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Mag O7 Review (New 2020) – The Ultimate Digestive System Cleanser?

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If you’re interested in this article, you most likely suffer from some sort of digestive disorder. Millions of people around the world experience all sorts of digestive problems that negatively influence their quality of life.

Irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, painful bowel movements, irregular bowel movements, anal disorders, internal and external hemorrhoids, and others colon based issues cause serious risks that threaten our health.

With such disorders, curing them becomes the number one goal. Now, there are several options for treating these problems that range from surgery to dietary changes and medication. Unfortunately, all of these treatments lack something important.

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For instance, surgery is very expensive and often requires extensive downtime. Dietary changes might never fix the issues completely and may even take weeks or months before they provide any relief at all. And serious medication could possibly lead to side effects that no one wants.

However, there is an unexplored and rarely mentioned solution for curing digestive problems: A cleansing process that eradicates toxins, mucous, and other harmful substances. By using the natural power of oxygen, Mag O7 does just this.

This dietary supplement will cleanse and flush out all the built-up toxins and dangerous substances from the colon and digestive system without diarrhea or electrolyte loss. Another property of this revolutionary supplement is its ability to detoxify other organs, not just the colon. Increased absorption of important and vital nutrients and enhanced immune function is another claimed benefit of Mag O7. And all of this is supposedly achieved with no adverse effects.

But can Mag O7 really live up to its astonishing claims? Or is it just another bogus solution? Simply read on and find out!

How Does Mag O7 Work?

After taking a Mag O7 capsule its potent ingredients begin to release nascent or mono-atomic oxygen inside the body. But this process only occurs in an acidic environment, such as our digestive system. The Mag O7 active magnesium also acts as a way of transporting oxygen through the body, especially in the colon. This process should clean out all the waste and toxins inside the colon, extracting and eradicating it from the body. The outcome of this process will be a soft and pleasant bowel movement that will pass all the toxins and unnecessary substances from the system.

Mag O7 Ingredients

Ingredients are the most important part of any dietary supplement since they serve as the main driver of results. Fortunately, Mag O7 has a properly designed product label, with a full list of ingredients and precise dosing information. This information minimizes the chance of inefficiency and underdosing and lowers the risk of side effects.

Here are the ingredients found in Mag O7:

  1. Elemental Magnesium (1,035 mg) – This naturally occurring mineral is crucial for proper nerve and muscle function, and for health in general (1). Most people get the needed dose of this essential mineral through a proper diet plan, however, Magnesium supplementation is required in specific situations (2). Elemental magnesium can aid with various stomach problems, and it can even increase the amount of water in the colon which could flush out the excess toxins and harmful substances from the system. The Department of Medicine, Health Centre Hospital of Oulu, even concluded that Elemental Magnesium supplementation could encourage more frequent bowel movements (3). However, we can only say that Elemental Magnesium will help with stomach problems to some degree. More research has to be done on the effects of Elemental Magnesium and colon health (4).
  2. Elemental Potassium (99 mg) – Represents another essential mineral that helps with heart function, muscle contraction, gut health, nerve cells, and kidneys (5) (6). If our body is deficient in Potassium, you can possibly feel lethargic, tired, fatigued, suffer from constipation, and in some cases even have irregular heartbeats (7). However, Mag O7 provides only a relatively small dose of this crucial mineral that will help with digestion and other important functions to some degree. A sufficient dose of Elemental Potassium is at least 4000 to 4700 mg per day (8).

Other Mag O7 ingredients include Rice Flour, Citric Acid & Gelatin.

Ingredients Summary

Mag O7 Colon Cleanser offers a great ingredients formula. However, even with a proper product label and proof of effectiveness, we need to say that Mag O7 is not FDA-approved. This colon cleanser can still provide benefits but it would be much better to know that it is actually approved by the official Food and Drug Administration.

Nevertheless, research clearly shows that Elemental Magnesium and Potassium can help with various digestive problems and Magnesium supplementation can even remove harmful and unneeded substances from the colon. Some form of adverse effects could occur when supplementing with Mag O7, but we are going to cover these in-depth shortly.

How to Use Mag O7

It is recommended that users take up to 5 capsules of Mag O7 before going to bed at night. The capsules should be washed down with plenty of water on an empty stomach, for a maximum period of 10 days. The daily dosage may change, depending on the individual goals and needs. Results may vary from person to person.

Mag O7 Side Effects

Before using Mag O7, users should consult with a doctor. Individuals under the age of 18 and pregnant or nursing women should not use this product. As far as side effects go, some users have reported nausea, bloating, slight heartburn, noticeable weight fluctuations, and vomiting. This doesn’t come as a surprise since Mag O7 contains ingredients found in many laxative and diuretic products that are known to induce some form of adverse effects. Another thing to watch out for is the recommended use for this product. Mag O7 should only be used short-term, and absolutely not long-term.

Mag O7 Pricing

This dietary supplement can be purchased on the official NHR Premium Health website or through various online retailers like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Walgreens. The price of one bottle of 180 capsules costs anything from $30 to $39, which is fairly affordable. Sadly, Mag O7 doesn’t come with a money back guarantee.

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We have to say that there is no quick fix that would destroy toxins or other harmful substances instantly. But in this case, we actually stumbled upon a product that can truly deliver its claimed benefits. The scientific evidence and user reviews clearly show that Mag O7 will work. However, there still is a chance that side effects that may occur if users consume this product over a longer period of time. Another downside of Mag O7 is that it doesn’t come with a money back guarantee, which is really disappointing.

Taking everything into consideration, Mag O7 is a solid colon and digestive cleansing supplement that will do what it preaches. A chance of negative effects does exist but sometimes we have to take small risks.


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