Neon Sport Thermo Review

Neon Sport Thermo Review (New 2020): Is It The Right Dietary Supplement for You?


Neon Sport Thermo Review 

If we’re totally honest, the best thing about Neon Sport Thermo is the worst thing about it: it is a glorified approach to vitamin B supplementation with a variety of low-level stimulants included to improve metabolism.

We quite like this approach, but it is important to note that at least 50% of this product’s benefits are addressing vitamin B deficiency, while the other half can be reasonably ascribed to the caffeine content. This induces improved metabolism, wakefulness and possibly even power output, making it a great supplement to compliment intense exercise.

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Despite our earlier criticism, we’re big fans of this product and believe that it is superior to a wide variety of poor quality supplements we’ve seen on the market. The combination of essential, commonly-deficient vitamins and tried-and-tested compounds is the most responsible, evidence-based approach to weight loss supplementation.

What is Neon Sport Thermo?

On the face of it, Neon Sport Thermo is much the same as any other metabolism booster on the market. The marketing campaigns and approach are very similar but the key difference is in the ingredients and effectiveness you can expect. The effects billed are improved metabolism, improved energy, and improved fat cell mobilization.

This is achieved through a combination of B vitamins that are commonly deficient, particularly B6 and B12 [1]. This Is primarily included to combat deficiency and improve energy transfer. These processes are closely related to your metabolic health and wellbeing, though their link to fat loss is not clear and may be overstated.

The stimulant aspect of this product is made up of caffeine, theobromine, bitter orange, yohimbine, capsaicin and Huperzine. These have differing individual effects and we’re going to look at their contribution to the effects of Neon Sport Thermo as a whole.

Does it Work?


The gold standard of metabolism boosters and popular worldwide, caffeine is one of the most effective compounds for improving metabolism and performance [2]. This compound has been estimated to have around 100 calories’ worth of effect on a daily basis, so supplementation can be beneficial for fat loss.

The best effects of caffeine extend to sports performance and cognitive function. Improved wakefulness and attention, power output and many other markers make Neon Sport Thermo an excellent supplement for combining fat loss with improved sport and exercise performance.


Bitter orange is a less impressive version of caffeine. Another milder stimulant, it contributes to small increases in the metabolism that are unlikely to contribute to long-term fat loss in a significant way.

Synephrine also lacks many of the potent cognitive buffs that we see with caffeine: it doesn’t have comparable effects on power output or cognitive performance. It is, however, a very popular compound with a more effective marketing pull, so it strikes us as the “filler” in this supplement.


Yohimbine is a common ingredient in many supplements because of a false belief that it will contribute to greater fat loss. Right off the bat, the science shows that this is pretty much incorrect: yohimbine HCL supplementation doesn’t improve total fat loss compared to placebo.

What it might do, however, is modulate the utilization of fat stores at certain “stubborn” areas by binding with androgen receptors. The research suggests that this is possible but not substantiated [3]: the effects have been produced in rats at high doses but human examples are not available.

Yohimbine is a mild aphrodisiac in males and, in small supplementary doses, can improve cardiovascular health markers. Be careful as it has a wealth of side effects. Overall, we’re not sold on Yohimbine but if you’re willing to put up with the risk of side effects, it isn’t a bad addition.


Cayenne pepper extract is another ingredient that has seen huge popularity in the supplement market for its ability to induce mild metabolic increases. This is due to the induction of thermogenesis but is a relatively small effect [4].

When compared with caffeine, this is a relatively modest effect and won’t spur significant fat loss by itself. However, in combination with the ingredients in this product, it is a good addition to the supplement and may contribute to the overall effect.

Our favorite benefit of this ingredient, above and beyond the mild fat loss benefits, is the antioxidant properties. As with whole cayenne pepper, we see a huge boost in vitamin A. Beta-carotenoids are effective for combatting the negative effects of aging and cancer prevention.


Huperzine is a promising but unconfirmed compound that has been used in recent times to boost the key neurotransmitter Acetylcholine (AcH). AcH is one of the most important substances in the nervous system and has been shown to improve power output, cognitive performance and combat degenerative brain disease [5].

With all these key benefits, we’re a fan. However, for fat loss there doesn’t seem to be much effect. What it might be great for is retaining regular wakefulness and function while cutting weight. This reframes the whole use of Neon Sport Thermo and we’re impressed.


When we look at the ingredients in Neon Sport Thermo, it seems they’re actually going to improve your metabolism in a marked way through caffeine supplementation. Obviously, this means you have to use it in a way that won’t overload your body with caffeine or reduce your sleep quality.

The best use of this supplement is going to be a combination of metabolic rate improvements and health support while cutting weight. This makes it a great addition to an already-balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

Overall, you’re going to see improved results if you’re taking the right approach to diet and exercise. This is what supplements are meant to be: an adjunct to an effective, balanced lifestyle. This isn’t the most effective supplement we’ve ever seen, but it’s a great start.

Practical Stuff

With the effects that this product has been shown to have, it’s impressive that you can buy 90 capsules for $28. This is far cheaper than a wide variety of less-effective diet supplements, as 90 capsules are around 3-6 weeks’ worth of supplement depending on use patterns.

The only problem we’ve found so far is that acquiring the supplement has been relatively difficult. While wholesale companies don’t seem to stock it anymore, it is possible to dig around online for a container. We’d not recommend this much effort when there are better supplements, but it’s definitely a great price point.

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Closing Remarks

Neon Sport’s Thermo-Rev is a surprisingly effective supplement. Our first impressions discussed might have implied that it’s overrated or ineffective but neither of these is true. Neon Sport Thermo provides health support and essential vitamins while also boosting metabolism (without excessive stimulant content) and sports performance.

We’re impressed with this supplement and, while it’s not the best supplement we’ve seen, it’s an excellent choice at a great price point. We’re not seeing a “wow” factor to this product, but it’s a great start to supplementation and represents the perfect approach to what a supplement should be!



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