Proxene ES Review

Proxene ES Review (New 2020) – Too Good To Be True?


Proxene ES Review  Proxene ES is a supplement claiming to provide “support for your overall health, energy levels and your mentality”. The actual supplement itself contains a large variety of naturally sourced ingredients, including Noni (Morinda Citrifoila), 1000mg BerryVin High Orac Blend, 25mg Strawberries, Escobillo, Blueberries, Blackberries, Cranberries, Grape Extract and Pomegranate Juice Homeopathic Blend 40mg, Barium Carbonate 12C, Flouric Acid 9C, Selenium 9C, Gold 5C, Animal Charcoal 5C, Chaste Tree 4C, Oil of Mustard Seed 4X, and Oat 3X in a a base of Sorbitol.

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In essence all of these are just a random collection of vitamins, minerals, fruit and vegetable extracts, none of which have any scientific proof pointing towards any significant benefits to any specific parts of your health. The supposed ‘active ingredient’ is Noni. The health benefits of Noni have been shown to be a healthy cholesterol and a reduction of blood glucose to healthy levels. The October 2012 issue of Physiology Research even states that it has anti-cancer benefits.

Proxene ES Pros

The supplement itself isn’t actually too expensive compared to others in general, and it’s active ingredient Noni actually has some reported clinical benefits. However, it is incredibly pricey compared to others of its kind, and as we are about to cover in the Cons section of this article, their customer service leaves much to be desired.

Proxene ES Cons

This is one of those supplements that has absolutely no instant effects. The only thing it can hope to promise is better longevity and health in the long run. Now when a company expects this sort of faith from its customers you would expect the product to be much better researched and formulated than this (containing only a single ingredient with documented therapeutic benefits). You would also expect it to have great long-term customer service. This is where things get messy.

It doesn’t take too much time of looking around the internet to find a plethora of negative reviews about this product. Things ranging from no discernible effects, to horrible customer service, to packages never arriving, and even a few cases of credit card fraud! Our personal favorites were:

BEWARE! This is a ruthless and dishonest company. I did not ask them to keep sending a supply of Proxene to me. I couldn’t reach them on the phone to get a “return authorization number” so I wrote to them each time they sent more, begging them to stop sending and taking money out of my credit card. I HAVE HAD TO CANCEL MY CREDIT CARD and pay postage for all the Proxene I sent back to them.

Misleading advertisement. Stated that free gift of a 79.00 field binocular, and two free reports valued at $29.95 each would be coming with product. The binoculars are basic, and the two reports were only a few sheets of paper. Nothing that could be considered a $60.00 value. I believe that misleading advertisement is against the law as well as unethical. The product itself may be a good product but get bad vibes when the truth is stretched as this was. I believe this gives company a bad name.

This is the sort of unethical business practice that gives the entire supplement industry a bad name.

The Verdict

Regardless of any perceived or unperceived effectiveness of this product and its ingredients, one simply cannot overlook the danger in purchasing from a company with such shady business practices that abuses its customers to such a great degree. Based on this we highly discourage the purchase of Proxene ES. There are plenty of better, safer, more proven options out there if longevity and health is what your looking for.

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