Phentaslim Review (New 2020) – Why We Rate It As #1

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Phentaslim Review 

What is Phentaslim?

Phentaslim is a fat burner weight loss supplement, meaning it helps increase the speed of your metabolism so that you can burn off unwanted fat faster than otherwise possible. There are thousands of fat burners on the market, but Phentaslim from Optimum Nutra certainly seems to have positive advantages over the rest. With the safe and effective ingredients profile, good customer feedback, and a money-back guarantee, we rate Phentaslim as the Nutrition Inspector‘s #1 Recommendation.

A fat burner supplement can help weight loss and taken in the context of a healthy diet and exercise program, should be able to speed up the process and make it easier. However not all fat burners are the same. Many are high in dangerous stimulants which can cause side effects. Others contain unproven ingredients that simply do not work. Phentaslim looks very different to other fat burners on the market.

Phentaslim contains ingredients that are proven by scientific research to work and are safe for most people to take. However, if you are sensitive to caffeine you may find Phentatrim, a stimulant free alternative made by the same company, more suitable.

Green Tea and Caffeine

This winning combination for weight loss is well researched and can increase energy and fat burning with additional health benefits. Green tea is high in antioxidants, specifically catechins and polyphenols – molecules that are important in the body because they protect the cells from oxidative stress, the cause of many diseases including cancer.

When combined with the stimulant effects of caffeine, this powerful combination improves fat oxidation by increasing the speed of the metabolism. Taken together, green tea and caffeine are more effective than either ingredient working alone. As an additional benefit, green tea increases the speed of the metabolism when it is used in combination with exercise.


This amino acid is present only in tea and is well-known for causing feelings of calmness without causing fatigue. Additional L Theanine here will help smooth the effects of the caffeine and keep energy levels high, while reducing the risk of caffeine side effects such as jitteriness. L Theanine increases alpha waves in the brain, the mental state that is alert yet relaxed and important for critical aspects of attention.

L-Carnitine and L Tyrosine

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, the vital components that make up what we eat and determine how the body works. All amino acids have different roles, and when taken in supplement form will help improve these various functions.

L Carnitine helps the body convert fat into energy. It is known to boost energy levels, including mental energy and it may help reduce body fat. L Tyrosine is sometimes taken as an appetite suppressant and is effective in increasing alertness in people who are sleep deprived or tired. Similar to Carnitine, L Tyrosine is important for metabolism and the conversion of fat into energy. That means fat loss!

Panax Ginseng

This plant extract is well known as an Adaptogen, which means it has a positive effect upon health, energy levels, and feelings of calm and wellbeing. Millions of people take Panax ginseng and it is well tolerated by most people. Anecdotal evidence is strong, although scientists do not yet fully understand how it works.

Cayenne Pepper

Hot pepper extract that may help increase fat burning.

Guarana Seed

South American berry which is a natural source of caffeine.

Black Pepper extract

Piperine can help increase the absorption of other ingredients and so can increase the effects, thereby making a supplement stronger and more effective in the body.

Minerals and Vitamins

Phentaslim also contains minerals zinc and magnesium, and B vitamins for general health and the support of a healthy metabolism. It is important to keep healthy during weight loss, and in addition the B vitamins and zinc and magnesium will help your body breakdown fat.

Phentaslim Pros

Phentaslim contains a blend of ingredients that will provide support to weight loss in many ways. It will increase the speed of the metabolism, making your fat loss easier. It helps increase energy levels yet decreases appetite, so you can stay on track without snacking. Finally, some of the ingredients may aid concentration so keep you focused.

Phentaslim contains adequate quantities of ingredients that match clinical testing. This means that the supplement is strong enough to work, yet unlikely to cause adverse side effects in most users. We love that it comes with full ingredients information on the label, so you can see immediately just what you are taking.

Phentaslim is covered by a full 60-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you don’t like taking this supplement, you can obtain a refund. We like that Optimum Nutra is willing to stand behind this supplement, enabling customers to try it out for themselves, risk free.

Phentaslim Cons

Fat burners are not always suitable for everyone and Phentaslim is no exception. It does contain caffeine so if you are sensitive to stimulants, you should proceed with caution and either reduce the serving size or avoid it completely if you have health issues. Check with your doctor first if you have any health concerns.

Tip: If a fat burner is not for you, why not try Phentaslim’s sister product Phentatrim? This is an appetite suppressant that supports weight loss, without any risk of stimulant side effects.

Phentaslim is at the higher end of the price scale compared to some fat burner supplements on the market. However, in our opinion it offers good value for money.

Customer Opinion

Phentaslim has already attracted over 100,000 customers, so looks to be extremely popular. Many customers enjoy the energy buzz and the weight loss!
A few typical comments are as follows,

I am raving about these pills. They do work and I hope they continue to work like this and hopefully they never stop selling these”

I am currently at 90.4kg, so that’s almost 12kg in 1.5 months and I have just purchased two more bottles with the intention of reaching my ideal weight of 80kg.”

I think these are contributing to my weight loss with no noticeable side effects. I see them as a helping hand when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise”

Just started taking this supplement and really pleased so far. Definitely noticed the extra energy that certainly helps give me some motivation. Lost 4-5 pounds this week so far and got another 4 to go.”

The Verdict

If you are looking for a safe and effective fat burning weight loss supplement, Phentaslim from Optimum Nutra looks like one of the best currently on the market. We believe that Phentaslim will work for most people, whether you are looking to lose just a few pounds or are in for the long haul. Combined with diet and exercise, results could be astounding.

In our opinion, Phentaslim fully lives up to the Nutrition Inspector standards. We love that you can see in advance just what you are buying. We like that it is safe and is made in conformity to GMP (good manufacturing practice) and with solid proven ingredients in effective doses backed by clinical evidence, this supplement certainly ticks all the right boxes.

And with a full money-back guarantee offered by manufacturing company Optimum Nutra, you really do have nothing to lose but your weight!

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Fat burners do not suit everyone. So, if you feel that this type of supplement is not for you, why not check out the Optimum Nutra appetite suppressant Phentatrim? This is equally as effective for weight loss but works without the use of stimulants.

Disclaimer: ALWAYS consult your doctor before consuming any supplements.

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