Omega Cuts Review (New 2020) – Fat Loss Fact or Fiction?


Omega Cuts Review  Omega Cuts claims to be an “extreme body cutting and lean muscle defining solution”. Whether thats true or not will be covered later on but for now we’re going to focus on whats in this thing, so let’s get started…

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Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA does have some theoretical evidence backing its use as a fat burning aid, as it has the potential to enhance a specific pathways involved in fat burning. However this is just one of many pathways, and in real human trials the evidence is inconclusive as to if it really helps fat loss in any meaningful way or not.

Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)

Even though they can be part of a healthy diet, there has been no substantial evidence relating MCTs with fat loss. Anecdotally many people report feeling increased energy levels and reduced hunger when adding this ingredient to their daily routine. There is also some evidence in the scientific literature suggesting that MCTs decreases fatigue, muscle atrophy, total cholesterol, and skin dryness.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

These are definitely an essential part of a healthy diet and have all sorts of benefits, but they are mainly relating to heart health. There is very little if any evidence linking it to fat burning or muscle preservation. The main indications of Omega 3s in the scientific literature are for the uses of decreasing bad cholesterol, depression, blood pressure, inflammation, anxiety, aggression, and cortisol.

Omega Cuts Pros

All the substances in Omega Cuts might not lead to instant fat loss or the level of results promised on the label. However, we might just be able to let that go considering that the ingredients themselves actually have significant merit in their own right, and most importantly can contribute to your long-term health. Even though people that were enamoured by the promises on the label might be a bit disappointed by this, you’re got to give them points for quality ingredients.

In addition to this, the what these ingredients will give you is increased mental sharpness, which is one of the first thing to go when someone goes on a diet. So even indirectly, there will be some positive effects towards fat loss brought on by this product.

Omega Cuts Cons

Other than the false advertising stated earlier, Omega Cuts has one other worrying factor. Side Effects. A very large portion of the people who used this product complained of a variety of side effects such as bloating, abdominal pain, and general discomfort. However these cases seem to be random, but its always good to know what you’re getting into when making a purchase. On top of this, when you are taking in this many Essential Fatty Acids, the fabled ‘fish burps’ are an almost unavoidable consequence.

The Consensus

Unsurprisingly, the reviews for this product have been largely positive, with none of its Amazon reviews being under 4 stars…

“I really like this brand and wish it was cheaper. I actually do feel a difference”

The Verdict

This is a solid supplement with solid ingredients and solid dosing. Even though it might not give you anything close to what’s promised on the label, it brings to the table something countless other supplements completely fail at. Quality. And for that, we can at the very least give Omega Cuts an above average recommendation.

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