Prevagen Review

Prevagen Review (New 2020) – Does It Improve Brain & Memory Function?


Prevagen Review 

We all want to improve our cognitive abilities, which is why a supplement called Prevagen is drawing a lot of attention. Research clearly shows that our habits, such as our workout routines and diet, play a vital role in how well our minds work (1). Who wouldn’t want to enhance their memory, think faster and have more mental capabilities?

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You could accomplish more each day, feel less stressed, improve your career and have a generally happier lifestyle.

There are hundreds of products on the market today, and they all promise to teach you how to improve memory and brain function. Some of them work while others are a complete waste of time and money. If you’re truly looking to improve your mind and focus, then this Prevagen review is worth a read.

What is Prevagen?

Prevagen is a completely natural supplement, marketed as a powerful brain booster. The manufacturer claims that Prevagen can promote brain chemistry, increase your mind’s ability to concentrate, reverse brain cell damage, and improve overall clarity and thinking.

Based on the manufacturer’s product description, Prevagen is also supposed to protect the brain from free radicals and neurotoxins while improving the flow of oxygen to the brain cells. Taking this product is also allegedly meant to promote energy and youth.

How Does Prevagen Work?

Prevagen works by replacing the proteins that are responsible for controlling the quantity of calcium that goes into our brain. Studies have found that calcium causes brain cell death (2), and for that reason, these levels need to be under control at all times. As we grow older, the body will slow down the production of this essential protein and its crucial role. By taking Prevagen you will be fixing this problem in no time, reviving the protection of your brain cells and overall cognition function.

Prevagen Ingredients

The main ingredient in Prevagen is Apoaequorin. This ingredient is found in luminescent jellyfish and is extracted in its purest form which is included in Prevagen (3). Apoaequorin should help your body to use calcium properly, preventing any cell damage, therefore improving and prolonging natural brain function. Although several animal studies have been published, human data on the efficiency of Apoaequorin is limited to only published abstracts and pilot studies (4). As a protein, Apoaequorin is unlikely to be absorbed to a significant degree, instead, it will most likely degrade into amino acids (5).

Other ingredients found in Prevagen include:

  1. Disodium EDTA – This ingredient works primarily as a stabilizer and preservative. Disodium EDTA acts as an absorption agent preventing any moisture from occurring (6). Each Prevagen capsule contains only 10 milligrams of this compound, which is well below the recommended daily allowance (7).
  2. Magnesium Stearate – You will find this additive in almost every medication or supplement. It’s considered a “flow agent” since it prevents the individual ingredients in a pill from sticking to each other. Magnesium Stearate is also used to delay breakdown and absorption of medications, so they’re absorbed in the correct way (8). Magnesium as a mineral can promote brain health (9).
  3. Acetic Acid – Better known as ethanoic acid, Acetic Acid is a substance that increases the responsiveness of sensory stimuli that makes the consumer more focused and alert (10).
  4. Sodium Chloride – Or simply put salt. This essential substance helps your body to absorb and transport every macro and micronutrient we digest (11). It also maintains the balance of sodium and potassium, which releases energy from the muscles inside the body (12).

Prevagen Side Effects

There are no reported side effects from customers who have taken this supplement for any period of time. The manufacturers also claim that their product is safe to take and that they only use natural ingredients.

However, FDA did raise some concerns relating to the effectiveness of Apoaequorin. The FDA also concluded that Apoaequorin could carry potential dangers for individuals that suffer from certain health issues. That’s why we highly suggest every potential customer consult a doctor or physician before purchasing Prevagen. They will give you the right dosage and also determine if you can take the supplement in the first place.

How to Use Prevagen?

Prevagen is meant to be taken orally once a day, preferably before breakfast. You can also take it together with other vitamin and mineral supplements.

Prevagen is meant to support brain function and overall cognition, however, it was not meant to replace your current intake of vitamins and minerals or to act as a medication for brain injuries.

Prevagen Customer Reviews

The user reviews show very mixed feelings. Here are some of the experiences users had with Prevagen.

“It works for me, but you must continue to take it. I noticed a significant improvement in my memory after a few months. I was extremely happy. I could remember things quickly instead of having to wait 30 seconds to 1 minute for it to finally click in my brain. I stopped taking it to see if the effects would last, but it slowly wore off, so I began taking it again and it worked again quickly!!” -Victoria Andrus

“Bought this for my dad – he likes them and says he notices a difference. They give both my mother and myself headaches so we do not take them. I have not noticed an improvement in my dad or his memory as he is still forgetful. I am not a fan, overpriced product.” -Joseph Deagle

“I’ve heard great things about this. I’ve been using it for 2 months and have seen a slight memory improvement. I was expecting a real improvement. I’m going to continue for a bit longer. I have not been impressed. I’m 49 yrs. old, no family history of Alzheimer’s.” -Howard Williams

Where to Buy Prevagen?

Prevagen can be purchased either online or in stores. Most popular store brands such as Walmart, Walgreens, Amazon, GNC, etc. are selling Prevagen. You can also purchase this supplement from the official Prevagen website for the price of $51.00 with shipping included.

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Overall, it is up to the customer whether they want to invest in Prevagen or not. It appears to be a safe supplement that uses only natural ingredients, although it is mostly lacking scientific proof.

It is fairly easy to take Prevagen, as mentioned just one pill in the morning with water. If it works for you, this product could provide various cognitive benefits and help with your work, study, or overall life duties. If you feel that the product doesn’t work, you have the peace of mind knowing that you can return it within 30 days of purchase.


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