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Plexus Accelerator

Plexus Accelerator Review (New 2020): Is This Powerful Blend Unlike the Others?


Plexus Accelerator 

Sometimes, the best workout programs are simply not enough to help you shed that excess weight that has accumulated over time. Not to mention that many people simply don’t have time to work out, which can make a big difference to your weight loss journey. Luckily, a supplement such as Plexus Accelerator comes as good news for all dieters who want to burn fat fast.

Plexus Accelerator is a dietary supplement that is said to contain a special mix of ingredients that will increase metabolism, spike energy, and prevent unnecessary cravings. This fat burner is also specifically designed for athletes and bodybuilders, although it is also suitable for the average fitness enthusiast. However, whether you’re an athlete or just a regular dieter, you are said to experience amazing weight loss benefits by using this supplement. And most importantly, the results users achieve are stated to be long-term.

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All of this sounds amazing, as it usually does with most diet pills, but is everything really true? Continue reading and found out everything you need to know about Plexus Accelerator!

How Does Plexus Accelerator Work?

Plexus Accelerator works by utilizing a few different techniques. It boosts your metabolism, increasing overall energy expenditure while suppressing the appetite.

Boosting your metabolism is actually increases the amount of calories you burn at rest. If you are able to increase the amount of calories burned while doing nothing, or while exercising, you will be able to burn excess fat at a much quicker pace.

Plexus Accelerator also curbs your appetite, preventing you from unnecessary eating that would pack on even more weight. So by eating less, you will enhance your calorie deficit which will lead to weight loss, but unfortunately to fatigue too. That is why Plexus Accelerator has the ability to spike your energy levels, helping you fight tiredness and fatigue.

Plexus Accelerator Ingredients

Sadly, we are not satisfied with the Plexus Accelerator product label as it only provides some information regarding the dosages. One part of the formula is made out of a proprietary blend, which is never a good sign as it may contain underdosed and potentially ineffective ingredients.

Be that as it may, here are the ingredients found in Plexus Accelerator:

  1. Niacin (20 mg) – Better known as Vitamin B3, a highly important B vitamin that is found in most meats and grains. Vitamin B3 has a wide pallet of health benefits such as maintaining proper heart function, metabolic rate, managing blood levels, cholesterol levels, and so much more. Niacin is added to Plexus Accelerator as it can help break down carbohydrates and glucose, generating more energy (1).
  2. Vitamin B6 (30 mg) – Is another crucial B vitamin that plays many significant roles in the human body. Vitamin B6 has the ability to increase the metabolism, it also maintains normal liver and nerve function, as well as supplying the body with extra energy. Research shows that Vitamin B6 deficiency results in a decreased ability to add muscle mass to the body, which is why it is essential to get enough Vitamin B6 in the system (2).
  3. Folic Acid (400 mcg) – Yet another important B vitamin that is found in green leafy vegetables. Folic Acid has several roles in the body, including the production of red blood cells, creation of DNA and RNA, and overall cell growth and division (3).
  4. Vitamin B12 (500 mcg) – Provides a wide range of benefits, including better energy levels, memory, heart health, better mood, and digestion. Vitamin B12 is also needed for the production of hormones, including testosterone (4). However, the problem here is the insane dose of 500 mcg that Plexus provides. This dose exceeds the recommended daily intake by a mile and could actually be counterproductive (5).
  5. Calcium (16 mg) – Is an essential mineral that is critical for proper biological functioning. Calcium mostly affects bone and teeth health, and that is why it is important to get your daily dose of this ingredient. Although, Plexus Accelerator only provides 2% of the recommended daily intake of Calcium (6).
  6. Chromium (150 mcg) – Represents another essential trace mineral that is believed to aid with weight loss and fat burning. However, studies are still inconclusive about its properties. Although, it is known that high doses of Chromium can induce serious side effects that can have long-term consequences. These include blood disorders, liver and kidney damage, skin irradiation, headaches, and dizziness (7).

Proprietary Blend (950 mg):

  1. Yerba Mate Extract – Is a popular herb found in Brazil and Argentina. Yerba Mate is believed to have strong stimulant properties that enhance the nervous system and muscle activity. Yerba Mate is also a diuretic since it contains xanthine, a mix of theobromine, caffeine, and theophylline. This way Yerba Mate could influence weight loss and fat burning, however, it could also lead to some side effects due to its stimulant abilities (8).
  2. Higenamine – This phytochemical is best known for its heart stimulating effects. It is believed that Higenamine boosts weight loss and metabolism, however, no concrete proof has been found (9).
  3. Hordenine – Is a natural chemical that occurs in various plants, such as barley grass and cactus. Hordenine is believed to be a nootropic, which means that it may improve alertness, cognition, and memory. There is some evidence that it also promotes satiety (10).
  4. Hawthorn Leaf Extract – A well-known Chinese herb that is used in traditional medicine as it is believed to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Hawthorn also has strong antioxidant properties that can improve overall health (11).
  5. 5 HTP – Is the scientific name for 5-hydroxytrypothpan, a non-essential amino acid that our body produces naturally. 5 HTP helps produce a certain chemical called serotonin which is responsible for good mood, and it may also reduce appetite (12).
  6. Green Tea Leaf Extract – One of the most commonly used stimulants present. Green Tea holds a myriad of benefits, including its antioxidant properties, fat burning, energy boosting, and much more.

Ingredients Summary

Some of the ingredients found in Plexus Accelerator might really induce weight loss benefits, however, we still face the problem of the proprietary blend and side effects. Half of the Plexus ingredients formula is made out of a proprietary blend, meaning that we don’t have the valuable dosing information regarding these components. This raises the bar for a lot of unwanted outcomes. Not to mention all the adverse effects that may occur from the use of Chromium, extremely overdosed Vitamin B12, Yerba Mate, etc.

Plexus Accelerator Pricing

You can purchase Plexus Accelerator through their official website, or through various online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. The price for one bottle is $39.95 and will last you a month. You can also save 15% by purchasing Plexus Accelerator through the auto-shipment option. A money back guarantee is also offered to every customer.

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Bottom line, Plexus Accelerator has some potentially effective ingredients that can create worthy results. But still, we face the big issue of the proprietary blend and so many side effects.

And with all these downsides it is very hard to promote Plexus Accelerator as good value for its pricing. Even if Plexus Accelerator provides weight loss and fat burning benefits, the horrendous consequences it may produce simply outweigh them.

With so many products available nowadays you will surely find a much better weight loss solution.


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About the Author Emily Robinson

Emily has spent the last 8 years comparing, reviewing and analyzing ingredients in the supplements industry. She has worked extensively with dieticians, nutritionists and personal trainers to separate fact from fiction and help people achieve their fitness goals. In her free time she works and enjoys the outdoors with her husband and 2 children. You can contact her via the "About Us" page.

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