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Omega Slim Essential Fatty Acids Scientific Review (New 2020) – Does It Deliver?


omega slim essential fatty acids  Omega-slim contains a collection of omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids from a variety of sources including fish oil, borage, and marine oils. It is marketed as a product aiding in fat loss. This is where alarm bells instantly start ringing. So let’s take a look at what the science says about Essential Fatty Acids in general, with focus on the most potent out of all of them, the Omega 3s…

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The main source of Omega 3s in Omega-Slim is from fish oil, which is the generally preferred source. Now we’re not saying that fish oil doesn’t have it’s merits. It’s an awesome, cheap way to improve your health.

For the amount of money you would usually spend on a cup of coffee at some hipster cafe, you can go out and get some seriously potent high-quality fish oil that’ll last you a few months. It’s benefits range from increased cognition to anti inflammatory properties than will keep you from injuring yourself in the long run.

Regarding fat loss, it does have some minor evidence pointing towards slight increases in metabolic rate, but that’s about it. You could likely get the same benefit from a short walk.

Omega Slim Pros

The pros of this product lie mainly in its ingredients, essential fatty acids. Even though they won’t help you torch fat off your body, EFAs are generally a great supplement to add to your arsenal and are invaluable to your overall health. Over time with taking this product you might find that you feel generally healthier, your joints feel less achy, and your mind a bit sharper.

A very common effect of hard dieting is cognitive decline, which can effect all parts of your life. The ingredients in this supplement might just be able to combat this decline and help you retain your mental health during a tough diet. On top this, towards the end of your diet when your calories get very low, you most likely won’t be taking in enough food to get in all your Essential Fats. What makes them essential is that your body isn’t able to produce them on its own. At this point, a product like this becomes an almost essential part of your cutting supplement stack, simply for the sake of maintaining optimal health and hormonal function.

Omega Slim Cons

At the end of the day, it simply doesn’t deliver what it promises. There is not a shred of scientific or even anecdotal evidence pointing towards Essential Fatty Acids as a viable method of aiding fat loss. On top of this, even though it has non-harmful and even beneficial ingredients, it gives no information of the dosing of said ingredients, leaving you in the dark about what exactly you are paying for here.

The Verdict

Even though this product has quality ingredients it does not to any extent meet its label claims. On top of this, there are countless other products that have the same ingredients in Omega-Slim, possibly in higher dosages, that you can find for much less. We highly recommend that you do include Essential Fatty Acids into your supplement regimen, there are just much better ways out there to do it apart form this product.

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About the Author Emily Robinson

Emily has spent the last 8 years comparing, reviewing and analyzing ingredients in the supplements industry. She has worked extensively with dieticians, nutritionists and personal trainers to separate fact from fiction and help people achieve their fitness goals. In her free time she works and enjoys the outdoors with her husband and 2 children. You can contact her via the "About Us" page.

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