Plexus Slim Review (New 2020) – Does it work? Is it safe?


plexus slim  Plexus Slim, also known as the Pink Drink, is a powder weight loss supplement. To use, you just pour the contents of the pre-prepared packet into approximately 16oz of water (approximately one water bottle) and drink it 30 minutes before one meal each day. This means you can get your supplement regimen out of the way in the morning with breakfast or you can easily do it at work before lunch or you can even wait until you get home before dinner. It’s very flexible for a demanding schedule.

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The company also boasts that their product promotes healthy blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels[3]. Is it too good to be true? Although you will not see dramatic weight loss with any non-prescribed weight loss supplement, you can in fact get modest results from this product.

The Pink Drink Ingredients

Chromium is often a filler in many weight loss supplements, but it is one of Plexus Slim’s main selling points. This is actually a pro and not a con because chromium has been shown to moderately impact weight loss[1,2]. However, the recommended dosage is 25-45mcg per day to avoid side effects. Plexus Slim contains an incredible 200mcg in one serving. Some people are more sensitive to chromium than others.

You may not be one of the users impacted by the excess, but if you are one of the unlucky ones this high dosage can cause headaches, diarrhea, constipation, and weakness (none of which are productive for losing weight). Also, you end up paying more for an amount that is unnecessary and doesn’t give you any additional weight loss benefit[1,2].

Green coffee is the next ingredient. Numerous studies have shown that stimulants like coffee improve weight loss and can decrease weight gain over time. Talk about a win-win. To avoid side effects, you should never have more than 400mg of caffeine per day, especially if you aren’t combatting its diuretic effects with additional water intake[1,2].

Unsurprisingly, Plexus Slim overshoots this magic number and gives you about 530mg of caffeine in one serving. This can be a concern if you enjoy other sources of caffeine each day such as coffee, tea, diet soda, or dark chocolate because Plexus Slim already pushes you past the healthy limit. However, you can combat many of the negative aspects of this ingredient by drinking more water (approximately 1 bottle of water for every 90mg of caffeine). It’s still important to remember that you’re paying more for excess that you don’t need, but the convenience of the product may still be a lure.

Alpha-lipoic acid is the next non-caffeine ingredient. It’s actually a naturally occurring antioxidant, but many studies have shown that this miracle additive can increase insulin sensitivity[4]. This can benefit everyone, even those without type-2 diabetes. However, it is important to remember that you should always inform your doctor about supplements that you take. Alpha-lipoic acid is used by some doctors as medicine- it is not something to take lightly or kept secret. Although it is unlikely that you will experience negative side-effects of this ingredient, it is possible that it can cause an unsafe drop in blood sugar. If your doctor approves, though, it can be a great added healthy benefit.

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

So let’s review the claims. Yes, Plexus Slim can help you lose weight through chromium and caffeine. Yes, it can help your blood sugar through alpha-lipoic acid. Can it help your blood pressure? Sort of. Immediately, any stimulant you take will cause your blood pressure to rise. If you already have high blood pressure or take blood pressure medications, you might want to skip this supplement as it can push your blood pressure to concerning levels.

No amount of weight loss is worth your health. Besides, any impromptu hospital visit will only put you behind on your weight loss goals. However, for those who have a blood pressure averaging below 120/80, your blood pressure may decrease to a healthier level as you lose weight through the use of this product. So this claim isn’t completely false, but it isn’t completely true either. The same holds true for cholesterol levels. Plexus Slim will not directly impact your cholesterol, but as you lose weight your bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) levels may lower. Remember, you can only increase good cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein) naturally with exercise.

As always, it comes down to money. You are paying for every ingredient that is in the product- this includes all the fillers, the preservatives, and the beet extract that gives the drink its pretty pink color. You are paying for the excess chromium and caffeine. Yes, it is difficult to find products that actually have effective ingredients that are all backed by adequate research, so this product does stand out amongst the crowd.

However, this excess can cause you to experience the negative side effects of each ingredient. So is it worth the money and potentially the literal headache? That is for you to decide. As an alternative, you may want to consider making your own weight loss enhancement by using chromium, caffeine, and alpha-lipoic acid supplements in the proper amounts. This can be less convenient at first; however, once you establish your regimen it shouldn’t add more than a minute to any of your routines. Not to mention, it can save you a ton of money in the end.

The Company behind Plexus Slim

Plexus Worldwide is not an exciting company. It is not particularly bad or good. Much like other diet companies, Plexus Worldwide makes a product that tries a little too hard to try to guarantee benefits to all who try it. Often times, this just means excessive ingredients and ultimately higher prices for your product. Also like other diet companies, Plexus Worldwide offers memberships for avid users.

You can become an ambassador to sell the product or just become a preferred member. Always become more hesitant when entering into a business relationship with any company such as Plexus Worldwide. You do not want to be taken advantage of, working hard to make someone else big profits. However, the preferred customer option comes with less inherent risks. Choose what option is best for you and, as always, choose carefully.

The Customers

Currently, there are few Amazon reviews for Plexus Slim. The majority are 5-star ratings, but they are written by ambassadors for the product. Of course, many people who try a product and truly believe in it opt to sell it. The company makes money, they make money, and the customers get health benefits so it’s not necessarily a malicious interaction. It’s just harder to trust the opinions.

There was one very avid blogger who wrote an entire post bashing the Plexus Slim and the supposedly false positive reviews, but even she was just trying to sell a different weight loss product. It makes it hard to trust what is out there. What you can rely on is the research. Research shows that chromium, caffeine, and alpha-lipoic acid are effective. They do impact weight loss and insulin sensitivity in a positive way.

Regardless of the conflicting testimonials, if you’re willing to pay, it’s not a bad product to try. Be aware of the side effects so that you can cease use if you experience them or opt to make your own blend with the perfect level of ingredients. The choice is yours.

Our Rating

We give Plexus Slim a 3 out of 5 rating. They have included active ingredients, but they are included in potentially unsafe levels. If you do not have a negative reaction to the chromium or have a potentially negative reaction to the stimulants, this product can help you lose weight. If you experience side-effects, the minimal benefits the weight loss supplement offers won’t be worth the trouble. If you do not have a negative reaction, this product could be for you.

The weight loss will be modest, as it is with all non-prescription weight loss supplements, but it should occur. Also, it the Pink Drink is convenient, which is critical for any weight loss strategy. Remember that it doesn’t matter how great a weight loss supplement or program is if you can’t sustain it long enough to actually reach your goal (and then maintain it too).

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The more preferred solution is to create your own blend using supplements of each individual ingredient. Just use the preferred amounts of each listed above. In fact, using your own perfect combo of supplements could be get a 5 out of 5 rating. It’s not as hard as it may seem. If you are not interested in creating your own blend of supplements then Plexus Slim would be perfect for you.

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