PinnoThin Review

PinnoThin Review (New 2020) – Can it Help You? Science Fact or Fiction?


PinnoThin Review 

PinnoThin is supposed to be an all-natural extract from a type of Korean pine nut which is supposed to act in a way which suppresses your appetite and thereby aids in weight loss. It claims to do this by creating an artificial feeling of ‘fullness’. The company claims the mechanism behind this effect works by enhancing the effect of two hormones in your body, CCK and GLP-1. These hormones signal your brain to make you feel full. Now you might be thinking why buy this product when you could potentially get the same effect by consuming large amounts of pine nuts.

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Well that’s where you would be wrong because PinnoThin is an extracted and concentrated form of the active ingredient present in these nuts, and the amount of them you would have to consume to get the same effect would be so large that it would increase your overall caloric intake enough to even possibly cause you to gain weight!

Now those of you with nut allergies might be thinking that this product might trigger a reaction. However, PinnoThin is made from oils refined from the nuts themselves, with no traces of the nut proteins, which is what causes an allergic reaction in the first place.

Now to get to the science backing PinnoThin…

A very high quality (randomized double blinded placebo controlled trial) conducted by Hughes et al studied the effects of PinnoThin on food intake and self-reported feelings of fullness and found that PinnoThin:

“significantly reduced food intake (gram) by 9% (F(4,164) = 2.637, p = 0.036) compared to olive oil control”

and that

“PinnoThin may exert satiating effects consistent with its known action on CCK and GLP-1 release, and previously observed effects on self-reported appetite ratings.”

Within the context of this study PinnoThin accounted for about 50 calories less consumed each day. Over a period of about a month, that’s can add app to almost a whole pound of fat loss! Even though this is a single study, these are very promising results indeed. And the nature of the study itself makes it one of the most reliable forms of research available.

PinnoThin Pros

PinnoThin isn’t promoted as a magic pill that will automatically make you lose weight. It says exactly what it is… something to curb your appetite and help you eat less, in turn making your diet easier, faster, and more efficient. This sort of honesty in supplement marketing is a very rare these days and is a very reassuring sign.

On top of this the scientific literature on the subject is very reliable and confirms the claims made by the company almost perfectly, which is incredibly unique, and again a very positive sign.

PinnoThin Cons

The primary disadvantage of the product itself seems to be the cost compared to alternatives. There are many other supplement out there for less money which also provide an appetite suppressing benefit, along with much additional positive effects such as stimulation, cognitive enhancement, thermogenesis, etc.

The Consensus

Most customers who purchased this product (based on reviews found on popular distributor sites) write glowing reviews about how it delivers exactly what is stated on the label, and include examples like the following…

Its works, its really works! No headaches!

No desire for something! Not hungry!

I have to remind myself “dude you only had breakfast and you need to eat”……! ! !

The Verdict

If you’re not interested in a product that goes the whole 9 yards and has a million ingredients, and would rather go with a simple honest formula made from all- natural ingredients which will help make your diet a little bit easier to adhere to and your appetite less ravenous, then PinnoThin is without a doubt worth considering!

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