Mango Pure Cleanse Review

Mango Pure Cleanse Review (New 2020) – A Healthy Detox and Weight Loss Formula?


Mango Pure Cleanse Review 

Starting your weight loss journey is a significant step that will help you achieve a healthier body and lifestyle. You might already have a workout regime in place, but it can be hard to stick to a program if you’re struggling with motivation and willpower.

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One of the most important parts of trying to improve your health and your weight is to try and clear out the toxins in your body. That’s what Mango Pure Cleanse can do.

Mango Pure Cleanse offers a range of natural ingredients that claim to increase metabolism and suppress appetite. Though many of the benefits focus on helping you lose weight, there’s a good portion of this product that also helps you reduce the toxins that build up in your body over time. Not only will this product assist with weight loss and detoxification, it is also said to help lower glucose and cholesterol levels in the body, therefore, promoting overall health.

Now, the real question is can this supplement live up to its hype? Read on and find out in this unbiased review.

How Does Mango Pure Cleanse Work?

Mango Pure Cleanse primarily works by enhancing one's metabolic rate. It is thought to also have a positive effect on the digestive absorption of the body, which is processed by biologic thermogenesis. Mango Pure Cleanse has potent natural ingredients which spike the metabolism allowing the body to burn more calories at rest. The manufacturers even claim that Mango Pure Cleanse works with your digestive system to dispense the unnecessary toxins. It flushes away pounds of waste and disposes of destructive substances.

Mango Pure Cleanse Ingredients

Mango Pure Cleanse is filled with numerous ingredients that could boost your weight loss and promote overall health. This might be true, but by simply looking at the product's label, we can already spot a huge problem, which is the proprietary blend.

Be that as it may, here are the ingredients found in the formula:

  1. Calcium Carbonate – Is a crucial mineral that improves and maintains optimal brain function, bone health, anti-aging, and much more (1). However, Calcium supplementation is typically only given to those who are deficient in it. In this form, it can potentially lead to side effects such as upset stomach, nausea, dry mouth, constipation, stomach gas, and vomiting (2).
  2. Mango Extract – The African Mango, or “Irvingia Gabonensis”, reduces fat levels by affecting both blood sugar levels and increasing what is known as leptin sensitivity (3). Increased leptin sensitivity allows the body to burn fat easily while promoting a stream of continuous energy. Similarly, the ingredient controls blood sugar meaning that fatty acids will be used to create energy in the body. This extra energy will promote a more energetic lifestyle allowing natural fat reduction whilst the direct use and thus removal of fatty acids will prevent the build-up of fat cells which would otherwise increase weight (4).
  3. Raspberry Ketones – Are a potent weight loss ingredient, but are only effective in higher doses. Raspberry Ketones provide fat burning effects on different parts of the fat cell. The research concluded on Raspberry Ketones also proves their excellent weight loss properties (5). However, as mentioned, only high doses of this compound are efficient, and considering the fact that Mango Pure Cleanse does not have proper dosing information, we can only assume that it contains an underdosed amount of this ingredient (6).
  4. Acai Berry Extract – The Acai fruit has a wide range of health benefits. The valuable ones include the property that helps reduce cardiovascular disease risks by improving certain conditions and removing risk factors. Risk factors include obesity, high cholesterol levels, stress reduction, and sleep improvement. Acai Berry contains two groups of active chemicals, which have been linked to weight loss. Phenethylamine is the first chemical which is known to suppress appetite, increase lipolysis and fat breakdown. Beta3-adrenergic is the second chemical that increases internal body temperature, improving the resting metabolic rate and suppressing cravings along the way (7) (8).
  5. Green Coffee Extract – A very popular and common weight loss ingredient. Green Coffee is believed to help people lose weight by preventing fat absorption within the gut which boosts metabolism and burns more calories (9). This ingredient also contains caffeine, which can induce insomnia, nervousness and restlessness, stomach irritation, nausea, and vomiting (10).
  6. Green Tea Extract – Another highly popular ingredient that is used for a range of applications, including weight loss (11). It is believed that Green Tea raises the core body temperature, promoting the fat burning process which also raises the metabolism. Green Tea is consumed all around the world and is also said to lead to many additional health benefits. However, Green Tea also contains caffeine which now raises the safety concern even further (12) (13) .

Ingredients Summary

Mango Pure Cleanse has some potentially useful ingredients. They even have some research backing up their claims, but one big problem comes in to play straight away. The dosages for each ingredient are not listed on the product, which is a big concern. The consumer is not informed about the exact amount of each component, resulting in a possible inefficiency of the supplement.

Although the ingredients are all natural, it does not mean they're proven to be safe. The caffeine found in this supplement is most likely very high and can promote a wide range of problems we already mentioned.

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Mango Pure Cleanse does contain some ingredients that could provide results, but the dosages they come in are most likely not sufficient. It's also likely that the caffeine content is very high, and in combination with other stimulants, can promote a wide range of problems. After reviewing each Mango Pure Cleanse component, its working process and ingredients, we can only conclude that this product has more negatives than positives going for it. The best option for anyone reading this review is to simply choose a different diet and detoxification option.


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