Isagenix Review (New 2020) – Can It Really Help You?


isagenix   There are so many diet products out there, it can easily get overwhelming. That can make having one go-to diet company very luring.

Isagenix wants to be that company for you and they work to be the best option. But is it the right choice? The good news it, it may be!

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The Products

Isagenix offers loads of products- some geared towards weight loss, some for aging prevention, and others for athletes[6]. Although they group their products accordingly for each category, the products are all the same. They offer cleanses, meal replacement shakes, supplements, and even have healthy snack choices you can purchase through them such as soup.

This may seem odd, but it can actually be a great benefit. First, it takes the guess work out of buying products. Second, the products are not expensive when compared to other similar supplement manufacturers. If you are struggling with your weight loss, you know how dangerous grocery stores can be to your willpower. And once the product is in your house, you’re bound to eat it.

Isagenix tries to offer a way to purchase everything you need without leaving home. Or at least giving you everything you need for your meals so you can hit the produce section and avoid the rest of the grocery store. If you’ve been there, you know what a benefit that can be. However, if you only need a few products you can still easily get those as well.


So what products should you go for? For weight loss they recommend starting with a cleanse. Most people like to start their diet with a cleanse to put them on the right track. Before you spend your money, though, let’s talk about cleanses. First, your body is an amazing machine that runs incredibly well- especially, your kidneys and liver.

These organs are at work 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to detoxify your body. That means you don’t need any product to do what your body has already perfected[2]. So let’s clear this up right now. Your body is already detoxified.

No cleanse in this world will detox your body like your kidneys and liver already do. And no, these products do not boost the effects of your organs. This is something that cannot be approved upon. So save your money and your time and don’t bother with the cleanse. But this doesn’t wipe Isagenix off the board of possibilities.


Meal replacements can be wonderful if you’re not into counting every calorie you eat and drink. In fact, meal replacements have been found to be just as effective as restricted calorie diets. But there are a few things you should look for when choosing a meal replacement product. The first is taste.

Isagenix offers a few options: creamy French vanilla, strawberry cream, creamy Dutch chocolate, and black sesame which can be taken warm or cold depending on your preference. Make sure this is enough variety for you.

But, if you don’t like the way the product tastes there is no point in moving forward with an evaluation of the product. Save yourself the time and move on. Luckily, most users love the taste of Isagenix, especially when compared to other products available[1].

The next is calories. Isagenix falls right into the perfect calorie range at 230 calories per shake. When dieting, you still should be eating ~1,200 calories per day. If you take two shakes per day to lose weight then you still have 740 calories for snacks and a meal. That’s both a decent allotment and doable.

Some meal replacements have too few calories and you still end up needing to track them for the majority of your day or they have too many calories and you don’t have enough for an actual meal. So this is a major bonus.

The next component you need to assess is the ingredients. Sadly, Isagenix has 11g of sugar per shake. That’s a ton considering most doctors recommend that you only get 20g per day (of added sugars not from natural carb sources).

However, if you can avoid sugars for your third meal of the day by eating things like chicken noodle soup, then Isagenix can still be a good choice for you. It’s all about balance. Sometimes that balance is giving yourself a good tasting meal replacement so you can reach your health goals.

Isagenix also has loads of vitamins and minerals- 23 to be exact. This is average for meal replacements (no one really offers more). What’s even better is that Isagenix is relatively inexpensive, so you’re getting the same add-ons as more expensive products but you’re not paying the price.

Now it’s also important to mention that these products contain fat. Most people who are dieting might try to shun this macronutrient, but you don’t necessarily have to. The issue is that there are more calories in a gram of fat than in a gram of carbs or protein. This just means that by eating fat, you have to eat less than you would eating other foods.

But you still need fat, especially to absorb fat-soluble vitamins. This is why it’s included in Isagenix, so don’t be scared away.

Isagenix also contains whey protein. Whey is a milk product, but Isagenix offers lactose-free versions which are ideal for those with an allergy or those who are vegan.

However, if you can have whey, it’s a great option to go with. Is contains all the amino acids you need (and you do need all of them)[5]. In fact, taking 35g of whey protein has been found to absorb well and helps with new muscle protein synthesis[3]. This is perfect if you are wanting to tone up.

The nice thing about meal replacements is that you also have an easy method for maintaining your weight loss results. Typically, you take two shakes per day for weight loss and one for maintenance. The nice thing about Isagenix is that you just mix the powder with water and you’re ready to go. It’s convenient and is probably less time consuming than your current regimen.


Isagenix also offers supplements. This is nice because a huge component of supplement choice is trusting the company. If you already take other Isagenix products, this can take a lot of the stress out of the equation. Also, companies who have regular users and distributors are more likely to be transparent with their products, which also puts our minds at ease.

One of Isagenix supplements is called the “Accelerator” because it accelerates your results. It has green tea and chromium which have been shown to impact fat loss. It also has Niacin which lowers high cholesterol[4].

You may not think Niacin is worth the price if you don’t have high cholesterol, but this vitamin has also been shown to alleviate osteoarthritis and lower your risk of heart attack, diabetes, and cataracts[4]. So overall, this product is a pretty decent bang for your buck.

The Company

Isagenix is a relatively new company. However, they have done their best to step up to the big leagues and compete with established companies like Advocare, Herbalife, and Shakeology. To remain competitive in a health-driven market, they actually have a clinical nutritionist available to answer questions[6]. Now, it may not be easy to actually have a Q and A with Dr. Nozek, but the fact that they have her support does a lot for the company’s reputation.

Isagenix also tries to be transparent with their products. They provide nutrition labels and ingredient lists readily. They make an effort to show that they aren’t hiding anything from users. This can be a breath of fresh air considering there are a lot of companies in the diet world who are just after your money and have no concern for your health.

The Customers

Customers who have tried Isagenix rave about it and have given it a 4 out of 5 stars[1]. One user suggested blending the product for about 15 seconds to get more of a mousse-product. Sounds delicious, right? Users also report that the product is less gritty than other meal replacement products (grit is a typical downside of most meal replacements).

Another customer explains that the flavor is mild and that those who do not like the taste of Isagenix are most likely comparing the product to a true milkshake and not other meal replacements. It’s really no surprise that most consumers love the taste of due to its high sugar content.

But, as always, a diet is about being healthier than you currently are and having a plan that is sustainable. If having 11g of sugar per meal is a step in the right direction for you and Isagenix is something you can actually get yourself to do, then why not go for it?

Our Take

If we ignore the cleanse products, we give Isagenix a 4 out of 5 stars. Obviously, the ingredients are not the same quality as more expensive products such as Shakeology. However, it offers great nutrition for those who are active and want an affordable meal replacement plan. The company is also reputable and has a nutritionist available for customers.

The big problem is that the shake has 11g of sugar- much higher than other cheap meal replacements shakes like Herbalife. With meal replacements, though, it comes down to taste. If you currently consume more than 11g of sugar per meal and like the taste of Isagenix best, it could still be the right choice for you.

Just remember that there are plenty of meal replacement shake companies out there. Don’t limit yourself to the first one you taste test. For some users, though, Isagenix is a good choice and it may be for you.

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