Pro Supps DNPX Review

Pro Supps DNPX Review (New 2020) – What You Need to Know


Pro Supps DNPX Review 

Losing weight can be a very difficult task and not everyone has the time or dedication to do it on their own. Fat burners can be a perfect catalyst to aid your weight loss goals by physically influencing your body to change.

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Pro Supps DNPX is a part of this popular supplement category that strives to expedite your weight loss goals. This powdered thermogenic claims to be a far more superior option than any product on today’s market. Pro Supps DNPX uses many popular ingredients that are often linked to fat burning. These ingredients work by speeding up your metabolism and putting the body into a fat burning state. Besides its thermogenic properties, Pro Supps DNPX is also designed to enhance energy levels and focus, which is always a great addition to any diet pill. Fortunately, there is also a lot of customer feedback available due to a large number of purchases, and that is always valuable to have when considering a dietary supplement of any sort.

Without further ado, let’s check out what Pro Supps DNPX really has to offer!

How is Pro Supps DNPX Intended to Work?

Ingesting an “efficient” thermogenic formula like Pro Supps DNPX will create almost immediate benefits. Once the nutrients are in your system, thermogenesis takes place. This virtually means that the ingredients raise the body’s internal heat, but it’s not necessarily the heat that burns the fat, rather it’s the process of cooling down.

Once your body’s internal temperature is elevated, the body works very hard to cool itself back down. The process of lowering core temperature requires a lot of energy and burns a significant amount of calories. Pro Supps DNPX also suppresses appetite and provides a boost of energy, so you won’t feel hungry and tired all the time.

Combined, these functions should be able to provide excellent weight loss results with virtually no effort.

Pro Supps DNPX Ingredients

The ingredients in this fat burner are divided into six matrices. Besides Caffeine, which is the first and only ingredient with actual dosing information, the rest of Pro Supps DNPX is made out of proprietary blends.
Proprietary blends are commonly used by supplement companies to blend a bunch of ingredients together without giving a clear indication about the doses for each ingredient. Without this valuable information, Pro Supps DNPX increases the risk of side effects and underdosing.

Ingredients Found in Pro Supps DNPX:

Caffeine Matrix (Caffeine Anhydrous and Caffeine Citrate) (400mg): Caffeine is the main stimulant in this formula. It will provide an energy boost that will improve your performance in the gym. Caffeine also has the ability to promote metabolism, focus, and overall health (1). However, Pro Supps DNPX provides a dose that exceeds the recommended daily intake of Caffeine. High doses of Caffeine can possibly cause insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, stomach irritation, nausea, and vomiting (2).

I-Matrix (265mg):

  1. Cocoa Seed Extract – Cocoa contains theobromine, a compound that has numerous positive effects on the body. Theobromine has stimulant-like effects such as reduction of sleepiness, increase in energy, appetite suppression, improved moods, and others. Theobromine can also lower blood pressure due to its ability to dilate blood vessels (3). Although effective, this compound can cause body exhaustion since it forces the user to feel energized.
  2. Citrus Aurantium – Better known as Bitter Orange, a citrus fruit which is high in a compound called Synephrine. This compound can stimulate the nervous system, increasing the metabolic rate, and providing a higher calorie expenditure (4). The big issue with Synperhine is its side effects. Common side effects associated with Synperhine include headaches, burning, stinging, nausea, sweating, and more. It has been banned in many countries because of its adverse effects (5).
  3. Swertia Chirayita Whole Plant Extract – Is a very famous Ayurvedic herb used mainly in the treatment of infectious and inflammatory conditions like fever, skin diseases, etc. There is some speculation that Swertia Chirayita affects metabolism elevation, however, there is no scientific proof available that would prove this (6).
  4. Octopamine HCL – Is a metabolite of Synephrine that is also thought to have some fat burning effects. Octopamine was banned by the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) due to its stimulatory properties (7).

T-Matrix (175mg):

  1. Green Coffee Bean Extract – Is proven to increase the basal metabolic rate and overall fat burning and muscle production. Green Coffee Bean also contains caffeine, increasing the risk of side effects induced by caffeine overdose (8).
  2. Alpha Lipoic Acid – This fatty acid can keep your blood sugar levels in check. With high blood sugar levels, we also have high insulin levels. With increased insulin levels the body won’t burn any fat. Alpha Lipoic Acid will regulate this issue but only at a dose greater than 300mg (9).
  3. Raspberry Ketones – This naturally occurring chemical can increase the consumer’s metabolic rate by inducing lipolysis a process that breaks down fat (10).
  4. Green Tea Leaf Extract – One of the best natural stimulants. Green Tea contains antioxidants known as catechins, that when absorbed induce norepinephrine which is the “fat loss” hormone. However, we again face caffeine, prolonging the potential risk of side effects (11).

Other Primary Ingredients: African Wild Mango, CLA, Coleus Forskolii Root Extract

Carnitine Matrix (225mg):

  1. L-Carnitine Fumarate, Tartrate, and Acetyl – This essential amino acid is extremely popular in many different diets and pre-workout supplements. It is used to help suppress appetite and elevate metabolism. L-Carnitine can also help our mitochondria’s to burn more fat as energy, increasing the body’s ability to burn fat. However, an effective dose of L-Carnitine is 500-2000mg, Pro Supps DNPX has only 225mg (12).

F-Matrix (1.26g):

  1. Taurine – Is a minor amino acid with some health benefits. Taurine can promote blood flow and stress management. Other than its possible ability to control cortisol levels, Taurine has no real impact on weight loss (13).
  2. L-Tyrosine – Is another stress relieving amino acid. Similar to Taurine, L-Tyrosine can decrease cortisol levels which are directly related to stress production (14).
  3. Noble Orchid Stem Extract – Commonly used in pre-workout supplements as a strong stimulant. However, as of March 2012, the manufacturer of Noble Orchid Stem was the subject of a class action lawsuit. The FDA also raised some concerns about the safety of this extract (15).

D-Complex (75mg):

  1. Lycii Berry Fruit Extract – Are also known as Goji Berries, a fruit with a variety of potential health benefits, such as treating skin infections, pain and inflammation, and even anemia. Goji Berries could have some potential weight loss benefits, although more research has to be conducted (16).
  2. Dandelion Root – Has diuretic properties, which result in significant water loss and a temporary leaner appearance. This means it has the potential to cause dehydration which carries some serious side effects (17).

Ingredients Summary

With the exception of only a few ingredients, Pro Supps DNPX contains horrible ingredients.
The main problem is certainly the proprietary blends. The user doesn’t know how much he is getting of each ingredient, or whether they were efficiently dosed.

Another problem is the numerous ingredients that have been linked to serious side effects, such as the extremely high Caffeine content, Synephrine, and Noble Orchid Stem. Then we also have to consider that many of the compounds found in Pro Supps DNPX are also banned for safety reasons.

There are simply too many cons in this product that simply outweigh the pros.

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The negative reviews following the Pro Supps DNPX reputation were true after all. This fat burner really provides a mediocre value for the high price of $49.99. There is too much Caffeine in this product, with the combination of other stimulants it can cause a range of negative effects we already mentioned. More problems come with the low level of milligrams included for the few good ingredients. Looking at the research, customer experiences and price, the only conclusion would be that Pro Supps DNPX is definitely not worth it.


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