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Hydroxycut Hardcore Review (New 2020) – Advanced Thermogenic Formula?

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Hydroxycut Hardcore 

For most men and women, maintaining a proper diet plan and trying to lose weight is a daily struggle. While eating healthy and working out can help, these methods still have their limits for most of us.

Sometimes, our body needs an extra push that will power us through the weight loss journey. Fortunately, there are a number of great options on the market that can give us the support we need.

With that being said, this review will focus on a highly popular diet pill called Hydroxycut Hardcore, which may be just the right choice for you.

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Hydroxycut Hardcore claims to be a powerful and effective fat burning supplement that provides users with all the support they need to eliminate their excess inches. In addition to promoting weight loss, this formula also enhances energy levels, boosts mood, mental clarity, and even promotes the development of new muscle tissue. To date, this product has received a lot of positive feedback from its users, therefore it might just do what it claims to.

To learn more about Hydroxycut Hardcore simply continue reading and find out everything you need to know!

How Does Hydroxycut Hardcore Work?

The Hydroxycut formula contains a special blend of thermogenic ingredients which drive the fat burning process. In addition to fat burning, these ingredients also boost energy, alertness, and focus.

When the thermogenic ingredients take effect our internal temperatures rise, which means our bodies must work to cool down. This process requires a lot of energy and therefore burns many calories. This process also releases stored fat as a result of the body needing to cool itself down. This excess fat is then used to fuel this process or create a new stream of energy. An additional benefit of thermogenesis would be its ability to target problematic areas such as the lower stomach and love handles. The fat from these areas will be used up as fuel, which is why most diet pills add thermogenic ingredients.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Ingredients

Sadly, the first big problem with Hydroxycut Hardcore is the ingredients list, which is mainly composed of proprietary blends. These blends are a shady way for supplement companies to hide their real dosing information, putting the consumers at a high risk of adverse effects and inefficiency.

Nevertheless, here are the ingredients found in Hydroxycut Hardcore:

  1. Caffeine Anhydrous – Is one of the most popular stimulants in the world, Caffeine has been known to be a viable energy booster, appetite suppressant, and fat burner. Its stimulant abilities increase energy, giving every user the needed edge to pull through his workout or day (1). The only problem is that if caffeine is mixed with other stimulants, it can induce side effects, such as insomnia, nausea, restlessness, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, and others (2).
  2. L-Theanine – This non-essential amino acid is used to promote relaxation and to relieve anxiety or stress. L-Theanine is also believed to improve sleep quality in some individuals (3). Clinical studies did conclude that L-Theanine reduced symptoms of anxiety and schizophrenia in some patients, however, its properties have nothing to do with weight loss or energy (4).
  3. Cayenne Pepper – Also known as red hot chili pepper, a potent thermogenic agent. Cayenne Pepper induces thermogenesis, a process that raises the body’s core temperature. When you eat anything spicy you'll notice you start to sweat, essentially this is the thermogenic process taking place. Thermogenesis also boosts metabolism and provides more energy (5).
  4. Green Coffee Extract – Another stimulant ingredient that holds numerous benefits, which include its antioxidant properties, fat burning, and energy boosting abilities. However, as mentioned mixing numerous stimulant ingredients that contain Caffeine can lead to serious adverse effects (6) (7).
  5. Yohimbine Extract – Yet another stimulant that affects the nervous system and fat accumulation. Studies clearly show that Yohimbine can specifically target alpha-2 receptors, which are the main reason for stubborn fat. So this ingredient can, in fact, burn the accumulated fat in problem areas such as the lower abdomen (8). However, besides its weight loss benefits Yohimbine, unfortunately, has many possible side effects. These include escalated heart rate, anxiety, increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, and more (9).
  6. L-Tyrosine – Is an amino acid, a building block of protein. L-Tyrosine can be found in dairy products, meats, fish, eggs, nuts, beans, and wheat. It is believed that L-Tyrosine supplementation can suppress appetite and assist with weight loss by decreasing the number of calories one consumes. However, this claim is yet to be proven scientifically (10).
  7. L-Methionine – Represents an essential amino acid that is mostly found in red meat. L-Methionine supplementation has been shown to increase fat oxidation and is also good for bone health. Some studies also found that L-Methionine supplementation can improve the healing rate of wounds, Parkinson disease, drug withdrawal, schizophrenia, asthma, copper poisoning, alcoholism, and depression (11).
  8. L-Leucine – Another amino acid that prevents muscle catabolism in the body, preserving lean muscle mass. Studies suggest that it can support glucose homeostasis, which helps regulate food intake and improves energy levels (12).
  9. Trans-Ferulic acid – This acid is believed to slow down aging, increase metabolism, and help with weight loss overall. However, studies are still inconclusive about its properties and bring no solid proof to the table (13) (14).

Ingredients Summary

Hydroxycut Hardcore provides a range of possibly effective ingredients. However, even with some form of scientific proof of efficiency, we still don’t have the adequate dosing information for this formula. This valuable information is crucial, and without it, there is almost no way for us to truly determine the potency of this blend. And on top of that, some Hydroxycut ingredients like Yohimbine, and other stimulant agents could induce a myriad of serious health consequences, that no one wants.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Pricing

You can purchase Hydroxycut Hardcore directly from the official Hydroxycut website, as well as through various online retailers like Amazon, eBay, Walgreens, Walmart, GNC, etc.

The cost of this supplement is only $19.00 (30 servings), which is relatively cheap considering the prices of other diet pills. A 60-day money back guarantee is also offered to every customer.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Warnings

This supplement is not suitable for those who are under the age of eighteen. It is also highly advisable to consult a doctor or physician before using this product. Hydroxycut also warns that this product should not be used over an extensive period of time since it could induce a number of side effects. Improper use of this supplement will not result in desired results, so users should strictly follow the recommended doses described on the Hydroxycut Hardcore package.

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Hydroxycut is a well-recognized supplement company and their Hardcore diet pill does contain ingredients that could potentially boost weight loss and energy. However, their proprietary blend is meant to hide the essential dosing information, which raises a serious risk of side effects and inefficiency.

Hydroxycut Hardcore definitely has lots of room for improvement. If you don’t care about the possible negative effects, by all means, go for the purchase, just keep in mind that there are other reputable options that are also capable of great results without the potential negative effects.


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