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NutriSlim Review (New 2020) – Does it work? Science Fact or Science Fiction?



Let’s be honest- weight loss isn’t easy. It never has been and it probably never will be. In fact, when you gain weight you can increase your number of fat cells, but when you lose weight they only shrink.

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That means that the fat cells remain there, waiting for you to slip back into your bad habits so they can plump back up. To combat this impending downfall, any weight loss solution you pick must either be sustainable or you must have an exit strategy. Nutrislim is the latter because it is only for short-term use so it must be followed by a lifestyle change- if you choose to even try it at all that is.

NutriSlim is a weight loss product that makes big promises of better health and a longer life. It combines meal-replacements with weight loss supplement. The idea is that you the meal replacement beverage for two meals per day and eat vegetables for your third meal of the day. (*It is important to note that the company does not make these claims; however, distributors of the product recommend this rigid dietary regimen). Oddly enough, the company encourages you to mix the meal replacement powder with either warm skim milk or warm water. So if you are like me and do not enjoy warm beverages, this product may already be out of the running for you.

You then take the weight loss supplement a half an hour after you drink your warm meal replacement beverages. This supplement is meant to complement the effects of the drink, but many people have difficulty holding pills down without actual food. Again, if this is you cross this diet option off your list right now. If not, you can continue reading.

The idea behind NutriSlim is that you will use these products for three months and then transition to a sustainable healthy diet. Healthy lifestyles are hard, but supposedly the weight loss you get from NutriSlim will help you change your habits. Whether this is true for you or not, the idea of drinking two warm meal replacements per day for 3 months may already sound ludicrous to some of you, thus eliminating NutriSlim as a possibility. But, to some of you, this may still sound feasible. For those of you who fall into the second category, the most important question remains. Should you try it?

What’s In a Name?

Before we can even go into the product’s ingredients, we have to discuss one very important issue: transparency. Ayurwin Pharma who produces NutriSlim says that their mission is, “Health for everyone, by innovating unconventional ways of developing world class health care and wellness products.”[2] Well, they got part of it right- their product is very unconventional.

Most diet companies know and accept the fact that people must consume at least 1,200 calories per day or their users would be considered to have an eating disorder. Ayurwin Pharma blatantly ignores this scientific information. If you follow their recommended diet, you would average about 500 calories which is drastically below any diet your doctor would approve. Now, you can cheat by eating more for your non-meal replacement meal of the day, so we’ll still continue to investigate the product. But still be weary of a company that is willing to jeopardize your health for profits.

Ayurwin Pharma’s vision is, “Brining quality to lives with quality pharmaceutical products.”[2] This brings us to the ingredients, which create more questions than they answer. Again it seems that transparency is an issue with this company: they actually refuse to post their ingredients or share the nutrition label. Big red flag alert!

What’s Actually In It?

This question continues to remain a mystery. Ayurwin Pharma will not disclose any of their products’ ingredients to the public. The contents of the supplement, however, were leaked by a distributor (whether intentionally or accidentally, we don’t know). So we can’t say for sure that NutriSlim can achieve its promises- even the simple ones of being vegetarian and cholesterol free, but we can analyze the supplement[4].

Supposedly, the supplement contains some mystery levels of coffee, tea, garcinia cambogia, chitosan, chromium picolinate, fenugreek, and coleus (talk about a mouthful). It is well known that stimulants like tea and coffee can modestly impact weight loss because they are a naturally occurring stimulant.

It is hard to say whether NutriSlim contains safe levels of caffeine, but in general you should never exceed 400mg per day. Depending on the amount in NutriSlim, this may mean that you have to cut out your daily cup of coffee to remain under the limit. Garcinia cambogia is also a popular weight loss supplement ingredient, although it has less research than coffee and tea. Research on garcinia cambogia is too sparse to make any true claims about; however, the research that is out there shows that it can have a modest impact on weight loss[7]. So far, the product is 3 for 3, but that is when the pieces start to crumble.

Chitosan is less common in weight loss supplements and for a good reason. Research has shown that it does not impact weight loss[6]. This ends up being an extra ingredient that you pay for, but won’t benefit from. Even worse yet, NutriSlim may contain unhealthy levels of the supplement leaving you with an upset stomach and diarrhea (no, thank you!).

Chromium picolinate is a bit better because chromium is known to have an impact on weight loss, but since it is this far down on the list of ingredients, there probably isn’t much of it in NutriSlim. Fenugreek is thought to keep you feeling fuller longer, but again this is false[3]. Although it doesn’t have as many potential negative side effects as chitosan, it is something that you’re wasting your money paying for. Coleus is the last ingredient and, to no surprise, it too does not impact weight loss[5]. This means the supplement has 4 active ingredients out of 7. That is ~57%. I don’t know about you, but to me that is a failing percentage. Not to mention, we still don’t know if they are present at safe or effective levels.

What Customers Are Saying

NutriSlim has some of the most variable customer reviews. On Amazon, they have nine 5-star, two 4-star, two 3-star, two 2-star, and twelve 1-star reviews. Talk about a spread. The 1-star reviews mostly complain that the diet is impossible to maintain. Some users couldn’t even make it through three days, let alone three months. They often complain of hunger, but also feeling light headed, dizzy, and nauseous which isn’t conducive for any lifestyle let alone weight loss. The two star reviews echo the same concerns.

Three star reviews are usually the most constructive, but that was not the case for NutriSlim. Even three star raters reported disappointment with the product. They said that even with the dangerously low calorie diet NutriSlim puts you on, you still have to exercise to see results. However, it was hard for users to exercise when they were experiencing the negative side effects of literal starvation.

Four and five star reviews were similar. Many boasted about their weight loss miracles. Most of the four stars achieved weight loss but not at the magnitude they wanted. Still, the product must work for some individuals otherwise it wouldn’t be available (this weight loss achievement was most likely caused by the caloric deficit). So somehow these people managed to survive the war they waged against their body to get results even on such a questionable product… But did they really? I found it peculiar that while reading these reviews a lot of the same language was used. It almost felt like some were written by the same person. Obviously, I have no evidence to back that claim, but I had that gut feeling that something was off. And we all know that we should always listen to our bodies.

Our Take on NutriSlim

For safety, we are giving this product a 0.5 out of 5 stars. The product itself might be ok when combined with a reasonable third meal that will allow you to meet your daily caloric needs. It is the company that concerns us the most. There is an extreme lack of transparency. There is a lot of secrecy and they use buzzwords as if they were on an infomercial.

The secrecy is what leads me to believe that there is something wrong. Even ridiculous fad diets you see on TV are more open about the ingredients that they use. So what are they hiding? At this point, until Ayurwin Pharma releases their nutrition labels for their product and we can sufficiently analyze them, this product is a no go. It has the potential to wreak havoc on your health.

There are plenty of other worthwhile diet plans and supplements out there in the same price range that work and are safe. Don’t waste your time, money, or your health on this product.

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John has been a fitness enthusiast for over 10 years, starting out while struggling with obesity as a teenager. Over the years he has advised numerous clients on how to transform their physiques and their lives. As a writer on Nutrition Inspector he aims to help others achieve real results by staying clear of the common hype and false claims in the supplement industry! You can contact him via the "About Us" page.

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