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One XS Weight Loss Pills Review (New 2020) – Science Fact or Fiction?


One XS Weight Loss Pills  One XS is a weight loss pill that’s supposed to be “one of the safest and most powerful dietary supplements on the market”. Well that all comes down to their choice of ingredients doesn’t it? Let’s examine them one by one below.

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The top ingredient on their list, caffeine has strong scientific and anecdotal evidence supporting its merits for fat loss. It boots your metabolism to allow you to eat more while still losing weight, suppresses your appetite so you end up eating less without even trying, and even acts as a mild diuretic making you look visibly leaner before you even lose any actual fat. The scientific evidence on caffeine is very prevalent and includes evidence on increased power output, aerobic exercise, blood glucose, blood pressure, cortisol, heart rate, lactate production, reaction time, wakefulness, anxiety, and thermogenesis.

Green Coffee Extract

Another solid choice when it comes to weight loss. There is a decent amount of clinical evidence backing its effects of reducing fat mass and weight in humans. This includes significant research bolstering its effect on decreasing blood pressure, fat mass, heart rate, and weight.


Very popular in the mainstream bodybuilding community, yohimbine is another reputable ingredient choice for a complete weight loss aid. There is a very substantial body of scientific and anecdotal evidence supporting it being a strong weight loss aid, by both boosting your metabolism as well as curbing hunger. There is plenty of research on this ingredient documenting its effects on decreasing fat mass and appetite.

One XS weight loss pills contain a variety of other ingredients but those mentioned above are the ones which are present in significant enough dosages to have an effect and have been linked to aiding significantly in fat loss in the first place.

One XS Pros

This is a fairly complete fat loss product, containing multiple ingredients in moderate dosages. According to many customer reviews that can be found on the product’s Amazon page, the user feedback is largely positive, with the large majority of purchasers being completely satisfied with the effects of the product. On top of this, it contains plenty of well-researched and time-proven ingredients which are essential in any cutting supplement regimen and are a solid part of supporting weightless at a healthy rate.

One XS Cons

Even though this product contains some very solid ingredients, they are dosed below the clinically recommended dosages. However, this can be excused as they all have similar effects and by merit of all the positive reviews this product has received it can be assumed that the ingredients work synergistically with each other in a way that makes the effect of them greater than the sum of its parts.

The Consensus

Even though the large majority of the reviews for One XS have been positive:

“I have not been on any special diet and haven’t set foot in a gym since before I started taking the pills. I’m pleased to report that I’ve lost 10 pounds!”

They also include some very negative comments like the following:

“Terrible had me running to the bathroom constantly and I experienced painful bloating. I ate very healthy while taking this and was surprised of the side effects.”

By merit of these mixed reviews it seems that the adverse effects of this product effect only a minority of people, but it’s an important risk to be aware of just in case you happen to find yourself within that minority.

The Verdict

At the end of the day this is a very complete and worth while weight loss aid that will almost definitely give you noticeable benefit when trying to lose those last few pounds of fat. The only potential downside is the cost, as it is on the more expensive end of the price range for supplements of this kind. But that can be excused at least to an extent with the knowledge that you are paying for quality ingredients, and that One XS has actually set themselves apart by telling the customer how much of these ingredients they’ve used.

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