Protein World Slender Blend Review

Protein World Slender Blend Review (New 2020) – Tasty Way to Lose Weight?


Protein World Slender Blend Review 

One of the best things you can do for your body and weight loss goals is to prioritize your health. There are numerous things that you can do in order to improve your body’s performance and achieve your weight loss results, but the top three are definitely an effective workout routine, healthy eating, and proper supplementation. By taking the right steps, you will experience the best results.

While there are thousands of supplements on the market, it is always best to choose a reputable brand that is recognized for its quality products. That being said, this review will focus on a popular protein supplement called Slender Blend.

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Protein World Slender Blend is a high protein, low-calorie meal replacement that helps users achieve their ultimate weight loss results. The manufacturers promise a significant reduction in appetite, an increase in energy, weight loss, and an overall healthier body. Their shakes are 100% natural without any GMO’s and are available in a variety of flavors such as vanilla, banana, strawberry, chocolate, and peanut butter. One serving of the Slender Blend protein powder contains an incredible 24 grams of protein, 25 vitamins and minerals, and less than 150 calories, with no added sugar!

Wow, all of this sounds great, but can Slender Blend really be this effective? We will take a closer look at this protein supplement and summarize the results just for you. Keep reading!

How is Slender Blend Intended to Work?

Protein World Slender Blend works the same way as most protein supplements do. It comes in a powdered form which is easily mixable into a shake or drink, which is highly convenient for people who are busy and don’t have a lot of prep time. This type of protein powder is digested much easier than protein that is naturally occurring in food, which is why our body will easily absorb Slender Blend. This quick absorption is necessary right after a workout since Slender Blend will replenish your lost muscle fibers, decrease your fat stores, and reduce recovery time.

Slender Blend Ingredients

Fortunately, this protein supplement not only provides high-quality ingredients but it also comes with clear dosages on the actual label, which is a huge advantage over the competition.

Here are the main ingredients found in Protein World Slender Blend:

  1. Whey Protein Concentrate – This is the most important ingredient in any protein supplement. It is crucial that you invest in a protein powder that primarily comprises of whey protein (1). Whey proteins are the highest quality of every other protein source on the market. They are filled with nutrients, loaded with amino acids, and easily digested so your body can use them to replenish muscle tissue. Slender Blend claims to provide 100% organic and Grass-Fed Whey Protein Concentrate (2).
  2. Guarana Extract – Has powerful stimulant properties that allow our brains to receive more oxygen through the blood, improve blood circulation, and provide an extra stream of energy (3). Guarana can also reduce fatigue in consumers who have recently begun a new diet or exercise plan. However, with these many benefits, Guarana also has some side effects which include nausea, dehydration, restlessness, vomiting, and more (4).
  3. Green Tea Extract – One of the best natural stimulants that contain a high level of antioxidants known as catechins, that when absorbed, activate norepinephrine, which is the “weight loss” hormone. Green Tea can even improve the state of the intestinal flora and eyes, promoting a healthier digestion and enhanced eyesight. However, Green Tea has also high levels of caffeine which could lead to adverse effects, which include nervousness and restlessness, insomnia, nausea, stomach irritation, and vomiting (5) (6).
  4. Cayenne Powder – Or simply Red Pepper, a popular herb that has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. Cayenne contains a substance called capsaicin, which is the reason why this pepper is hot and spicy (7). Capsaicin is also thought to induce the thermogenic effect, which raises core body temperature and burns excess calories (8).
  5. Yerba Mate – Can improve weight loss through the combination of its active components. It is believed to boost metabolism and cognition. Yerba Mate is also a diuretic that helps with appetite suppression and weight loss due to its thermogenic properties. The slight problem with Yerba Mate is that it also contains Caffeine, which could be a problem if it’s combined with other stimulants (9) (10).
  6. Chromium Picolinate – Is believed to improve muscular development and metabolism (11). However, no real proof has been concluded that would confirm these claims. Research also states that higher doses of Chromium could lead to serious adverse effects. These side effects include liver issues, kidney problems, blood cell problems, and insulin resistance (12).
  7. Sucralose – An artificial sweetener that is not broken down by our body (13). Sucralose is significantly stronger than sugar and can be potentially dangerous for gut health. Some studies suggest that Sucralose negatively effects our fecal microflora, increasing fecal pH, and enhancing expression of P-gp levels. Further research is needed (14).

Ingredients Summary

Protein World Slender Blend combines a number of possibly effective but very dangerous stimulants. Each of these components alone can induce some benefits, however, when combined they can promote adverse effects that could lead to severe consequences. Also, there is no information available that would prove the effectiveness of all these stimulants mixed together. The manufacturers also fail to provide any information on how they tested this dietary supplement, if it even was tested.

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There is a possibility that Slender Blend provides mild weight loss and energy boosting benefits, however, it is also possible that it could induce dangerous side effects. Truthfully, looking at the ingredients and user complaints, we just don’t see why you should risk buying this supplement. The kind of outcome you can get today from truly safe and natural products is certainly amazing. You don’t have to bother with risky protein supplements like Slender Blend since there are better and more reliable options available.


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