Healthy Diet on a Budget

Supplementing Your Diet on a Budget

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You’re probably here because you might be a college student trying not to go broke in between binges, or just a simple guy or gal that doesn’t like wasting their money on redundant items, and still reach your fitness goals. The problem is that the majority of the ‘Nutritional Supplements’ industry is unfortunately saturated with ‘redundant crap’ that will very possibly help you burn a whole in your wallet a hell of a lot faster than helping you burn any fat or put on any muscle. But we’re here to help you cut through all that noise and give you the shortcut to the products you need to make it all that much easier to burn fat and get lean and toned in no time!

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What we’re going to try and do today is give you the essentials. The few things that will give you the most ‘bang-for-your-buck’, and will have the most proven benefit on both your progress and your health in general. So without further ado lets get started…

Whey protein and Greens supplements

So these products, even though marketed as supplements are pretty much just dehydrated food and should be treated as such when implemented into your nutrition plan. They will give you no added benefit other than what is stated on the Nutrition Facts label. I don’t care if some supplement-company sponsored study said that their specific product has some magical voodoo that gave participants a “3000% increase in muscle mass and strength in 2 weeks!”. No. That kind of stuff just doesn’t happen.

The main indication to introduce these into your diet would be for the sake of Cost Efficiency, Convenience, and Palatability. Some people just hate having to choke down enough meat to meet their daily protein requirements for their goals and would probably greatly benefit from something they can just gulp down and be done with. The same goes for the greens. There are people that simply hate green vegetables (guilty as charged), and chugging down a single shake in the morning and knowing that most of their micronutrient needs for the day are covered is a lot easier than having to suffer through 5 servings of steamed broccoli.

Another great thing about both these is that they have such a high satiety index combined with being dense in macro and micronutrients, that without even having to worry about it, they’ll keep your appetite at bay throughout the whole day, allowing you to shed fat and hold on to all your muscle, making sure you stay lean and toned, all without having to think twice about it!

Fish Oil

Now you might be thinking “Fish oil? Isn’t that the sort of stuff my grandparents take to help keep their heart from failing?”. Yes, it very well might be. But it also goes a long way to helping you stay healthy, and injury free in the long run. To clarify, the active ingredients in Fish Oil are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and are usually found in fatty cold-water fish. Now most of our diets aren’t particularly rich in these fatty acids and salmon is getting pretty pricey these days. Fish oil on the other hand, is dirt cheap.

For the price of a week of your daily Starbucks fix, you can get enough of the most highly-concentrated, highest quality Fish Oil to last you for months, and enough of the cheap (but still good) stuff to last you a year. You do the math.

It benefits range from increased cognition to anti inflammatory properties than will keep you from injuring yourself in the long run, as well as documented increases in metabolic rate to help you burn fat even when you’re not working out!


This one is a personal favorite of mine, and I’m sure many of you too. Regardless of whether you work out or not, the worst part about dieting can be the low energy levels you get when you have to eat less food. And even worse, these lower energy levels lead to less activity, further hurting your weight loss progress!

This is where caffeine comes in. With its cognitive and metabolic boosting properties, it’ll help you have more energy and feel great throughout the whole day even when you have to eat a bit less. And by boosting your metabolism, you’ll even be able to eat more and still lose weight at the same rate. If this wasn’t enough, caffeine is a proven appetite suppressant, which means that you can wave all those hunger pangs you used to suffer from goodbye.

And more than straight up helping you lose fat, the mild diuretic properties of caffeine will drive out any excess water you might be carrying, making sure you never have to walk around feeling bloated again. Looking leaner without even having to lose any fat, imagine that!

Editor's Tip: Noom weight-loss app is offering our readers a 14-day trial for a limited time. Click here for this special offer.

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