It Works Review 2019 – Does It Really?

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logo2   We all want a quick fix for our diets. Especially when we get down to the few areas of our bodies that just don’t want to cooperate. That’s where It Works! tries to come in with their body wraps that help you lose fat from a particular spot on your body.

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Those of you who exercise already know that you can’t lose weight from one specific area on your body (although, you can try to tone it the best that you can). So do the wraps really provide the solutions to our problems? It Works! attempts to and they also provide other products to aid your journey to fitness.

But does it actually work? And, more importantly, is it worth the expensive price tag?


Body Wraps

Body wraps are interesting. They’ve been growing in popularity, although it is uncertain why. Most wraps only improve the appearance of skin and their results are limited to about 24-48 hours. This may be why It Works! suggests that you do a wrap every 2-3 days.

So how does it work? Well, it really doesn’t. It Works! has some crazy ingredients in their wraps, but the ones that are actively doing something to your body are alcohol, green tea, and the oils. The alcohol can help to rid your skin of any imperfections like blemishes. The oil helps to nourish your skin and give it a healthy glow. The green tea helps to dehydrate the skin slightly to give it a more taut appearance.

Obviously, there are still situations and scenarios where you want to look your absolute best. So if you have the extra cash lying around, you might want to use these wraps as a quick fix to make your body look its best. But just like Cinderella, your time will run out.

Also, there are plenty of cheaper products that offer the same results. My favorite is the home fix where you combine coffee grounds with moisturizing lotion. You lather up the part of your body that needs an extra boost then you seal it up with some saran wrap. Give it about an hour and your skin will look just as good. Plus, this saves you time and money.

And if you do get tempted or desperate (no judgement), just remember that if it actually did work then everyone would be doing it.

Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitor

The Fat Fighter is a real head-scratcher. It contains cactus which is naturally high in fiber. Now high fiber diets can help you lose weight. They even help you feel full so you can eat less.

This is why it’s a bit surprising that It Works! has you take this supplement after you’ve eaten a cheat meal. If you take it before it might help you resist eating the bad food in the first place.

Greens on the Go

Greens on the Go are also interesting. They try to offer a more delicious means of getting your daily veggies, but the ingredients and label are so complex it’s difficult to tell what you’re actually putting in your body. Skip the expensive junk and eat the real stuff.

Your body absorbs nutrients best from natural sources, not products that are overly processed. If you don’t enjoy the taste of greens, try masking them. For instance, you can bake kale leaves with a little salt and suddenly they smell and start to taste like French fries thanks to a simple condiment.

You can also blend up greens with “selfish” fruits such as bananas and pineapple if you don’t want to taste them. Considering It Works! greens cost over $2.00 per serving, it is in your best interest (and your wallet’s) to just go natural.


Thermofit hits a little closer to the mark. It still has way too many ingredients for comfort (remember, the more ingredients there are, the more likely it is that you will have a negative reaction to at least one of them). It does contain chromium and green tea which have been shown to help with weight loss.

However, it then contains ingredients like vitamin B12 that don’t help at all. And you’re paying for each and every one of them. It Works! is not cheap. And unless a product is going to work and has proven science, it isn’t worth a single cent.

Hair, Skin, and Nails

It Works! hair, skin, and nails product really raises more questions than it answers. There is one ingredient that has been shown to help the appearance of your hair, skin, and nails and that is biotin, but it’s not even in this crazy expensive supplement.

It does contain calcium (along with a very long list of preservatives), but calcium does not help your outward appearance[6]. Of course, calcium is good for you for other reasons, but you can save your money and get what you need through natural sources or a significantly cheaper supplement.

The Company

It Works! is still relatively new to the diet scene. What raises a major red flag is the company’s own history. They readily admit that the company was created by a husband and wife duo (a high school teacher and a stay-at-home mom) because they wanted extra income.

They were not motivated by health or their scientific knowledge. Their next goal was to come up with unique products that other companies don’t offer to alleviate some competition. It’s a good business strategy. But you’re here for a weight loss product that works, you don’t want another get-rich-quick pyramid scheme. And that’s exactly what the company became.

Everyone uses the people below them to try to make an extra buck. Now, there will always be people trying to sell you something. But if you’ve been involved with these fads long enough, you get tired of the onslaught of calls, texts, and Facebook messages. They’re hard to escape. When I can, I try to avoid these types of companies all together.

Weight loss is hard enough without someone breathing down your neck the whole time. Even worse, they’ll want you to rope your friends into it. I know, because I was almost desperate enough to try it once. I never allow my own personal experiences to impact the information I provide because I do want to be unbiased and scientific, but in this case you need to know what you could be getting yourself into.

Not only did they try to make me sign up for monthly deliveries so I could get a slightly discounted price (if it works then why do I need a continuous supply of wraps?!) and then wanted me to host a party where all of my friends buy products- all within 24 hours before I ever saw or touched an actual product of theirs.

Companies like this actually becomes a lot of work for you. They want you to do their heavy lifting and supply their income. You have enough on your plate. So back away quietly and quickly.

The Clients

You will find a lot of very opinionated reviews out there for It Works! products. Keep in mind that the company does use distributors. If you come across someone who is raving about how great the product is, whereas most of the other reviews say it doesn’t work then go with then majority. Still, let’s break it down product by product.

The wraps received a 2.8 out of 5 stars[1]. Most people reiterated what science had suggested. The product doesn’t budge fat. It can help make your skin look better. By doing so, it can temporarily boost your confidence, so that’s always good. But compared to the price, it’s not worth it.

The Fat Fighter received a 3 out of 5 stars[2]. This isn’t surprising since fiber should help you lose a little weight. Many users, though, complained about their constant need to use the restroom. Even worse, some costumers became bloated after using the supplement. That’s the complete opposite direction that you want to go. But the distributors who commented swear it’s the best.

Greens on the go have a slightly higher rating than the other products- 4 out of 5 stars[3]. However, even users that gave it a 5 out of 5 commented on how bad the product tasted. Most recommended mixing it with the smallest amount of liquid possible and washing it down with something that has a strong flavor. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose?

The thermofit has an average 3 out of 5 stars[4]. Some users loved it. This product does contain some ingredients that work. But others experienced nausea and headaches. This is expected because getting too much chromium can really throw your body out of whack. If you can tolerate the chromium, this product could be alright for use. Just remember you’re paying more for all of the extra add-ins that don’t impact your waistline. Make the choice that’s best for you, but always be informed.

Our Take

As far as we can tell, It Works! doesn’t work. Only one of the products actually has proven ingredients that do what they claim to do, and even then there are a ton of filler driving up the price and potentially causing you negative side effects. Not to mention, you get tangled in a pretty tight web with your distributor.

As someone who almost got snarled in this mess (yes, we’ve all been desperate especially with class reunions looming in the near future), it’s not worth the headache. It Works! forces you to pay ridiculous prices for questionable products or tries to make you sign up for three months for a slightly less ridiculous price.

Save yourself the trouble and find a different company that offers you products that actually give you results. So, at the end of the day, we have to give It Works! a 1 out of 5 stars. Definitely not worth it.

It Works Readers: Did you know you can use the Noom App to lose weight or just get fit, without the need for supplements? Find out what's possible with healthier, lifelong and sustainable results!
Stop spending a fortune on supplements!

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