods, improving the body’s metabolism and stabilizing the levels of blood sugar in the body. Additional benefits associated with the use of these weight loss supplements include reduction of body fat, maintenance of the recommended levels of cortisol in the body and detoxification of the body in general.

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The ReFirm Now diet pills are produced by the US-based company Complete Nutrition and can be purchased directly from their official website. There are several positive customer reviews shown on their website, which could be a good indicator.

Now, let’s put all the positive buzz aside as we closely investigate the ingredients, product descriptions, and scientific proof, summarizing everything and giving you the final verdict. Just keep reading!

How Does ReFirm Now Work?

Each ReFirm Now formula contains stimulant ingredients that are designed to boost your metabolism and improve your overall weight loss experience. Your metabolism turns the food you eat into usable energy. If you’re not active enough the food that isn’t turned into energy will be stored as body fat. If ReFirm Now boosts your metabolism, you will be able to turn more food into energy so that less will be stored in your body as fat. Ideally, ReFirm claims to boost your metabolism to the level where it can derive energy from fat that is already stored in the body, promoting an easier and more efficient way to lose weight.

However, there are currently no scientific trials offered by the company and no testing has been done on the complete lineup. Due to the concerns of overstimulation and potential risk of negative effects, it leaves customers without proper information.

ReFirm Now Ingredients

ReFirm Now contains three different formulas, which are specifically designed to aid your weight loss journey by boosting the metabolic rate, with the addition of appetite suppression.

Unfortunately, most of the formulas are made out of proprietary blends. By now, everyone knowns about the shady aspects of proprietary blends. Supplement companies use them to mix different ingredients together, giving no clear indication of the quantities of each ingredient. Without clear information about the dosages, ReFirm Now increases the risk of side effects and inefficiency.

ReFirm Now is composed of the following ingredients:

AM Formula – This formula is advertised as a great energy booster that will kick-start your day, and is meant to be taken strictly in the morning.

Some of the main ingredients include:

  1. Caffeine – Is a well-researched ingredient and is immensely popular in the supplement market. Caffeine has the ability to promote metabolism, energy, cognition, and much more. This compound can also potentially reduce the feeling of hunger, successfully suppressing your appetite and keeping you in the needed caloric deficit (1). However, higher dosages of Caffeine in combination with other stimulants can cause a range of negative effects. The Am Effective Formula doesn’t provide information about the Caffeine dosage, increasing your chance of side effects (2).
  2. Guarana Seed – Is a widely used stimulant that is mostly found in drinks and dietary supplements. Guarana Seed has the ability to improve weight loss through its active ingredients (3). It is also believed to increase metabolism and cognition. Guarana Seed also contains Caffeine, further increasing the chances of side effects (4).
  3. Green Tea – Another standard stimulant ingredient in many weight loss supplements. Studies indicate that Green Tea can elevate the basal metabolic rate, as well as provide a wide range of other health benefits (5). This ingredient also contains Caffeine, which now surely exceeds the recommended daily intake of this substance (6).
  4. Yerba Mate – Was discovered centuries ago in the rainforests of Brazil and Argentina. Yerba Mate could promote the stimulation and enhancement of the nervous system and muscle activity with its matheine property (a type of caffeine) (7). Yerba Mate falls in the group of natural diuretics since it contains xanthine (theobromine, caffeine, and theophylline). This allows Yerba Mate to suppress appetite and increase weight loss (8).

Daily Leaf Life Belly Fat Formula – Includes various blends of tea extracts that should promote fat burning throughout the day.

Some of the main ingredients include:

  1. White Tea Extract – This tea extract contains the same types of antioxidants as green tea but in greater quantities. These antioxidants are found to have many health promoting properties including boosting cardiovascular health, decreasing cholesterol levels, and even the reducing excess weight. Studies have shown that some types of this tea extract are effective in weight reduction, however, ReFirm doesn’t state the type they provide so we can’t really conclude anything (9).
  2. Black Tea Extract – Has very similar properties to White Tea Extract. Both can speed up your metabolism and make you feel more alert and energized. Black Tea is also full of healthy substances called polyphenols. Polyphenols are antioxidants that can help protect your cells from DNA damage (10).
  3. Oolong Tea Extract – Comes from the same plant that is used to make Black and Green Tea. The only difference is in the processing. Oolong Tea is partially fermented, Black Tea is fully fermented, and Green Tea is unfermented. With that being said, it virtually has the same properties as the other two (11).

PM Formula – This formula is meant to refresh and cleanse the digestive system, and improve overall health.

Some of the main ingredients include:

  1. Green Coffee Bean Extract – Has a wide range of powerful antioxidants that can decrease the damaging effects of harmful substances and free radicals in the body, enhancing overall well-being. Green Coffee Bean Extract also helps the body to increase its basal metabolic rate, providing a better weight loss experience. But yet again we face the problem of Caffeine, which now surely exceeds the recommended daily intake (12).
  2. Dandelion Whole Plant – This herb is used for treating certain gastric problems. Dandelion has strong diuretic properties, which could well lead to dehydration. Dehydrating the body is extremely dangerous and carries many potential side effects (13).
  3. Ginger Root – Studies show that Ginger could increase gastric motility, which in turn would prevent any digestive issues. Ginger also has anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory abilities that improve overall health (14).

Ingredients Summary

The biggest concern regarding these ingredients is definitely Caffeine. ReFirm Now recommends each user consumes one pill of each formula daily. This would approximately equate to drinking more than 4 to 6 cups of coffee. As mentioned, the combination of Caffeine with other stimulant compounds can result in fatal consequences.

Other ingredients found in the ReFirm Now formulas have some scientific evidence of efficiency, some of them might even work, but there is no guarantee.

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ReFirm Now does contain some ingredients that could actually work, but the quantities they come in are most likely not sufficient. Again the Caffeine content is very high as almost every formula contains this stimulant. After reviewing each ReFirm Now formula, their ingredients and descriptions, we can only say that ReFirm Now has more negatives than positives. The best option for anyone reading this review is to just choose a different weight loss product.


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