Nopalina Lipaza Plus Review

Nopalina Lipaza Plus Review (New 2020): Will It Really Help You Lose Weight?


Nopalina Lipaza Plus Review 

The supplement with the name that gives nothing away – not in English anyway. The name ‘Nopalina Lipaza’ is, in fact, Spanish; with ‘Salud Natural Entrepreneurs, Inc’ responsible for its manufacturing.
As ‘Lipaza’ is suspiciously similar to the Spanish word “linaza”, which translates to flaxseed; it would be reasonable to guess that some sort of play on this and the word ‘lipid’ is being used here.

The official website gives no mention of the product’s scientific validity, or of its success in tests and trials. This is a mild concern: clinical studies should always be the ‘bread-and-butter’ for identifying effective supplements and Nopalina doesn’t give us much to weigh up.

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The customer reviews available to us have an even greater impact on our first impression of this supplement. For example: “No weight-loss from this product.” “Shouldn’t I be losing weight?”.

Today, we’re going to look through the ingredients and answer whether you should lose weight using this product.

What is it?

Nopalina Lipaza Plus is, in fact, a plant-based fiber powder. Each bag of the supplement (with the low price of around $11.99) contains approximately 30 tablespoons, which should last the consumer a month if one tablespoon is consumed per day.

The product contains Canadian flax seed (predictably), psyllium husk, wheat bran, cactus, Senna leaves, apple, grapefruit, pineapple, and orange.

The ‘active’ ingredients in this are those that provide fiber (flaxseed, psyllium, wheat bran) and those that have laxative properties: Senna leaves. The variety of fruits involved are of no more value than to make the supplement taste more acceptable – the fruit is probably better for you.

Nopaline Lipaza Plus is 100% a fiber supplement, but it is also high in omega 3’s, specifically ALA (from the flaxseed). Whilst this might appear great at first – we could all do with extra omega 3 – it isn’t the selling point it might initially seem to be.

Due to its low bioavailability and poor conversation rate, ALA is the least effective form of Omega-3 fatty acid. This doesn’t make it useless, but it does mean that you’re going to have fewer benefits than fish oil or other long-chain Omega-3 supplements [1].

The final notable ingredient in Nopaline Lipaza Plus is Senna leaf. Senna is a common ingredient in bedtime-detox teas and anti-constipation drugs. This ingredient is a mild laxative and is also used in a clinical setting on occasions where more routinely-prescribed laxatives are contraindicated.

The rationale for Senna as a weight loss agent is usually described as its ability to ‘clean’ and ‘detox’ the colon. In less delicate terms, ingestion of Senna causes spasms of the large bowel, relieving constipation. Whilst regular bowel movements and maintenance of digestive flow have the potential to reduce bloating, it is not directly correlated with real weight loss results.

Remember that weight loss can be induced by any combination of dozens of factors: losing weight by relieving your bowels is not going to cause greater fat loss. The physique you want isn’t going to be achieved on the toilet!

Does it Work?

To make a long story short, this supplement’s efficacy greatly depends on what you are actually hoping to achieve by taking it.

If you are looking for assistance with fat loss, you are unlikely to see the changes you are looking for. If you are struggling with bloating, digestive discomfort and cramping or constipation this is probably an excellent supplement choice for you!

As Nopalina Lipaza is a supplement that’s meant to increase the levels of dietary fiber, aiding the digestive process [2]. Dietary fiber gives your intestines something to work with when it comes to moving waste products through your system: more fiber creates more digestive efficiency, and therefore less discomfort and bloating.

Whilst this might make you feel a little better, and even make you happier with the way you look in the mirror, it is not a long-term weight loss solution. Nopalina is not likely to help you lose any body fat, and changes in your body shape are going to be down to reduced water weight and improved digestive health.

Cautionary Ingredients

Nopalina Lipaza Plus should be used with caution – even if you are looking to solve your bloating problems. One of the main ingredients in the supplement, Senna leaf, is mildly toxic [3]. As previously mentioned, Senna is a mild laxative; Senna’s laxative effects come from its ability to boost gut motility, increasing the volume of gut activity that takes place.

Despite being the main draw for Senna as a laxative, this can cause problems. Reviewers of Nopalina Lipaza Plus commonly report digestive discomfort while consuming the product.

What is causing this discomfort?

If the powdered Senna is to blame, the discomfort is likely down to the spasms and contractions that the laxative is causing within your gut. This is very similar to cramps experienced due to uterine contractions when a woman is on her period.

An alternative cause could be excessive consumption of soluble fiber. Fiber expands when combined with water within the digestive system, this will cause it to initiate the same kind of cramps you get when you overeat at your favorite restaurant. It will also cause bloating. Yes, this supplement could, in fact, cause the very issue that it exists to solve.


Nopalina Lipaza is far from awful, we’re very pro-fiber and with additional small gains in ALA (a form of Omega-3) Nopalina Lipaza Plus isn’t a bad choice. Equally, however, it is far from the best fat loss supplement on the market.

Fiber is great for your digestive health. But the only reason you should be choosing to supplement it is if you have a genuine issue with getting it from your everyday diet. As with most other nutrients, you’re always better off getting your fiber from natural, whole food sources.

Another advantage of this product is the price point: you won’t be breaking the bank by giving Nopalina a try. The product has, however, been temporarily withdrawn from the market a number of times. Although it is back on sale, for now, it’s interesting to think about why this might be. Whether the removal of the product from shelves is down to negative reviews (mainly regarding side-effects) or simply a business choice by the manufacturer, it is down to speculation.

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Closing Remarks

If you’re looking for help with weight loss, Nopalina is not the supplement for you. This product is unlikely to help you shed any extra fat and contains no active ingredients to boost your metabolism or curb hunger beyond regular dietary interventions.

Dietary interventions are, coincidentally, exactly what we’d prescribe. Fiber supplements are a reasonable choice if you’re experiencing severe bloating or constipation, but they contain plant-food extracts. Our recommendation is to eat the whole foods from which they’re derived!

Veggies, whole grains and pulses are all superior choices and should already be included in your diet!



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