Garcinia Trim Review

Garcinia Trim Review (New 2020): A Fat Burning Miracle or Not?


Garcinia Trim Review 

Losing weight and weight loss supplements will never die out and with more and more manufacturers bringing new products to the market, it can be hard to find out what really works and what doesn’t.
Garcinia Trim is a fat loss product designed by BioGenetic Laboratories. Not only does it help users lose weight but it helps with general lifestyle improvements too. The product controls appetite, which means you won’t find yourself overeating as often. It is also said to eliminate “binge eating”.

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To see if the product works, I tried it for 3 months and with a decent diet and some training, it gave me a general idea of how well the product will help someone training versus someone who does not have time to train. In this article, you will learn a little more about the effects of Garcinia Trim and whether it is the right supplement for you.

Garcinia is a combination of different ingredients that will help you lose weight. [1]Hydroxycitric Acid is the main ingredient and is said to be responsible for weight loss and a reduced appetite by increasing serotonin by up to 45%. Leptin is the hormone that increases hunger and this active compound will reduce Leptin by up to 38%.
Silicon Dioxide and Microcrystalline Cellulose and Gelatin also play an important role in regulating the levels and the hormones in the body and Garcinia Trim is said to help you regulate all hormones related to hunger and gaining weight.

How Does This Product Work?

Overeating can often be tied to emotions and with these many emotions, the need to eat becomes much stronger. Serotonin is generally low when we are emotional and to get these levels back up, we tend to eat and indulge in different types of fatty foods. Garcinia Trim is said to spike Serotonin and reduce Leptin, which should suppress your appetite.

While a lot of people might still be skeptical, a Current Therapeutic research Journal has done a test, which has shown that participants have trimmed down by up to 30% after taking these pills for around 12 weeks without any real exercise. It simply helped to burn fat whilst eating less, but this can be enhanced by doing more in a day as well.
Hydroxycitric Acid also plays a role in keeping carbohydrates from turning into fat. This means that you are more inclined to use them as energy. Once carbohydrates have been used up in the body, it will turn to fat stores.

By doing High-Intensity Interval Training, you will loosen the fat in the fat stores. This means that the fat will now enter the blood where it will be used as energy, keeping you going throughout the day. Multiple tests on animals have shown the ability to lose fat.

Personal Experience with Garcinia Trim

While many people claim that the product works perfectly well without a diet, using it with a diet and some training proved to be one of the best methods. Yes, it will still work if you cannot find time to diet, but when you reduce the number of calories you eat, your body will be forced to go into the fat stores for more energy.

When reducing your calories for training and fat loss, you should try and get rid of some of the carbs in your diet. By adding proteins or healthy fats instead, you will see a massive difference and you will never find yourself overeating with the addition of this supplement. This enables you to trim down a lot more than 30% over the course of 12 weeks.

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen many people make is they completely cut out all carbs or reduce calories too much. This will work for a while but can be really dangerous for the body and in particular the sugar levels of the body. You might find yourself having problems with energy during the day and this will bring down productivity.

While using the product, I did not really feel much change in the first week, which was a little discouraging, but it is worth keeping in mind that no drug will work immediately and your body will gradually burn fat. Losing fat too fast is not possible and if you lose too much weight in the span of a couple of weeks, you will be left with nasty stretch marks and loose skin that requires surgery.

The product started working a little later on and at around 3-4 weeks of using it, I could really feel the difference. It also meant that I ate a little less and was still training at the same intensity. However, the best results came around the 10th week and this is when I started noticing a difference when looking in the mirror.

The great thing about this product is the fact that no real breaks are needed and you can continue using the product for an extended period of time if you need to. It is worth keeping in mind that having a medical professional helping you and guiding you is recommended throughout this process. They will know all the ins and outs and will guide you on the right dosages.

Benefits of Using Garcinia Trim

Benefits are something we always want when it comes to these products and Garcinia Trim did offer me and other users a lot of benefits. These benefits included weight loss, but there are a couple of other things you can expect as well. Here are the benefits of Garcinia Trim:

  • It will help you to burn calories much faster and rapidly
  • It tends to give you an energy boost or spike that can be described as similar to caffeine
  • Since you will be eating less, your metabolism will increase, but this is related to diet
  • The product will definitely suppress your appetite and you will be eating a little less
  • Fat stores are opened up and you will lose some fat as well as water

The Side Effects

While these side effects are not experienced by everyone, there have been reports of some people having them. There is no clear evidence to support the fact that these side effects are due to the use of Garcinia Trim and I did not experience them whilst using the product. Here are a couple of side effects experienced by some users:

  • Some people might be nauseated and this could lead to eating problems
  • Since this product does cause differentiations in hormones, it might lead to headaches
  • Some people have also said it can affect the digestive tract in a bad way

Does This Product Work?

Some people may have said the product does not work and they would rather use something else, but I personally feel the product works. However, it is worth keeping in mind that you need a healthy and balanced diet and you need to keep yourself from indulging in too many extra pleasures. Garcinia Trim might not be the best fat loss product on the market, but with consistency, it will work.

It is also worth keeping in mind that training with this product might be harmful to some, especially if you have any heart problems. I found it to be really helpful in training and with the additional energy, results are also at a premium. It is worth mentioning again that you should use the product with the guidance of a medical professional for safety purposes.

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Final Thoughts

Garcinia Trim is made from quality compounds and the combination of these compounds do aid in fat loss and slimming you down. Research has suggested that it could work but you need to have a balanced diet when using it. It is also worth keeping in mind that the product should not be used by pregnant women or those with cardiovascular problems.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would like to hear more about your opinion on Garcinia Trim. Let us know in the comments section if you have ever used it and if you would recommend it. We would also like to hear about your results after using this product.


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