QuadraLean Review

QuadraLean Review 2019 – The Fat Burner You’ve Been Searching For?

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QuadraLean Review 

Fat burners have come a long way since the days of laxative and detox agents. Today they are supplements loaded with stimulants and thermogenics that help in the faster liquidation of key deposits of fats, lipids, and triglycerides.

These powerful compounds are found to be harmful to us in the long run and have the possibility to accumulate within our belly, chest and thigh areas. However, even with all of their benefits, we should still understand that these products can have different effects on different people.

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Therefore, users should do some research and see which ingredients will work best for them.

QuadraLean by RSP Nutrition is a “stimulant-free” fat burner that is naturally devised and should be healthy for us in the long run. From a working point of view, QuadraLean is meant to break down excess fat deposits in the body, therefore promoting a better physique and overall health. Additionally, there are also other benefits that come from the use of this supplement. For example, when taken daily, QuadraLean can improve mood, motivation, and well-being. It even helps fight off annoying hunger cravings we all face while dieting.

Okay, let’s move all these claims aside. Can QuadraLean truly help you lose weight? Will it provide solid results? Read on and see the complete review!

How Does QuadraLean Work?

The basic goal of QuadraLean is to stimulate the metabolism so you can burn more calories whether you’re sitting at home doing nothing, or exercising your heart out in the gym. Overall, the metabolism dictates how many calories your body is consuming on a regular basis. QuadraLean will also suppress appetite, which is the second key component of successful weight loss. You start burning more calories than you are consuming. This is where rapid fat burning happens.

QuadraLean has a similar working process to other weight loss supplements, however due to its natural ingredients this fat burner attempts to accomplish similar weight loss benefits but without the harmful stimulants and side effects.

QuadraLean Ingredients

Fortunately, this weight loss supplement not only provides all-natural ingredients but it also comes with a precisely structured label, with mostly clear dosing information. With proper dosing information, QuadraLean has a huge advantage over the competition.

That being said, here are the ingredients found in QuadraLean:

  1. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – Represents a fatty acid commonly found in dairy products and red meat. CLA is believed to have special properties which could boost weight loss (1). This is why CLA is on its way to becoming one of the most popular weight loss ingredients. A 12- week study on CLA published in 2001 concluded that it may reduce body fat in individuals when used in doses of 3.4 grams or more per day. This study also determined that higher doses of CLA have no adverse effects. Similar research had pretty much the same results, CLA is partially effective in promoting fat burning and weight loss (2) (3).
  2. Garcinia Cambogia – Is a popular tropical fruit with a variety of benefits. The primary use of Garcinia Cambogia is for weight loss and physical improvement due to its hydroxicitric acid (HCA) content, which explains why there’s such a huge market of Garcinia products out there (4) (5). Garcinia is also said to eradicate worms and parasites, improves bowel movement and treats severe cases of diarrhea, amongst others. However, recent studies are still inconclusive about the true properties that Garcinia holds. More research is needed (6).
  3. Raspberry Ketones – Are better known as a food additive that increases the flavor and smell of certain foods. However, Raspberry Ketones are also said to be highly effective for weight management and fat burning (7). The research concluded on Raspberry Ketones also proves its weight loss properties, stating that they regulate blood sugar levels and aid in the breakdown of fatty acids by increasing the hormone adiponectin which is produced in adipose tissue (8). QuadraLean also provides a suiting does of Raspberry Ketones which induce optimal results (9).
  4. L-Carnitine – This amino acid is found in our bodies and is used as an energy source. L-Carnitine deficiencies are actually quite common, which is why many supplement this essential amino acid (10). L-Carnitine is used by the body for a variety of important functions, including brain and heart health, muscle contraction, energy production, and much more. As for weight loss, L-Carnitine is believed to convert the existing fat in the body into usable energy, boosting the metabolism and increasing calorie expenditure. However, research is still inconclusive about L-Carnitine supplementation and weight loss (11) (12).

Ingredients Summary

With a transparent ingredients label, QuadraLean proves that the included components are studied and could be potentially effective. However, while the formula is natural, some ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia may be a great detriment to users who are sensitive, or who would want to supplement later in the day. Unfortunately what is included here is not the most well-rounded and necessary of ingredients.

For instance, L-Carnitine does not show the ability to burn fat long-term or in significant amounts. Garcinia Cambogia can be potentially effective, but with recent research showing negative results, we still don’t see any solid proof. Raspberry Ketones and CLA are the only two ingredients that really could induce great results without the addition of side effects.

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The manufacturers of QuadraLean offer a truly compelling sounding diet pill that is said to be a natural, stimulant-free, and a safe solution for weight loss. An easy to understand description is given about the dosing and intended benefits as well. However, the main problem are the lack of studies which would prove the effectiveness of some ingredients. Furthermore, ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia could lead to side effects which no-one wants.

Overall, QuadraLean can absolutely help you lose weight, however, there are also better and most likely more effective solutions out there that can create similar if not better results than QuadraLean. The choice is yours.


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