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oBand Center Review (New 2020) – What You Need To Know


oBand Center Review  oBand Centers are in essence a collection of surgical clinics marketed as “the leaders in weight loss solutions”.

This claim is based on the service they provide, which is in essence what would be referred to in the medical community as Gastric Band Surgery. In plain english what this involves is a form of relatively non-invasive surgery in which an inflatable silicone device is placed around the top part of your stomach. What this will lead to is you feeling fuller faster at every single meal, leading to you being less hungry less often. In the end, this will mean pounds off the scale in the long run.

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But are such extreme measures really necessary?

oBand Centers Pros

When compared to other surgical measures this is where this method really shines. Even though the results seen aren't as dramatic as more radical surgeries such as a Gastric Bypass, the procedure it self is far simpler. It is also reversible through another simple non-invasive procedure, which means that once you have achieved your desired level of weight loss and made significant progress with regards to lifestyle changes, you can get it removed with minimal hassle.

Apart from the technical aspects, oBand will essentially provide you with the weight loss you’ve always wanted with absolutely no effort on your part! The surgery will take care of everything for you and in a way trick your body into eating less. You wouldn’t be able to gain weight even if you tried! According to a study conducted by Buchwald, patients who undertake this surgery lose an average of about 47.5% of their excess weight!

It also has many other advantages when compared to other types of surgery, including:

  • lower mortality rate
  • no incisions or stitches
  • short hospital stay
  • faster recovery
  • can be reversed or adjusted without need for additional surgery
  • no issues with absorption in the digestive tract because it doesn’t involve removing any parts of the intestine or stomach
  • less dangerous complications than other forms of surgery

oBand Cons

The inescapable fact is that this is essentially surgery. You will have to be sedated and an actual medical procedure will be carried out on you. Even if it is significantly safer than other surgical options, the risks are far greater than any non-surgical method of weight loss. Like any surgical procedure, its associated with a number of adverse effects, including:

  • stomach ulcers
  • erosion of the the stomach lining
  • obstruction through the pouch of the stomach
  • internal bleeding
  • infection
  • problems with the surgery itself

In addition to this, not just anyone is even eligible for this option. Even though oBand is relatively conservative when it comes to surgical weight loss aids, to be even considered for a surgical fix means that your problem has gone far beyond the point where it can be easily remedied by normal lifestyle interventions. You would normally not even be considered if your BMI is not above 40. And if you are at high risk of surgical complications for any reason, have untreated hormonal or inflammatory conditions, severe heart or lung disease, or any mental health issue, you might not be eligible to be considered either.

The Consensus

For people that have indeed taken the plunge and opted for the oBand surgery, the results have been life-changing…

“My starting weight was 14 stone 4 and after a week of pre op diet I was down to 13 stone 10. I am very hopeful that this will work long term for me”

“My starting weight was 275 pounds. I am now 170 pounds . 40 more pounds to get to my goal… If I had to do it over again, I definitely would”

The Verdict

If you have honestly tried every single other available option, are clinically obese, and are truly desperate, then you should consider oBand to assist with your weight loss. However, understand that this is a medical procedure and you should not proceed on this course without the consultation of a registered medical professional.

In closing, oBand is a completely viable option for those looking for easy weight loss, but don’t take it too lightly and make sure to be safe!

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