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If you have set certain goals regarding your appearance and health, you probably already know that supplements can help you achieve them. For instance, professional athletes are known for using numerous products that ensure they get the needed boost of nutrients and energy to create proper results in the gym.

Whether you are a pro athlete or just a fitness enthusiast, you need the right nutritional support to achieve the set goals easier. Many people wonder how these athletes know which supplements work but there really is no secret when it comes to finding products that actually will support muscle gains, weight loss, or energy.

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The crucial thing is finding a brand that you can trust. A brand that not only claims results but also truly delivers them.

While PEScience is a fairly new supplement brand, it is becoming one of the most recognized in the industry, offering a wide array of supplements and ways to improve your physical and mental capabilities.

About PEScience

PEScience is a supplement company that helps users build muscle, lose weight, and improve general health. Their products range from protein supplements, vitamins and minerals, pre-workout supplements, amino acids, and more. The whole brand is formed around the phrase “Select the Best”, which implies that PEScience provides only the best quality products. Unlike other supplement brands, PEScience actually does what it claims to.

Here are some of the PEScience quality assurances:

  • Products are made in real GMP facilities
  • Staff is properly trained for the GMP procedure
  • Manufacturers are audited and qualified
  • Products are stored, packed, and distributed from GMP facilities
  • Raw material vendors are enrolled in a vendor qualification program
  • Raw materials undergo a testing phase for pesticides, microbials, identity, purity, and heavy metals before going into a product
  • The final products are re-tested for microbials, identity, and label claims
  • All product labels are reviewed and approved for accuracy and compliance
  • Flavored supplements are carefully flavored and tested before the manufacturing process

PEScience Products

As mentioned, PEScience has a wide range of products and it is crucial to learn what each product does before you make a purchase. Each of their supplements contains only scientifically backed up components that are proven to provide suiting results.

Below you will find the best known PEScience products:

1. PEScience Select Protein

Protein is the most important macronutrient for everyone that is trying to build muscle and lose weight. And by eating a regular diet it can be almost impossible to get the adequate amount in. Luckily, PEScience Select Protein is a handy and tasty way to get the needed amount of protein every day. This protein supplement contains two types of protein, whey and casein. Recent studies clearly show that combining faster digesting with slower digestive proteins may be much more beneficial than consuming just one separately. And the best part about Select Protein is that it comes in so many delicious flavors. One tub of the PEScience Select Protein contains 27 servings and costs only $32.99.

2. PEScience Prolific Pre-workout

If you’re looking for a pre-workout supplement that takes a scientific approach to its ingredients formula and that doesn’t just bring a whole bunch of caffeine, then Prolific might be your best option. This PEScience flagship pre-workout supplement features a scientifically proven formula that will boost energy, increase strength, and provide an overall better training experience. The price tag for 40 servings is $32.99

3. PEScience High Volume

Represents another pre-workout/muscle building formula that increases nitric oxide production, strength, power, and energy to push through the toughest workouts. The High Volume formula is best known for the pumps it provides, which is why it is one of the best rated pre-workout supplements on the market. PEScience also provided a wide range of flavors that will have you craving more. One tub of the PEScience High Volume Pre-workout is $28.63.

4. PEScience TruMulti

Is the PEScience multivitamin formula that is available for both men and women. TruMulti comes with a truly long list of crucial vitamins and minerals that are essential for our health and well-being. The price for a 30-day supply is only $24.99.

5. PEScience Erase Pro+

The problem many fitness enthusiasts face today is hormone deficiency. Luckily, PEScience offers a comprehensive blend called Erase Pro+ which is going to boost testosterone, lower cortisol and stress, and increase muscle protein synthesis. A 30-day supply will set you back approximately $44.99.

PEScience Ingredients

Ingredients are without a doubt the most important part of any supplement. Fortunately, all PEScience contain only the highest quality ingredients that are manufactured in FDA-inspected facilities, with no GMOs, gluten, or any other allergens and problematic preservatives. Each PEScience product also has a properly designed ingredients label with the needed dosing information, which is a huge advantage considering the fact that most supplement companies hide their dosages inside a proprietary blend.

Now, since there are so many PEScience products, it is very difficult to mention all of the ingredients in their supplements. Nevertheless, here are some of the ingredients found in their most popular products:

  1. Whey Protein Concentrate – This kind of protein contains a high concentration of the fast absorbing protein, Whey. Numerous studies have concluded that Whey Protein supplementation positively impacts muscular development and strength (1) (2).
  2. Casein Protein – Is a slow digesting protein option that supplies a wide array of amino acids, carbohydrates, calcium, and phosphorus. Casein is shown to release nutrients and amino acids into the bloodstream for hours after it’s digested, making it a perfect lasting protein source (3).
  3. L-Citrulline – Represents a non-essential amino acid that is proven to boost nitric oxide and muscle development. Other benefits include increased metabolism, antioxidant properties, improved immune function, resolved erectile dysfunction, and much more (4).
  4. Betaine Anhydrous – Is a naturally occurring chemical that can be found in seafood, spinach, wine, and beets. It is generally used to treat urine problems, liver disease, congestive heart failure, and osteoarthritis (5). Recent studies show that it can also improve athletic performance and strength which is why PEScience included this ingredient in their products (6).
  5. Taurine – Is an essential amino acid found naturally in many foods. Taurine is said to boost energy levels, testosterone production, and it may also potentially improve strength (7). Although more research has to be done on this particular ingredient (8).

PEScience Side Effects

We are presently surprised to see that PEScience supplements have virtually no side effects. However, everyone is unique and will react differently to their products. So we highly suggest that you consult with a doctor or physician before using any PEScience supplement.

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In the end, we can safely conclude that PEScience is a reputable supplement brand that is capable of bringing real results that can change your whole fitness journey. Each of their products contains only the highest quality ingredients that are scientifically tested for effectiveness. And the best part is, they don’t have any proven side effects. Their pricing is also fairly affordable and won’t bother most customers. And since all PEScience supplements come with a 30-day, no questions asked money back guarantee, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t give them a try.


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