Metagenics Review (New 2020) – High Quality Health Supplements?

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Modern healthcare has reached a serious crisis, with less and less effective pharmaceuticals that don’t provide the required aid. Many are looking for an alternative in the form of supplements and nutritional companies that offer a better solution. Metagenics is an immensely popular supplement manufacturer that claims to provide these health solutions. Continue reading and find out more about this supplement brand, their products, how they work, will they work, and much more!

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What is Metagenics?

The Metagenics Company was founded back in 1983 with a clear goal in mind, to produce high quality and science-based products. This supplement brand produces a wide range of formulas, including multivitamins, probiotics, whey protein, joint support formulas, and much more. And all of these are supported by real scientific research that is either already publically available or that has been performed by the Metagenics experts specifically.

Metagenics goes through a lot of effort to make sure that their products are top notch, here are some of their quality assurances:

  • Triple GMP certified
  • 400+ Products Assays per year
  • 3000+ Raw Ingredients Tested Annually
  • Integrated Weight and Health Management programs
  • 230+ Patents
  • 80+ Published Scientific Essays

Metagenics Products

Metagenics truly have a wide variety of products and it is crucial to learn what each supplement does before you make a purchase. Each of their supplements can be bought separately, although some can be purchased together to provide a synergistic effect.

Below you will find the most popular and well-known Metagenics products:

  1. Metagenics UltraFlora Spectrum: This comprehensive probiotic formula is made to support the whole gastrointestinal tract, which helps to maintain proper digestive health. UltraFlora Spectrum contains seven different good gut bacteria that eradicate bad bacteria and other toxins that have built up in the stomach over time (1). One bottle of UltraFlora Spectrum is around $41.25, which is enough for a month.
  2. Metagenics OmegaGenics Mega 10: The Mega 10 formula is specifically created to improve cardiovascular health, heart function, and nerve function. The supplement itself contains high-quality omega-7 and omega 3-fatty acids which are scientifically proven to improve heart health (2). One bottle of Mega 10 is priced at $42.95, which is around 60 servings.
  3. Metagenics OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 720: Represents a powerful joint support formula that alleviates any sort of pain or discomfort. Among other benefits, OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 720 also enhances immune and cardiovascular function. Each bottle contains 30 servings and costs around $24.95.
  4. Metagenics D3 5000: This Vitamin D3 supplement is meant to resolve any deficiencies, bringing a strong dose of 5000 IU in each serving (3). Metagenics D3 500 also increases the vitamin and mineral absorption in the intestinal tract. One bottle contains 120 servings and costs only $21.50.
  5. Metagenics Estrovera: Estrovera is a potent aid that will handle the effects that menopause has on a woman’s body. This formula contains some powerful ingredients that are known for their ability to control and improve the symptoms of menopause. Besides this, Estrovera also improves sleep quality, mood, anxiety, and sexual performance. Each Estrovera bottle contains 30 servings and will set you back approximately $34.95.
  6. Metagenics SPM Active: Even though there isn’t much information available on this particular formula, it is most likely meant to enhance overall health and well-being. What is interesting with this formula is that it was created through a specific fractionation technology that standardizes levels of SPM (specialized pro-resolving mediator). Every SPM Active bottle contains 60 soft gel capsules and is priced at $69.95.
  7. Metagenics UltraFlora Balance: Is another probiotic formula that is meant to improve digestion, immune function, and overall health. UltraFlora Balance contains a strain of good bacteria that cleans and eradicates any harmful substances which may have built up in the gastrointestinal system. Each bottle of this product contains 60 capsules and is priced at $38.25.
  8. Metagenics PhytoMulti: Is a complete multivitamin supplement that maintains and improves overall health. The formula itself contains over 13 different ingredients, all of which have extensive research backing up their functions. Every PhytoMulti bottle contains 60 tablets and will last you one month. The price is $36.95.
  9. Metagenics BioPure: Represents a high-quality whey protein supplement that contains no chemicals, additives, or GMO substances. It can be used as a post workout shake or as a meal replacement option. One tub of the BioPure protein contains 15 servings and will set back around $46.88.
  10. Metagenics Clear Change 10 Day Program: This 10-day program is meant to detoxify the body, increase energy levels, and essentially create an overall healthier lifestyle. The customers who purchase this program usually have a hard time implementing healthy habits such as a clean and healthy diet, exercise, and so on. The program itself uses the process of metabolic detoxification, which burns fat and clears out toxins (4). This program includes a free shaker, protein powder, a program and guide with recipes, and access to a free webinar. The price is $119.50.

Metagenics Ingredients

First of all, Metagenics supplements contain only the best quality ingredients that are processed in FDA-inspected facilities, with no GMOs, gluten, or any other allergens and problematic substances (5). Each Metagenics products have a properly designed ingredients label with the needed dosing information, which is a big advantage considering the fact that most supplement companies hide their dosages inside a proprietary blend (6). Since there are so many Metagenics products, it’s very difficult to mention all of the ingredients in their supplements.

However, here are some of the ingredients found in their most popular products:

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus (Probiotic)
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Calcium
  • Whey protein
  • Tetrase
  • Rosemary
  • Taurine
  • Inositol
  • Choline

Does Metagenics Work?

The Metagenics Company offers top quality products that feature active ingredients, which have a proven record of effectiveness. This might be true, however, the results users experience will still greatly depend on their condition and goals. Individuals with small deficiencies or simple ailments will certainly benefit the most from the Metagenics products. But, the users who have more serious health issues and conditions should definitely not solely rely on the Metagenics supplements. Taking everything into account, Metagenics have a big base of happy customers who all experienced at least some form of health benefit.

Metagenics Side Effects

Metagenics products are relatively safe and should not induce any kind of negative effects. However, each person is different and will react differently to their formulas. Because of this, some users have reported the following side effects:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Insomnia

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In the end, we can only conclude that Metagenics is a highly reputable supplement brand that brings quality products to the market. Their supplements come with a few possible negative effects, which aren’t that serious but could be extremely annoying.

Choosing the right health products is a serious task, since you may end up wasting a lot of money. From everything we saw in this review, there is a good amount of evidence to prove that Metagenics actually offers great solutions for numerous health problems, and that is the main reason we can recommend you give these supplements a try.


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