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Healthy Systems USA Review

Healthy Systems USA Review (New 2020) – The Best Way to Lose Weight Naturally?


Healthy Systems USA Review 

Making the decision to lose weight is one of the best things a person can do for their body. Carrying around too much weight is a struggle that can cause a multitude of health issues that go beyond obesity. When a person exceeds their intended weight for their age and height, they risk high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and similar problems (1).

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However, losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. Adding a few supplements and a good diet plan are great ideas that can create long-term habits.

The even better news is that there are a number of companies on the market that provide weight loss services, without the addition of side effects.

One of the more popular companies today is Healthy Systems USA, which claims to be the greatest weight loss system available.

Today, we will be discussing whether their weight loss system is safe and effective, and figure out if it can help you create lasting positive habits to support healthy weight loss.

What is Healthy Systems USA?

Healthy Systems USA is an all-natural weight loss program that claims to burn fat, boost metabolism and suppress appetite. The program includes 3 different products, an oral spray and 2 types of diet pills. The company has a strict goal to help customers reach their full potential when it comes to their diet and exercise regimes.

This is accomplished through the careful guidance of what one eats as well as through other natural weight loss methods.

Healthy Systems USA specifically focuses on users who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. The customers who suffer from these conditions reported seeing a tremendous improvement in their overall life quality after using Healthy Systems. Also, unlike other weight loss systems on the market today, Healthy Systems USA is “clinically proven” to work.

How Does Healthy Systems USA Work?

It is fairly easy to get started with the Healthy Systems weight loss program. The users consume the spray provided by the program, which is then absorbed by the sublingual gland into the bloodstream. The ingredients are then transferred directly to the brain. This will supposedly trigger the brain to release or metabolize up to 2000 calories from fat.

In the early stages of the program, users are advised to actually consume higher calorie foods in order to trick the brain into relaxing. This has the sole purpose of preventing starvation mode. On the 4th day of the program, the users have to eat a lower calorie diet that is limited to only 800 calories per day.

With the newly added calorie restriction, users will allegedly begin to lose one pound of fat per day! This process will be entirely painless since the Healthy Systems spray naturally prevents hunger and cravings.

The users will quickly lose fat as well as other toxins and excess water weight. Healthy Systems USA claims to have thousands of happy customer who went through their program and lost up to 50 pounds in only a few weeks.

Healthy Systems USA Products

These are some of the leading supplements offered by Healthy Systems USA:

EA Boost

This weight loss spray is one of the main products in the program. As mentioned, users are required to spray the product under the tongue three times in the morning, and three times in the evening before going to bed. This will significantly reduce appetite, promoting an overall feeling of satiety. EA Boost will also prevent any snacking or cravings, which are usually the main causes of weight gain.

B-12 Primo

Contains the highest quality Methylcobalamin B-12, and is a quick solution for anxiety, stress, and low energy. Stress and low energy levels are tightly correlated to weight gain, however, B-12 Primo claims to effectively combat these issues in seconds.

Homeopathic Spray

This Homeopathic oral spray is a proprietary formula created to support the body’s ability to achieve maximum weight loss results. The spray can metabolize up to 2000 calories of fat off the body. In addition, there are drainage remedies within the formula that flush out toxins from the body by stimulating the normal elimination pathways.

The Homeopathic Spray also claims to regulate and improve the function of organs and glands to optimize hormones that influence metabolism, appetite, and energy.

Healthy Systems Ingredients

Healthy Systems products are filled with numerous natural ingredients that could boost your weight loss and promote overall health. This could be true but by simply looking at their formulas, we can already spot potential problems, such as the proprietary blend found in all products.

The main ingredients for most of their products include:

  1. Guarana Extract – Can enhance weight loss through the combination of its active ingredients. It is also believed to boost the metabolism and cognitive function. Guarana contains caffeine, so it will certainly provide an energy boost (2).
  2. Ignatia Amara – The main ingredient in the spray products of the program. This extract is made from the seeds of the Ignatius bean tree, which is used as a homeopathic remedy, much like the majority of ingredients in the spray. Primarily, Ignatia Amara is believed to treat depression, anxiety, grief, stress, insomnia, and fainting. However, Ignatia Amara does raise a safety concern, since the seeds contain brucine and strychnine, which are potentially poisonous (3).
  3. Vitamin B12 – Our body uses Vitamin B-12 to produce energy from protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Vitamin B-12 also helps produce hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein in the blood. On top of that, this essential vitamin boosts the immune system, cell division, red blood cell formation, and energy metabolism (4).
  4. Vitamin B6 – This Vitamin helps the immune and nervous system, and aids the development of healthy brain function. Research even shows that Vitamin B6 supplementation combats heart and blood vessel disease, the risk of stroke, morning sickness, pre-menstrual syndrome, and anemia (5).
  5. Magnesium – Is a naturally occurring mineral that has a crucial role in nerve and muscle function. Magnesium is used to treat constipation, heartburn and indigestion. It also assists the body in reducing stomach acid levels, increasing the amount of water in the colon. However, Magnesium deficiencies are quite rare, so there is no point in supplementing it (6).
  6. Chromium – This essential trace mineral can potentially move blood sugar from the bloodstream into the cells. This process would turn all macronutrients into usable energy. However, research only suggests that a dose of 30mcg is safe. Healthy Systems USA don’t provide dosing information, risking inefficiency and side effects (7).

The Cost of the Healthy Systems USA

Healthy Systems USA is one of the more expensive weight loss programs sold today. In fact, it’s surprisingly expensive considering that it only provides a couple diet products.

Here is the breakdown:

The 25-30 day program costs $312.71, reduced from $402.29, and consists of 1 bottle of the homeopathic spray which should last 2 months, and 1 bottle of Lean Vitamins which also lasts 2 months.

The 50-60 day program costs $402.29, reduced from $536.71, and consists of 2 bottles of the Homeopathic Spray which can last for 25-30 days, 1 bottle of the B-12 Primo tablets and 1 bottle of the Lean Vitamins, which both last for 2 months.

Free shipping is offered to US residents only. Although they do claim to ship internationally too, the price for this service is not listed.

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If you have tried many diets and are still trying to successfully lose weight and keep it off, the Healthy Systems USA program might be the right one for you. The concept is interesting and could bring worthy results. This program works with your sense of smell to create lasting diet habits that can contribute to a healthy weight. You may feel fuller faster with the products included in the program, and this can change the way you eat food long-term.

There are some possible safety concerns, however, there were no serious reports about any adverse effects.

The bottom line is if you have some money saved up, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give this unique program a try.


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About the Author Steven Taylor

Steven has researched over 500 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. He has also worked with nutritionists specializing in weight loss while coaching people on how to transform their physiques and live healthy lives. You can contact him via the "About Us" page.

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