HCG 1234 Review

HCG 1234 Review (New 2020) – Does This Product Really Work?


HCG 1234 Review 

Claiming to be the “number 1 selling diet brand in the U.S.”, HCG 1234 diet drops make claims that we hear time and time again. What makes this product so different? Well, the name HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone is usually secreted during a woman’s pregnancy and it’s been known to play a vital role in fetus health. Recent research suggests that this same hormone could be a powerful weight loss solution with incredible fat burning properties, and HCG 1234 would be one of the few brands that contain it.

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So can HCG 1234 really induce a successful weight loss process? Is there any truth behind its marketing? Or are we just looking at another product that makes great claims that it can’t live up to? In this review, we will carefully examine whether and how these diet drops work as an effective weight loss solution, while also noting any side effects that may result from its consumption. Read on!

How Does HCG 1234 Work?

The official HCG website gives us a good idea of how this particular weight loss supplement works. HCG 1234 works using a combination of two factors.

The first crucial factor is the strict diet. One must first follow a specially designed low-calorie diet in order to see appropriate results from HCG 1234. The company offers various diets, all ranging from 500 to 1200 calories per day. The diet plans are designed to work in 4 different phases. In each phase, dieters are instructed what to eat and when to consume HCG drops.

The second factor is the proper use of HCG drops. Each user should put 10 drops under the tongue 30 minutes before eating. The drops then need to be held under the tongue for 1-2 minutes before swallowing. No eating or drinking is allowed 10 minutes before or after using the drops.

By combining these factors, users will have the best weight loss experience possible.

HCG 1234 Ingredients

HCG drops sadly come in the form of a proprietary blend so consumers are not informed about the specific dosages of each ingredient found in the product. This raises a serious safety concern.

However, here is the list of ingredients included in HCG 1234:

  1. L-Ornithine – Is a non-essential amino acid that can help regulate ammonia which leads to less fatigue (1). Studies even suggest that increasing Ornithine consumption led to less fatigue during extended physical activity. However, there is a severe lack of information concerning the safety of L-Ornithine supplementation (2).
  2. L-Carnitine – Represents an amino acid derivative that is mostly used as a bodybuilding supplement as it is believed to help improve muscle development within the body (3). Although clinical evidence proving its ability to contribute to weight loss is rather limited as it is not used for this purpose. It might still have a small impact on body composition and weight reduction though (4).
  3. Maca Root Extract – Is a plant native to central Peru and is found in harsh growing conditions and at very high altitudes (5). Maca Root belongs to the broccoli family and is often included in men’s formulas. Clinical studies on this extract are inconclusive (6).
  4. Rhodiola – Is believed to enhance cognition and reduce fatigue. Rhodiola is can also boost energy for extended fat burning. However, there is no sufficient evidence that would prove any of these abilities (7).
  5. L-Arginine – Another non-essential amino acid, meaning that the body can produce it naturally. L-Arginine is important as it helps the body create proteins. It has been used to treat congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, and migraines (8).
  6. L-Glutamine – This amino acid naturally occurs in our body. It is actually produced inside our muscles and transferred through our bloodstream to the organs that need them (9). L-Glutamine is proven to help improve immune function, intestinal function, and other essential processes that take place inside the body. L-Glutamine can also add energy to different cells in the body (10).
  7. Niacin – Better known as Vitamin B3, is a crucial vitamin that releases energy from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, utilizing them in a proficient matter (11). Niacin also works to decrease the level of cholesterol and fat in the bloodstream. It decreases triglycerides and triglyceride containing particles like IDL or VLDL, significantly reducing the risk of heart disease (12).
  8. Astralagus – This herb is used to tread a variety of maladies, although there is little proof of its effectiveness (13).
  9. Pygeum Africanum – Used to treat urinary problems as well as inflammation. Researchers are still figuring out its true properties. However, it should be noted that this extract can induce nausea and upset stomach (14).
  10. Beta-Alanine – Is the immensely popular pre-workout ingredient. Beta-Alanine is very effective and reliable for increasing muscular endurance, with a daily dosage of only 3 to 6 grams. Different research has actually concluded that Beta-Alanine supplementation improves physical performance and activity levels (15).

Ingredients Summary

The added amino acids aren’t really necessary and most of them have no real effect on weight loss. Also, there is no evidence that taking this formula will have any additional benefits over a normal caloric deficit. HCG 1234 claims to suppress appetite but none of these ingredients have that property. Overall, a poorly formulated ingredients blend.

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HCG 1234 is a weight loss product that seems to rely hugely on a low-calorie diet, providing very little true evidence about the product itself. Customer reviews have been mixed and there isn’t any concrete proof or test that would prove the effectiveness of HCG 1234 diet drops.

Most of the results will certainly come from the caloric deficit since it is the main key to true weight loss. However, extremely low-calorie diets can be very exhausting and potentially dangerous. If you’re going to diet in the first place, then you don’t even need HCG 1234 to help you out. There simply isn’t much going on for $55.98 for what appears to be less than a one-month supply. There are better, safer, and cheaper options available on the market.


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