Phenobestin Review (New 2020) – What Are The Crucial Facts YOU need to know?

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Phenobestin Review 

First impressions

Losing weight can be very frustrating. Studies show that more than 85% of people fail using typical weight loss methods (1). This pushes many people to find an alternative method, such as diet supplements, which play the role of shortcuts. Phenobestin is one such diet pill, but it is a pharmaceutical drug rather than a plant-based supplement. This supplement was massively used to fight obesity, which is a big concern many countries face. As the users of Phenobestin grew, manufacturers promoted this product even more and escalated their sales quickly.

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But as time passed, users of Phenobestin began to notice various side effects. These side effects were not a joke! Users of this weight loss supplement suffered internal organ damage and many other side effects. This was a disaster for Phenobestin. People started avoiding this supplement as it became clear that it had many side effects. Since then, many different weight loss solutions have appeared in the quest to satisfy the market. Today, Phenobestin is asserted as a safe weight loss miracle.

“Lose weight and maintain muscle mass.”

Is it just another marketing trick, or are they telling the truth? We will find out in this critical review.



Phenylethylamine is a natural neuroamine and occurs in the nervous system of humans, functioning as a neurotransmitter. It causes the release of Dopamine and Norepinephrine in the brain. Dopamine is a vital neurotransmitter and hormone connected to a wide range of neurological functions such as: cognition, learning, attention, memory, pleasure, desire, pleasure, reward, motivation, mood, sleep, and others (2).

Dopamine deficiency can cause many problems from depression to Parkinson’s disease and ADHD. That is why Phenylethylamine does a great job by providing us with this mandatory hormone. Norepineraphrine also known as Noradrenaline or ”the stress hormone” is responsible for our normal brain function. It is released from the nervous system in response to stress and affects other organs in the body. Effects of norepinephrine have a good and a bad side. The good side is an increase of the blood pumped into the heart, faster fat burning in the cells, raised glucose consumption, etc. The bad side is anxiety, possibility of arrhythmias, headaches and bradycardia (3).


A commonly added ingredient in many weight loss supplements as a replacement for ephedra. It is the primary active component in the extract of bitter orange. Synephrine has the role in increasing energy levels which you would use to exercise longer and burn more fat. Synephrine’s main contribution would be its ability to reverse mental fatigue and maybe even speed up the brain’s processes. It can also improve mental focus and motivation, but only to an extent. Synephrine is also used to fight depression. This all sounds good if only there wasn’t a big problem. There is a big concern in relation to safety when using this ingredient. Increased heart rate and high blood pleasure are the side effects, possibly leading to a heart attack. Synephrine combined with Caffeine will potentially cause huge problems on the users health, which will have a long term effect. Even with these possible side effects Synephrine is actively used as it works well in suppressing appetite and boosting our metabolism (4).


Theobromine is extracted from cocoa trees and used as a sweetener in many products. As it presents a huge component of cocoa beans, it produces chocolate. Theobramine has many effects on our body. It has stimulant like effects such as reduction of sleepiness, increase in energy levels and others. The goal is to focus on weight loss with the energy it provides. It also can lower blood pressure due to it’s ability to dilate blood vessels. Theobromine commonly causes exhaustion of the body since it forces you to feel energized (5).

Yohimbe Extract

Yohimbe extract has been proven to stimulate the nervous system and to promote the release of fat from our fat cells. Not only that Yohimbe extract also manages to suppress our hunger. But Yohimbe’s main property is the effect on stubborn fat. Fat cells have different receptors that control it, just like buttons, including alpha-2 receptors and beta-2 receptors. The alpha-2 receptors have the property to function negatively for noradrenaline, which causes lyposis (fat burning) to shut down. Therefore fat with more alpha-2 receptors is much harder to burn off, that’s how the term stubborn fat was created. But since Yohimbe blocks the alpha-2 receptors, this could possibly make the fat loss of stubborn areas much easier. With many positive effects also come some negative ones too. Yohimbe is very dangerous for children and pregnant women, and can cause serious anxiety for all users followed by a huge increase in the users heart rate (6).


Caffeine is very well researched in various studies, but only a few tested caffeines' effects on weight loss. There is not a lot of evidence to make significant claims that caffeine impacts weight loss all that much. Although research didn’t find anything significant, there are theories on how caffeine might impact weight loss.

Appetite suppression

Caffeine could potentially reduce the feeling of hunger and your desire to eat for a short period of time.

Burning of calories

Caffeine will increase your energy levels, but only for some time. It stimulates thermogenesis which is a way the body generates heat and energy from food digestion. In the end caffeine used in moderation can have positive effects. But extending the recommended dosage (400mg) , combined with other weight loss stimulants will result in anxiety, insomnia, nausea, increased blood pressure and other problems (7).

Ingredients Summary

Most of the ingredients contained in Phenobestin have various sife effects. All of the work and have some positive impact on weight loss which comes with a price, the price of health.

Phenylethylamine has some small side effects such as heartburn, nausea and constipation. There were some more serious side effects reported by some users such as insomnia, dizziness and chest pains. Despite all of the above, these side effects occurred rarely.

Synephrine is known to have potential dangerous sife effects. The main side effect Synephrine is famous for would be increased blood pressure in healthy individuals. People that suffer from high blood pressure are strongly prohibited to use this substance. It can also trigger serious headaches and migranes.

Theobromine doesn’t really have any major side effects. High doses of Theobromine can cause body exhaustion.

Yohimbe Extract and Yohmbine HCL are known for their problem with side effects. Yohimbe Extract can cause stomach upsets, sleep problems, anxiety, high blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, etc. It is not advised for older people to supplement with Yohimbe Extract or Yohimbine HCL since it could lead to heart strokes.


There is evidence which suggests that the ingredients found in Phenobestin work as appetite suppressants, metabolism boosters, energy boosters, etc. But, these ingredients come with several side effects which are simply a big risk. The package in which this supplement comes in is also very poorly designed, since it lacks many important pieces of information such as ingredient quantities, side effects, and the individuals who should avoid this product, not to mention the fairly high price this product has. But the definite deal breaker for Phenobestin are its different potential side effects. These side effects as stated are very serious and can have negative long-term consequences on the body.

If you don’t mind the high price and possible side effects, by all means go for Phenobestin. Just keep in mind that there are many other supplement options which can provide great results as Phenobestin, without the potential negative effects.

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