PiYo Review (New 2020): Will This Fitness Program Help You Reach Your Goals?



When most of us tackle weight loss and weight problems in general, we tend to do everything on our own. We go to the gym and workout on our own, we take dietary supplement on our own, and we eat the foods we enjoy.

However, while these solutions may work for some, the majority of individuals end up failing, which can drain our motivation levels and desire to succeed. For this reason, it may be best to try a program that provides guidance, support, and clarity so that dieters can do well and finally experience optimal fitness and health results.

With that being said, this review will focus on PiYo, a highly popular fitness regime that could be the right option for you! Just keep reading, and find out everything you need to know.

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What is PiYo?

Coming from the well-established brand Beachbody, this revolutionary training program which incorporates fast and easy workouts that define the whole body.

PiYo is a great way for people of all ages to lose weight and get in shape since it is a low-impact exercise regimen. But what does PiYo mean exactly? PiYo is actually a combination of Pilates (Pi) and Yoga (Yo), a mix of core strengthening and muscle defining exercises, making it a great new exercise protocol that will ensure amazing results with low effort (1).

So whether you’re afraid of going to the gym, too busy working, or are simply lazy, this is a convenient way to get in shape fast.

PiYo Benefits

Beachbody states that PiYo has numerous benefits:

  • This program will significantly increase calorie consumption, which will eventually lead to weight loss (2)
  • PiYo incorporates Yoga and Pilates, creating the perfect blend of exercises
  • Users will gain more energy and mobility during and after the program
  • Exercises are low-impact and suitable for everyone
  • A gym membership and equipment is not required
  • Workout experience doesn’t matter, anyone can succeed with this program

It is also essential to mention that people who suffer from any joint issues can experience exceptional benefits with this program since the exercises specifically improve mobility and muscle movement.

What’s Included in the PiYo Program?

The base Beachbody PiYo kit features the following components:

1. 3 DVDs with 10 Workouts ( Plus 2 Bonus Workouts on 1 DVD)

This fitness program lasts 60 days, however, users can continue using it even after this period. During this time, participants will exercise 6 days a week using the various workouts provided on the Beachbody DVDs. PiYo workouts are guided by experts that have decades of real experience in physical training. The first couple of workouts will be hard, however, with a bit of effort and motivation, this won't last.

2. PiYo Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide will get you started with the PiYo program. Inside the guide, you will find everything you can expect to experience during the next 60 days of the PiYo protocol. This guide is a must-read for all participants that are going to start this program.

3. PiYo 60-Day Workout Calendar

Represents a big 8-week calendar that lists all of the exercises that you will perform each day of the week. Users are recommended to mark each day they complete to stay motivated until the end.

4. PiYo Eating Plan

Beachbody even included a complete nutrition guide that will help all dieters reach their goals faster. This comprehensive diet plan tells PiYo users what to eat and when, making sure that you stay in the needed calorie deficit.

5. PiYo Tape Measure

The PiYo basic kit also comes with a tape measure that is meant to track the body’s progress and results throughout the 60-day weight loss journey. This will further motivate users to push forward once they experience even the slightest changes.

6. PiYo Buns Workout

The Buns workout is just an optional part of the PiYo program that strictly focuses on the lower part of the body, mainly the gluts, quads, and hamstrings. Similar to other PiYo workouts, the Buns workout also mixes resistance training and body weight exercises to contour the lower body muscles.

PiYo Workout Options

As mentioned, Beachbody included 10 PiYo workouts and 2 bonus workouts for each user.

Here are the workout options available:

  1. Align: The Fundamentals – As the name implies, this workout will teach you the basic exercises of the program that will lead to the best results possible.
  2. Define: Upper Body – This workout specifically targets the upper body muscles, such as the arms and shoulders.
  3. Define: Lower Body – This lower body workout will strengthen and tone the leg muscles, quads, hamstrings, calves. However, it will also strengthen the whole body in general.
  4. Sweat – Is one of the classic PiYo workouts. It incorporates dynamic conditioning, fast-paced cardio, yoga, and of course bodyweight resistance exercises that will mainly build the toned body we desire.
  5. Core – As the name suggests, this workout will strictly target the ab and core muscles of the body. The obliques and back muscles will be also impacted so that an overall better physique can be achieved.
  6. Drench – Is an intense endurance workout that increases metabolism and burns away fat. This workout will hit every muscle in the body, leaving you exhausted and happy after each session.
  7. Strength Intervals – This short but effective workout will get your metabolic rate going in minutes. Users are said to experience a sudden boost of energy and strength after each workout.
  8. Sculpt – The Sculpt workout is mainly focused on muscle building and muscle definition. During this workout your muscles will be under tension almost all the time, pushing your body to create new muscle tissue later on.
  9. Buns – As we mentioned before, this workout is designed to build and tone the glutes. However, it will also tighten the hamstrings and the entire lower portion of the body.
  10. TurboFire HIIT 20 – Unlike other workout options, this one will actually push every user to their limit. However, this workout protocol is not suitable for everyone since not all of us like truly intense training.

Will You Lose Weight with PiYo?

The results you receive from this fitness program are rather debatable. Users can definitely expect to see weight loss results, however, only if they choose to implement a healthy diet and other healthy lifestyle choices. The most important factor is definitely the caloric deficit that users must implement in order to lose weight (3) (4). In other words, this won’t be very effective for weight loss without a structured nutrition plan and calorie deficit.  So all in all, users can expect to see great results but only if they turn to a completely healthy lifestyle.

PiYo Pricing

The PiYo fitness program can be purchased on the official Beachbody website. The base price for the PiYo kit is $59.95, not including shipping and handling which is an additional cost of $12.95. Customers can also choose to pay monthly, in that case, the price is $19.95 every 30 days for 3 months. Fortunately, there is also a 60-day money back guarantee offered to every customer.

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Have you tried to lose weight so many times, but you’re simply lacking the needed motivation? Are you willing to follow some professional guidance that will create lasting results? Then PiYo might be the right option.

The PiYo concept is interesting and effective, and most importantly it could bring worthy results. However, if you’re truly determined to create long-term weight loss results you will need to make some serious lifestyle changes – mainly you will need to implement healthy eating patterns.

In the end, if you’re really prepared for a new and healthy life, you should definitely give PiYo a chance!


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