Mancore 2 Review

Mancore 2 Review (New 2020) – A Miracle Testosterone Booster?


Mancore 2 Review 

When you start to see a decline in your testosterone levels, you may not realize what you’re dealing with at first. You know you feel tired and run down, you’re putting on fat where you never had before, you’re edgy and irritable, but you might not know that decreasing testosterone levels are the root cause, which is especially common in your late 30’s.

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If you are suffering from low testosterone levels, a natural supplement like Mancore 2 may be the right answer. Complete Nutrition, the popular manufacturer of this supplement claims they’ve developed a special formula that will stimulate the production of healthy testosterone levels in order to improve libido and to boost overall energy. Mancore 2 users should also experience an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in excess weight.

All of this sounds great but is everything true? We will take a closer look at this testosterone booster and summarize the results just for you. Just read on!

How Does Mancore 2 Work?

With its powerful ingredients, Mancore 2 supposedly causes the body to naturally produce more testosterone, as opposed to injecting testosterone into your body (testosterone replacement therapy), which can cause more problems later on. The safest way to correct low testosterone levels is to encourage your body to create more of the hormone internally and not force it into your system with needles. It is unnatural to inject hormones into the body, which will just throw you off even further.

Luckily, Mancore 2 claims to safely trigger testosterone production, creating a balanced testosterone level for the long-term.

Mancore 2 Ingredients

Besides Zinc and DHEA which are the only ingredients with actual dosing information, the rest of Mancore 2 is just one big proprietary blend.

Proprietary blends are never a good sign. Supplement companies use these blends to mix different ingredients together, providing no clear indication about the dosages for each compound. With no clear dosing information, Mancore 2 increases the risk of side effects and inefficiency.

Nonetheless, here is the list of ingredients included in Mancore 2:

  1. Zinc (7.5mg) – Is an essential mineral which benefits the body in various ways, it helps with hormonal balance, improves the immune system, enhances cognition, and facilitates digestion (1). Zinc has the ability to act as an anti-oxidant, which may have significant effects on many chronic diseases like cancer or heart disease. Zinc is also believed to benefit testosterone production, which is why it’s included in Mancore 2. Although this testosterone boost only provides 7.5mg of this crucial mineral, it’s not enough considering that a healthy person should consume anywhere from 10 to 15mg of Zinc per day (2).
  2. Tribulus Terrestris – A staple ingredient in almost every testosterone booster. It is believed that Tribulus boosts muscle strength and development, treats impotence, elevates libido, and even improves physical performance (3). However, with no studies backing up its claims, you can’t expect any significant testosterone boosting properties (4).
  3. White Button Mushroom – Is believed to reduce the tension from headaches, having similar properties like aspirin (5). Some studies suggest that it can boost testosterone levels by stopping enzymes converting into estrogen. However, more research has to be done on this topic (6).
  4. Long Jack Root – This ingredient does not have a lot of actual proof in terms of its ability to increase testosterone levels. Although, many studies have shown that it improves libido and erectile function (7).
  5. Cordy-Ceps Sinensis – Originally used in ancient Asian medicine, primarily in Tibetan and Chinese traditions (8). This ingredient can cure a multitude of ailments, of which erectile dysfunction and BHP are included (9).
  6. Stinging Nettle Leaf – Has been used mostly to cure urinary problems, like benign prostate hyperplasia. There is some evidence which suggests that Stinging Nettle Root elevates testosterone production by inhibiting testosterone from converting to estrogen, however, more research has to be concluded (10).
  7. Bee Propolis Extract – Many studies show that Bee Propolis actually helps with hormone regulation, specifically testosterone regulation. It is also believed that Bee Pollen contains amino acids which can increase the metabolism by dissolving fat cells in the body (11).
  8. DHEA (25mg) – Represents dehydroepiandrosterone, a compound that is naturally occurring in the body. The brain, gonads, and adrenal glands produce DHEA naturally (12). Studies have shown a significant impact of DHEA on testosterone production and muscular development. However, the World Anti-Doping Agency has banned it, which ensures anti-doping policies for sports organizations around the globe are even. In 1985, the FDA also banned products containing DHEA since supplement companies made dishonest promises about this ingredient. Although, with better standards today, they eventually allowed DHEA back on the market (13) (14).

Ingredients Summary

After looking at the quality of Mancore 2 ingredients, the main issue is certainly the dosing information. With no proper dosing information, this testosterone booster puts every user at a serious risk of adverse effects. Ingredients like Zinc and Stinging Nettle Leaf can be useful if provided in suitable quantities, which we can’t determine with Mancore 2. There is simply no way to fairly assess this product since we don’t know the amounts of each active component. Additionally, there have yet to be any clinical studies on this testosterone boosting formula as a whole.

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Overall, with a weak formula and a deceptive marketing plan, there is no way we could recommend you buy Mancore 2. The simple reason is the severe lack of important information about its safety and effectiveness. Complete Nutrition does not indicate or warn users about the possible negative effects of some ingredients, but still promotes the use of them. There are undoubtedly more reliable and credible dietary supplements available on the market that are capable of real long-term results, so your best bet is to choose one of them.


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