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Premium Cleanse Review (New 2020) – Can It Really Help You? Ingredients, Side-Effects, Results


  Dietary supplements that promise to help you lose weight by flushing out toxins, stored waste material and body fat have become extremely popular in recent times. Their sales have been fueled by the natural detox craze which seems to be all the rage. So, a product that promises to accelerate fat loss, boost your metabolism, produce more energy and act as a natural detox has got be a winner, right?

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Premium Cleanse is a dietary supplement that claims to do all of those things. It is produced and marketed by a company called ThriveXtreme Health, LLC, who operate out of Pendleton, Indiana in the USA. Currently the product is only available through online purchase and only by signing up for a risk free trial offer (which actually ends up costing you a lot of money – unless you cancel by phone).

So, how good is Premium Cleanse? To find if it really works, we decided to analayse it ingredient by ingredient.


African Mango

African mango extract is an extremely popular compound that was the wonder weight loss supplement of the moment a few years ago. It promises to help you lose weight, boost your metabolism, increase fat oxidation, fight fatigue and boost your energy levels. It is the main ingredient in Premium Cleanse and all of those benefits are attributed to its use in this product.

The African Mango is only found in Cameroon. It s extracted from the seed, which is ground down to a powdered form. Three studies out of Cameroon suggest that it delays the appetite and helps in the gastric emptying of your stomach. However, all three studies were commissioned by African Mango sellers, which makes their reliability quite suspect. It has powerful antioxidant properties which can help with weight loss. It also reduces insulin levels. Leptin levels are also reduced, which mitigates hunger cravings.

Studies have shown that consuming African Mango extract 30-60 minutes prior to a meal can reduce the appetite, bring down cholesterol levels and help with the control of blood sugar levels (1).

Fennel Seed

Fennel seeds are tiny seeds that come from the fennel plant. They are packed full of nutritional goodness, and are believed to have fat burning and metabolism boosting properties.It is also claimed that fennel seeds will help with weight loss by reducing food cravings as well as speeding up the body’s natural fat burning processes. However, there have been no independent studies done to support these claims. However, studies on animals have shown that fennel seeds may be effective as a diuretic aid. It does this causing the person taking it to pass more urine, therefore decreasing the amount of fluids in the body (2).

The above suggests that any weight loss that is associated with the taking of fennel seeds may, in fact, be simply water loss rather than body fat.

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk is a plant that grows mainly in India. It is claimed to possess excellent weight loss benefits. This is an excellent supplement to increase your intake of fiber. Taking in more fiber is an often overlooked part of an effective weight loss program. Psyllium husk is rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber, which makes it quite unique. Just two tablespoons of psyllium contains 8 grams of fiber. The recommended daily allowance of fiber per for men is 38 grams, with 25 grams being the recommended amount for women. Unfortunately, the dosage is not listed for this product.

It is claimed that psyllium husk will also reduce hunger and cravings. This is due to the fact that it swells to 10-20 times its normal size when digested into the stomach or mixed with water. This can effectively fill up the stomach, reducing hunger and aiding weight loss (3).

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera juice has long been used as a weight loss aid, as well as to improve metabolism and digestion. Aloe Vera contains high levels of the protein collagen. This protein helps to build connective tissues that are found throughout the body, along with supporting soft tissues such as the organs. It also keeps the skin firm and adds resilience to the bones. Collagen makes up approximately one third of the proteins in the body (4).

In order to assimilate collagen into the body, extra energy needs to be expended. This helps to lose weight and build more muscle tissue.


Alfalfa is a legume that has been long been used a dietary supplement and general health booster. It is believed to have the ability to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It is rich in nutrients and has a very low glycemic index level, meaning that it will not spike insulin levels. Alflafa is a good source of such minerals as phosphorus, potassium, zinc, silicon and calcium.

Alfalfa is believed to act as a diuretic and to aid digestion. The active compounds within it include saponins, which have been shown in clinical studies to make fats more soluble and improve the health of blood vessels (5).

Ingredients Summary

The above listed ingredients are the main five compounds that go into Premium Cleanse. Other ingredients include oat seed, rhubarb root, buckhorn bark and goldenseal root. While there are some clinical studies to support the actions of each of the top 5 ingredients, they fail to back up the weight loss promises that are made on the official website for Premium Cleanse. The evidence does seem to support the role of ingredients, apart from psyllium husk, as a bulk filler of the stomach and appetite suppressant. The main ingredient which acts as a diuretic appears to be alfalfa.

Unlike many other laxatives and diuretics, Premium Cleanse does not contain any stimulants. All of the ingredients are completely herbal based concoctions. Unfortunately, the manufacturers of this product have chosen not to disclose the dosage of each ingredient. However, the total contents of each capsule is 1000 mg. From this we can deduce that it will not contain between 600-800 mg pf psyllium husk, which is the recommended amount. It would appear, then, that the ingredients in Premium Cleanse are noticeably under-dosed.

There are no side effects associated with any of the ingredients that make up Premium Cleanse.


Premium Cleanse is a completely natural herbal product that is designed to act as a diuretic and weight loss promoter. It’s main action to facilitate weight loss seems to be to act as an appetite suppressant by filling up the stomach (mainly through the expansion of psyllium husk). It is a safe product but appears to be seriously under dosed. This product is also very expensive, with buyers being locked into a monthly credit card payment. We do not recommend this product.

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