Obesitrol Review

Obesitrol Review (New 2020) – Can it Help You Lose Weight?


Obesitrol Review

Obesitrol Diet Pills

  Obesitrol is a weight loss pill that claims to be backed by “solid scientific evidence”. So for the sake of argument, let’s take a closer look at these ingredients they keep raving about…

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African Mango

This ingredient has some scientific evidence backing it, but stands on very shaky ground. All the studies associated with it either have glaring flaws in their method or have some sort of financial tie with manufacturers of the product itself. No effective dose of this substance has been identified. There is, however, minor evidence supporting its effects to reduce blood glucose, blood pressure, fat mass, bad cholesterol, and triglycerides.

A blend of Mint, Lady’s Mantle, Olive Leaf and Cumin

While all of these substances have some clinical evidence backing their effectiveness as anti-inflammatories, which might help fight off some of the side-effects of being overweight, there is no evidence pointing towards their benefit in aiding in fat loss.

Cissus Quadrangularis

While it has a great body of scientific and anecdotal evidence pointing towards its anti-inflammatory properties and bolstering soft-tissue strength, again this one has no evidence pointing towards it helping you in your fat loss goals whatsoever. Cissus is proven in the scientific literature to decrease pain, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.


Probably the only ingredient in this formula that has significant scientific and anecdotal evidence of aiding in fat loss. Caffeine has been time proven to aid in fat loss through both boosting your metabolism and energy levels, as well as suppressing your appetite. Caffeine has been highly researched and its effects range from increased power output, aerobic exercise, blood glucose, blood pressure, cortisol, heart rate, lactate production, reaction time, wakefulness, anxiety, and thermogenesis.

Obesitrol Pros

Obesitrol has received its fair share of good reviews from customers, stating that it helped them lose those last few pounds. But at the end of the day, that’s all it did. There have been no cases where a dramatic difference was seen through the use of it. It helped some people with their energy levels, some with keeping their appetite under control. Sounds a lot like the effects of plain old caffeine doesn’t it?

Obesitrol Cons

Even though this product has a decent amount of positive reviews, and at the very least uses safe ingredients (which cannot be said for many of the weight-loss aids you’ll find out there), it really doesn’t have much else going for it. Even though some of the ingredients have even been shown to have positive effects (directly related to fat loss or not), they don’t tell you how much of each ingredient is in the product and therefore you as the customer have no idea what you’re paying for.

On top of this, along with those positive reviews mentioned earlier, Obesitrol has a good deal of negative reviews as well, with side effects ranging from fidgeting to stomach upset to even palpitations in some cases.

The Consensus

It speaks volumes about the quality (or lack thereof) of a product when the majority (36% in this case) of its Amazon reviews are 1 star! and these include gems such as…

“Terrible product, It gave me a small of energy,but I wanted to eat everything I could find. Took it for just about a month and gained 5 pounds.”

“THIS STUFF IS HORRIBLE! I took 1 with breakfast, 1 with lunch, and felt “weird” and “strange” to the point I was afraid to drive and at night, it was very hard to stay asleep…tossing, turning night after night but I also noticed I spent a tremendous amt of time “making water” so I thought I’d stick with it 6 days and then decide.”

The Verdict

Considering the relatively high cost of this product, it really is difficult to recommend. It has its multiple adverse effects in exchange for a marginal advantage in your weight loss. Even these positives can mostly attributed to the caffeine present in the product, a substance which can be bought in its pure form for a fraction of the price of Obesitrol. In closing, if you want something to aid in your weight loss, your money can definitely be spent better elsewhere.

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