phosphacore review

Phosphacore Review (New 2020) – Can it help you lose weight?


phosphacore review 

What is Phosphacore?

Phosphacore is a weight loss supplement that claims to use a combination of 3 primary ’clinically proven’ ingredients to aid in rapid fat loss. They even make claims as bold as “slashing 1 inch of fat off your stomach in 28 days”, and “accelerating fat loss by 900%”.

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Before we even start its important to acknowledge that these are false claims regardless of the ingredients the supplement contains (unless they are using illegal substances to enhance its effects). There are no non-controlled substances which even come close to providing the effects promised by this product and the fact that they are making promises like this is a warning sign right off the bat.

So on to the ingredients:

Conjugated Linoleum Acid

CLA does have some theoretical evidence backing its use as a fat burning aid, as it has the potential to enhance a specific pathway involved in fat burning. However this is just one of many pathways, and in real human trials the evidence is inconclusive as to whether it really helps fat loss in any meaningful way or not. Phosphacore claims that this substance is ‘scientifically proven’ to reduce fat by 10%, but this is evidence based on a single trial and means little to nothing when really judging if it would be effective for the majority of people in the long term or not.


This is something that Phosphacore claims “blunts your body's catabolic hormone, cortisol”. However, in reality it’s effects on cortisol are minimal and are unlikely to make nay real change in your fat loss. In addition to this, cortisol is a very important hormone associated with many other bodily processes other than just fat storage, and if this product actually did what the company stated, it could lead to a host of negative side effects!

Ascorbic Acid (AKA Vitamin C)

This is almost humorous. Phosphacore’s logic for toting this as a main ingredient is based on a single correlational study that linked lower levels of Vitamin C in the diet with higher levels of body fat. In the body of scientific evidence, correlational studies are given the least regard, because they rarely if ever show any actual process or cause for a problem. They only identity the need for more study in a subject. The fact that one of the products primary ingredients is based on such shaky claims is extremely worrying indeed.

Phosphacore also claims to have a number of unnamed ingredients present in trace amounts. If anything, this is extremely worrying as the above mentioned ‘main ingredients’ are hardly proven to aid with weight loss at all, which leaves a very large potential risk for harmful and unlicensed hidden ingredients present in this product.

Phosphacore Pros

Despite very shaky scientific backing and ill-chosen and ambiguously dosed ingredients, Phosphacore does seem to have a decent amount of positive reviews going for it. The validity of reviews is of course a point in question, but that’s not for us to judge at this time.

Another plus-point for this product is that it offers a 100% Lifetime Money-back guarantee, which is something very rarely seen in a product of this type. Even though the formulation of the product seems shaky, and the marketing misleading, it is at least reassuring that the company is willing to so ardently stand by the quality and effectiveness of this product.

In addition to this, the product is priced very competitively and is relatively affordable compared to many other alternatives currently on the market.

Phosphacore Cons

Unfortunately, the disadvantages of this product are many and varied. To start with, the marketing used for the product is exaggerated and some of it is just straight up lies. It promises things that are simply impossible without the help of illegal and possibly dangerous substances. If it was indeed as effective as it claims, the FDA would have without doubt cracked down on the company by now and banned it from public distribution.

On top of this, there are a large number of customer reviews to be found online stating complete lack of effect of any kind from this product, which is not a surprise considering it’s ineffective choice of ingredients. On top of this, many of these customers encountered trouble when trying to receive the promised refund!

The Consensus

The reviews out there for this product are definitely not along the lines of positive at all. And the negative reviews are truly devastating. A couple of our favorites were…

“Product was a complete joke. Did not do nothing. Not a single ounce lost. Do not waste your money or your time. Consider a salad, low calorie meats and a little more exercise!!!”

“Unfortunately the Phosphacore did absolutely nothing. I would have been happy with losing any amount of belly fat or weight. However, I ate as usual and did not diet during the time I took it. If I had, then how would I have known if it made a difference.”

The Verdict

Even though Phosphacore might be very competitively priced, and seem like a very low-risk purchase because of its money-back guarantee, we find it very difficult to recommend. Its ingredients are almost completely lacking any evidence pointing towards increasing or even aiding in fat loss, and the company doesn’t even seem to follow through with its only redeeming quality, which is its money-back guarantee and customer service.

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