HGH Pro Review (New 2020) – A Natural Way to Increase Muscle Mass?


HGH Pro 

Muscle growth is one of the most difficult tasks that most men face when it comes to their workout routine. It almost seems that no matter how hard you push yourself at the gym, adequate muscular development just doesn’t happen as expected.

While the lack of growth can be linked to a number of factors, one of the most pertinent is low hormone production. Current research clearly shows that most men fail to experience and maintain optimal growth because of their low growth hormone and testosterone production. With that being said, this review will focus on a popular hormone-boosting formula called HGH Pro.

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HGH Pro is described as an all-natural dietary supplement that promotes human growth hormone and testosterone production. This product contains powerful ingredients that stimulate the hormone-producing glands, therefore boosting GH and testosterone levels naturally, without any unnecessary needles or other invasive instruments. With increased hormone production, users are said to experience a serious boost in muscle mass, endurance, strength, and overall power.

As always the manufacturer’s claims sound very appealing. However, can this supplement really provide the service it offers? Read on and check out the full article!

HGH Pro Benefits

AI Sport Nutrition, the manufacturers of HGH Pro claim that each user will experience some of the following benefits:

  1. Muscular Development – HGH Pro will increase protein synthesis which is directly related to the pace at which our body acquires new muscle tissue. The results should be enhanced lean muscle gains and improved muscle conditioning.
  2. Improved HGH Production – According to some studies, HGH Pro will stimulate human growth hormone release and increase overall production.
  3. Fat Loss – The HGH Pro ingredients are said to stimulate lipolysis, or simply the fat burning process. This supplement also helps in supplying lipids, triglycerides, and fatty acids to our cells where there are metabolized and converted into usable energy.
  4. Improved Recovery – Spiked HGH levels enable faster recovery after each workout session, better sleep, and decreased fatigue. All of these factors are crucial for the muscle building process as well as overall health.

HGH Pro Ingredients

Fortunately, this dietary supplement not only has all-natural ingredients but it also comes with clear dosages on the actual label. This is a big advantage considering that most supplements today feature proprietary blends.

Here are the ingredients found in HGH Pro:

  1. Vitamin C (220 mg) – Represents a highly important vitamin that has a wide range of health benefits (1). Vitamin C improves immune system function, skin health, bone density, increases circulation, and even acts as a strong antioxidant (2).
  2. Vitamin B6 (100 mg) – All B vitamins, including Vitamin B6, have many important physical and physiological benefits on the body. This vitamin is known for its ability to maintain a healthy metabolism, liver and nerve function, eye health, as well as proper energy levels (3). Even though Vitamin B6 deficiencies are pretty much rare, taking an extra dose in the form of a pill can’t hurt. The slight problem with HGH Pro is its very high dose of Vitamin B6 that exceeds the recommended daily intake by a mile.
  3. Zinc (30 mg) – Is an essential mineral that has mostly biological functions that maintain proper health. Zinc supplementation can enhance one’s immune system, allowing the consumer to be healthy at all time. Most people get enough Zinc through their diet, however, supplementing it won’t induce any problems (4) (5).
  4. AlphaSize (Alpha-GPC) (600 mg) – This chemical is often used in medicine for memory loss or in brain-boosting supplements. There are studies that show that Alpha-GPC can increase acetylcholine, an important chemical in the brain, therefore improving memory, enhancing cognition, and treating conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (6). However, this ingredient has no correlation with human growth hormone production or testosterone (7).
  5. Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) (600 mg) – Is a neurotransmitter that is known to relieve stress, anxiety, and improve mood and well-being. Studies actually show that GABA is effective in treating chronic anxiety, depression, and mental issues. GABA is also used to improve sleep, weight loss, and lower blood pressure. Again, there isn’t too much correlation between GABA and hormone production (8).
  6. Green Tea Extract (300 mg) – One of the best and most well-known natural stimulants out there. Green Tea contains powerful antioxidants known as catechins, that when absorbed, cause norepinephrine, which is the “fat loss” hormone. Green Tea also boosts energy due to its high caffeine content, which can induce some form of side effects if combined with other stimulants (9) (10).
  7. Velvet Bean (280 mg) – Or Mucuna Pruriens, is an intermediate between dopamine and tyrosine. Velvet Beans are said to increase dopamine levels, increasing energy and motivation during any physical activity (11). Research shows that this ingredient can also reduce effects of stress, which could improve weight loss to some degree (12).
  8. Shilajit (200 mg) – Represents a dense tar-like substance that varies in color. It is commonly found in the mountains of Himalaya, Tibet, Karakuram, Gilgit Baltistan, and Altai. Shilajit was used in the traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine for its high levels of humic acids, triterpenes, and numerous minerals in their pure form. There is some scientific proof that suggests that Shilajit could improve testosterone, erection and sexual drive. However, more research has to be concluded on this topic (13) (14).

Ingredients Summary

HGH Pro might provide only natural ingredients, however, most of them have almost no correlation with human growth hormone or testosterone production. The majority of these components just improve overall health and increase energy expenditure. AI Sports Nutrition also fails to cite any unbiased and credible studies that would prove the effectiveness and safety of their blend, putting a big question mark on HGH Pro.

HGH Pro Pricing

This supplement can be purchased through the official AI Sports Nutrition website, or through most popular retailers like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Walgreens, Vitamin Shop, etc. As far as pricing goes, a 30 day supply of HGH Pro goes for around $54.99. Amazon does have the best deal, selling this supplement for only $39.99. Unfortunately, there is no money-back guarantee offered with this dietary supplement.

HGH Pro Side Effects

AI Sports Nutrition claim that their formula is completely safe and that it won’t induce any major side effects. However, users have reported some forms of negative effects after the use of HGH Pro.

These include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Heart palpitations
  • Heartburn
  • Agitation
  • Bloating
  • Vomiting

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In the end, we can say that HGH Pro does have some positive aspects. For instance, their formula contains different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that will improve overall health and well-being. However, these ingredients will not necessarily help you increase muscle mass, strength, or endurance. You might feel better overall, but as far as GH and testosterone production goes, there is absolutely no evidence that would support this claim. If you want to improve overall health and mood you might as well just go for a multivitamin supplement. But if you’re truly determined to increase muscle mass, growth hormone, and testosterone production, you will almost certainly have more success with a different product.


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