Lipo Laser Review

Lipo Laser Review (New 2020) – The Ultimate Fat Reduction Treatment?


Lipo Laser Review 

Complicated cosmetic surgeries have significantly decreased in the past few years with more and more individuals opting for easier, faster, minimally invasive procedures (1).

Easier non-invasive treatments have gained a reputation as “lunchtime procedures” because they allow patients to return to their daily activities in less than two hours.

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In this complete Lipo Laser review, we look at what the procedure entails, side effects, cost, and the reasons why both men and women are now turning to it as a safe and fast way of maintaining and improving their looks. Read on!

What is Lipo Laser?

Lipo Laser is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure used in eliminating fat cells from different parts of the body. Lipo Laser is often applied to different trouble areas such as the waist, back, abdomen, arms, chin, and thighs (2). The Lipo Laser treatment uses special low-level laser beams to break up fat before its removal from the body, reducing the need for harsh suction. The procedure itself is completely painless, which is a big step up from the traditional invasive liposuction method that requires needles, knives, and other tools.

It is very important to mention that Lipo Laser is FDA approved as a safe body treatment.

How Does Lipo Laser Work?

This non-surgical, non-invasive treatment uses two different wavelengths of laser energy to efficiently remove the unnecessary weight, while also promoting skin health. The Lipo Laser treatment consists of two phases. The first phase promotes the tensing of deep layer connective tissues and reduces fat deposits with the help of long ND: YAG pulses. The ND: YAG waves heat up deep tissues and layers of fat, while simultaneously stimulating the fatigue of fat cells and tensile collagen fibers. The second phase of the treatment focuses on tightening the finer layers of the skin with the help of the short pulses ER: YAG laser energy. The laser’s heat simultaneously thickens the collagen fibers and stimulates the production of new ones. This phase also effectively tightens and hydrates the skin, restoring its youthful appearance (3) (4).

Lipo Laser Results

Lipo Laser procedure results depend on many factors such as the area being treated, the patient’s body type, the number of treatment sessions involved, and much more.

However, the clinical study published in the Journal of The Laser and Health Academy demonstrates that:

  • The effects of Lipo Laser treatment are both instantaneous and long-lasting (5).
  • An average reduction in volume of 7-8cm can be achieved after an adequate number of Lipo Laser treatments (6).
  • Lipo Laser is a unique procedure that is individually planned to meet the specific needs and goals of the patient. The striking results of the Lipo Laser treatment prove that this method provides satisfactory results over surgical lipolysis.
  • Again, it is also worth pointing out that Lipo Laser is an almost completely painless body contouring procedure.

Exercise, Diet, Nutrition and Lipo Laser

Exercising is highly recommended when undergoing the Lipo Laser treatment. The procedure won’t have any effect on your physical capabilities, and you can even workout a day after the treatment. Even though exercise is suggested, there isn’t a specific program that they recommend. Being physically active is one of the key ways to induce weight loss, with our without Lipo Laser. So you should count on exercising after the Lipo Laser treatment (7) (8).

Unfortunately, there is no information available that associates the Lipo Laser treatment with any sort of diet program. However, eating healthy is also recommended when undergoing the Lipo Laser treatment. Users that follow a well-structured diet plan are said to have more success with the Lipo Laser procedure (9) (10).

Lipo Laser Side Effects

If you are considering going for the Lipo Laser treatment, you should probably know about the potential side effects.

As mentioned, Lipo Laser is FDA approved for safety and efficiency (11) (12). Clinical studies have shown that side effects that might occur from Lipo Laser are indeed rare and almost never permanent.

Users may experience the following:

  • Skin redness, numbness, or bruising after the procedure. These signs will wear off in less than a month after the treatment.
  • Some users experienced temporary sensory loss in the treated area which wore off after a few days.
  • There are virtually no side effects concluded after a post-treatment follow up period of 6 months.

What Are the Considerations Before the Lipo Laser Treatment?

  1. Customers must be over 18 years old and in good health.
  2. Fat must be in a certain specific body area.
  3. Older people may experience skin sagginess after the procedure.

Consulting a physician before undergoing the Lipo Laser treatment is a must, as the procedure can have adverse effects on certain individuals listed below:

  1. Cancer patients
  2. Pregnant or nursing mothers
  3. Epileptic patients
  4. Pacemaker users
  5. Diabetics
  6. Individuals with implanted medical devices

Lipo Laser Cost

Pricing can vary by a wide margin depending on where you get the Lipo Laser treatment, and how many sessions you choose to buy.

However, you can expect to pay between $100 and $500 per session. Depending on the desired results, a customer could easily find themselves taking up to ten sessions, with a total cost of roughly $5000.

It is important to first establish a customized treatment plan based on your goals, body, and budget to get the best price. This is why you are not likely to see specific Lipo Laser prices listed online.

You will need to consult a Lipo Laser specialist in person to understand exactly how much the treatment will cost for your individual case.

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Lipo Laser may be an expensive treatment, but when compared to other procedures like liposuction it’s hands down the winner and isn’t much more expensive than those methods. If you’ve dieted and exercised before and have gotten demotivated because you weren’t able to see results fast enough, this might provide you with best the results quickly, which you can then simply maintain by using a new way of eating and being more active.

Lipo Laser can absolutely be a great tool for weight loss, but using it purely as the only solution for your weight problems, certainly won’t have a positive outcome.


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