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Lipodrene Hardcore Review

Lipodrene Hardcore Review (New 2020) – Is This Fat Burner True to its Claims?


Lipodrene Hardcore Review 

If you’re looking for a serious fat burner to amp up your weight loss or cutting process, your search may be a real nightmare. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of products, each making extraordinary claims. These days, all you hear about are the good old times before the FDA actually banned everything that worked. Seems like all supplement companies are putting together ingredient combinations, trying to find something that will recreate those effective stacks we all wish we still had access to.

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Lipodrene Hardcore is one of the latest fat burners on the scene, claiming to offer a truly revolutionary fat burning formula. This diet pill claims to increase fat burning, boost metabolism, and improve overall muscle definition. Lipodrene Extreme contains a formula made out of powerful stimulants, put together to aid in the fat burning process. Besides its weight loss abilities, this supplement is also designed to enhance energy levels and alertness, which is always an excellent addition to any dietary supplement.

Promises like these always sound appealing but are they really true? In this review, we will thoroughly inspect Lipodrene Hardcore and figure out the real potential of this weight loss supplement! Keep reading!

How Does Lipodrene Hardcore Work?

Lipodrene Hardcore uses ingredients that can actually help you increase the amount of fat you burn on a daily basis. These ingredients work by speeding up your metabolism and put your body into a fat burning state.

Simply put, your body is more inclined to burn fat whenever possible, and since your body is always looking to burn fat, it makes it much easier for you to build muscle. However, this isn’t a revolutionary idea since the majority of fat burners use the same concept.

Lipodrene Hardcore Ingredients

Just like most fat burners, Lipodrene Hardcore also comes in the form of a proprietary blend. With that being said, consumer are not informed about the specific dosages for each ingredient found in the formula.

However, here is the list of ingredients included in Lipodrene Hardcore:

  1. Acai Rigidula Extract – Derived from the perennial shrub called “blackbrush”, this extract is native to the regions of Central Mexico and Texas. Acai Rigidula is believed to have stimulant properties, which is the reason why we see more and more diet pills including this ingredient (1). Acai Rigidula contains two active chemicals which have been linked to increased weight loss. Phenethylamine is the first chemical found in Acai Rigidula. This substance suppresses appetite and increases lipolysis. This chemical can also improve overall mood. Bet3-androgenic is the second, and it increases the internal body temperature, improves the metabolic rate, and also suppresses any hunger cravings (2).
  2. Citrus Aurantium Extract (Synephrine) – Contains a potent substance called Synephrine, which is known to promote weight loss and improve energy (3). This compound stimulates the nervous system and increases the heart rate and metabolism, providing a higher calorie expenditure. However, the huge problem with Synephrine is its side effects. Common side effects associated with Synephrine include burning, stinging, headaches, nausea, sweating, and more. It has been banned in many countries because of its adverse properties (4).
  3. DMAA – Is a controversial stimulant that is linked to many different side effects (5). Although this chemical could potentially improve weight loss, FDA and many other government agencies have banned its use. DMA can induce rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure, and increased the chance of heart attack or stroke (6).
  4. Caffeine – Is among the strongest energy sources available in the form of a dietary supplement. Caffeine directly affects the nervous system, allowing users to experience a boost in energy and alertness (7). Dozens of studies have shown that Caffeine intake greatly improves physical endurance and activity. However, higher doses of Caffeine can cause side effects such as insomnia, nervousness and restlessness, stomach irritation, nausea, and vomiting (8).
  5. Green Tea Extract – Provides many weight loss and health benefits. Green Tea has various antioxidants which improve skin quality, brain health, liver function, and energy. Green Tea also contains Caffeine, which raises the risk of side effects (9).
  6. Yerba Mate – This South American herb has strong stimulant abilities due to its Caffeine and Theobromine content. In regards to weight loss, Yerba Mate is extremely helpful in both weight loss and weight maintenance (10).
  7. Yohimbine – Another stimulant compound that stimulates the nervous system and increases weight loss. Yohimbine has the ability to specifically target stubborn body fat and is actually proven to work. However, FDA does not recommend its use due to the potential for serious adverse effects, most notably a dangerous drop in blood pressure, dizziness, headaches, and racing heartbeat (11).
  8. Theobromine – Is actually xanthine, a Caffeine derivative known to have virtually the same effects. Theobromine provides flavonoids that increase the production of adiponectin (a protein hormone), which is responsible for fat breakdown control and glucose. With high adiponectin levels, the body can burn fat more efficiently (12).
  9. Methylsynephrine – Represents a powerful thermogenic compound that can rapidly elevate heart rate and metabolism (13). Some studies have shown initial negative results. Further research is necessary, especially as it may relate to the long-term benefits and abilities of Methylsynephrine (14).

Ingredients Summary

Lipodrene Hardcore combines a number of possibly effective but highly dangerous stimulants. Each of these compounds alone can induce a range of side effects. Without knowing the full amount of each ingredient, it’s almost impossible to properly dose this product according to one’s personal needs.

Due to the possibility of adverse effects, the kind of ingredients found in Lipodrene Hardcore are not a long-term solution for weight loss.

Also, there is no information available that would prove the effectiveness of all these stimulants mixed together. The manufacturers also fail to provide any information on how they tested this dietary supplement, if it was even tested at all.

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Bottom line, there is no solid proof whether Lipodrene Hardcore works or not. However, even if effective, this fat burner contains numerous stimulants that hold potentially dangerous side effects.

With all the adverse effects, it is very hard to promote Lipodrene Hardcore as good value for the price of $69.95. Even if this product provides weight loss and fat burning benefits, its horrendous consequences simply outweigh them.

There are undoubtedly more reliable and safer options on the market today, so your best bet is to go with them instead.


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